Shatter Hearts.

An X-Over story by Eddog2323.

Trailer: the Dark Prophecy.

Long ago, a Dark Prophecy ruled four worlds. The worlds are Magix, where fairies are found. The World of Guardians, where in the future five girls become heroes. The World of Rebirth where the Sailor Scout protect. And the World of Chaos. However as time went on in these worlds the Dark Prophecy faded into a fairytale, but only two still fear it's words. They are Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto (aka) Hotaru and Setsuna. The words of the Prophecy comes to our heroes in their dreams.

Two Tokyo's will burn in dark flames,

a center of chaos will calm,

a land known for it's beauty,

will be known for fallen wings from now on.

Dark sky turns even darker,

hearts will shatter,

as love ones dies,

as worlds fall one by one,

and as the sky becomes even darker,

then the darkest cave.

One hope remains,

a hero who is all three.

Only time will tell,

if she for revenge,

or for Savior.

As Panic grows,

with suffering,

a red haired hero,

will bring light back,

giving birth to,

the Most Powerful fairy ever,

with the birth,

comes the sun,

peace will claim the four worlds as one.

What to find out more? Keep your eyes opened for this story from Eddog2323. Shows are:

Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ranma ½, Winx Club, and W.I.T.C.H.

If any are interested in a co-author project ask me. When I get your message I'll respond as fast as a can. This is called shatter hearts for a reason. And yes sky a bloom will break up but it is need for this story. Hope to hear from someone out there. The deadline is July nineteen. That is when I'll be working on this story.