1 The Silver Millennium The Golden Years

2 Chapter 1: Happy Birthday Princess Serena

Princess Serena of the Moon Kingdom stood on the balcony staring out into the galaxy. There was a light wind and it blew her golden pigtails with buns on top ever so slightly. She wore a strapless dress of the softest pearl silk that reached her ankles and was attached to the her body by puffs on her shoulders and on her back was a large bow that resembled wings. Positioned on her wrist was a gold pearl bracelet and around her buns were hairclips that matched her bracelet. Her sky blue eyes glittered excitedly as fireworks began to explode outside the palace and she watched them with childish intrigue. It was her sixteenth birthday and tonight her mother was throwing a huge party in her honour. All her friends would be there and Serena could hardly wait; after all it had been almost a year and a half since she had last seen them all at Princess Ami's fifteenth birthday party. Princess Ami was from the Mercury Kingdom and a very smart girl. Serena had met Ami when Ami's mother Queen Aminda came to visit Serena's mother, Queen Serenity, about an alliance between the two kingdoms. Serena was charmed by Ami's short hair for it was blue and Serena had never seen anyone with blue hair and Ami had matching blue eyes. Ami had a peaceful personality and was a very quiet girl but if you walked into a room you would notice her for she had an aura that made you look at her. Serena had been enthralled by the brainpower of the then ten year old Ami and Serena and Ami became fond of each other and Serena didn't feel intimidated by Ami's intelligence for Ami didn't look down on Serena because Serena wasn't really that smart. But then again neither was Serena's best friend, Princess Rei, but Rei had the grace and dignity to pass off that she was smart without saying anything. Actually one part of Rei's body was smart. Rei had a smart mouth and used it to tease Serena often. Rei was the Princess of the Mars Kingdom and Rei was everything Serena wanted to be. Rei had many friends, she was beautiful, she was dignified and she always had a throng of admirers following her around. Serena barely beat Rei at anything but there was one thing that Serena definitely surpassed Rei with and that was compassion. Serena was a very kind person and unlike Rei who was only caring when she decided to be Serena was caring all the time. She cared about her friends and family and held them in her heart, which was probably big enough to fit the whole world into it. Rei and Serena had been best friends ever since they could remember because Serena's mother and Rei's mother, Reiya, were also best friends so they visited each other a lot and that was how Serena and Rei became friends. Serena adored Rei with her shining, charcoal black hair, violet eyes fringed with long, dark lashes and her stunning figure. Serena also vaguely remembered Rei's twin brother, Prince Darien, for Rei's father was King Darren from the Earth Kingdom and he had taken Darien when Darien was very young because Darien would inherit the Earth Kingdom when his father died. All she could remember of Darien was a spoiled brat who used to call her meatball head and pull her hair. She remembered a mop of dark hair and piercing dark blue eyes that would tease her mercilessly whenever she came to visit. He would be at the party tonight, Serena thought grinning wickedly, let's see who pulls whose hair then. Serena touched her golden blonde hair and thought of her cousin, Princess Mina of the Venus Kingdom, she would also be coming tonight. Serena could hardly wait for Mina and her mother, Queen Minya, were known by everyone at court to be the Queen and Princess of Gossip. Mina had golden hair like Serena with eyes just a shade darker than Serena's. Mina was the kind of happy go lucky girl who could take your heart with her sweetness and never give it back. Mina was the eternal optimist and nothing could ever get her down. Serena's last friend was Princess Lita of the Jupiter Kingdom. Lita reminded Serena of stories she had read about, earth ladies who were strong and smart called amazons for Lita was indeed a very strong girl who always loved a good fight although Lita was somewhat challenged like Serena with her brain. Lita took martial arts lessons even though her mother, Litanya, didn't really approve because she thought it unladylike and Serena had met Lita when Rei took Serena to her martial arts class. Rei already knew Lita and so she introduced Serena to her and the three became friends. When the five girls all got together at Rei's sleepover party they became fast friends that swore they could never be separated, at least until their mother's came to take them home. My friends, Serena thought excitedly, I can't wait to see them all again. Serena turned around at the sound of her bedroom door opening. She rushed into her bedroom and saw her guardian Luna standing at the door. Luna was a very powerful guardian and she could turn into any type of cat in the blink of an eye. She was part of a species called changelings meaning ones who change and Luna was of the race of catlings, which could change from a human to a cat, but tonight Luna was in human form. Luna's curly dark purple hair was out of it's usual plait and instead of her Moon Guard Uniform Luna wore a velvet purple dress with rhinestone studs in her ears that matched her eyes. Serena had never seen Luna looked so beautiful.

"Oh, Luna you look so pretty," Serena said in awe, her eyes wide taking in the whole outfit before letting out a wolf whistle, "one guardian called Artemis from the Venus Kingdom is going to have his eyes knocked out tonight."

Luna blushed as Serena mentioned her crush, Artemis. Artemis was Princess Mina's guardian so they saw each other a lot when Mina came to visit and Serena had been the first to notice Luna liked Artemis. Unfortunately for Luna, Artemis hadn't noticed yet.

"Thank you Princess Serena, are you ready?" Luna asked and Serena nodded smiling widely then turned as her mother walked into the room.

"You look beautiful daughter, if only your father were here to see you," Queen Serenity said wistfully and Serena ran into her mothers open arms. Serena's father, King David, was King Darren's older brother but King David died in the battle of Kirtren. A battle between the Dark Galaxy that was on the other side of the universe and the Moon Galaxy where Serena and her friends lived. Serena had only been eight at the time so she couldn't remember much about the battle although her mother did tell her that had it not been for Queen Reiya and her Universe Crystal the Silver Millennium would have ceased to exist. All Serena could remember of her father was a warm laugh, teasing green eyes and a full head of light purple hair. Serenity never really recovered from the shock and was often in tears in her room at night thinking about the good times she used to have with David. Tonight though, Serenity had promised herself, no tears because it was her daughter's birthday.

"Thank you mother," Serena whispered to Serenity and Serena stepped back to view what her mother wore. Serenity wore her silver hair like Serena's and her crescent moon was shining from her forehead. She wore a simple strapless dress that went down to her ankles and had a bow up the top with a crescent moon in the middle of it. Serenity looked stunning just how a Queen of the Moon should look.

"I want to bestow something on you to show you really are the Princess of the Moon and how proud I am of you," Serenity said and Serena looked at her in wonder then Serenity touched Serena's forehead and a crescent moon exactly like Serenity's appeared on Serena's forehead and Serena gasped with joy.

"Now let us greet our guests," Serenity said and Serena grasped her mother's hand tightly with happiness in anticipation for the upcoming event.

"I love you mother," she said before they entered the ballroom and Serenity turned to gaze down at her daughter affectionately.

"And I love you Princess Serena," Serenity replied as the doors were thrown wide open.

Two hours before……………………

Princess Ami sat before her dresser and stared at herself in the mirror. Her blue hair had been parted down the middle and golden leaves had been placed Greek style around the back of her head. Around her slim neck was a blue choker with the sign of mercury dangling off and on her ear lobes were three blue studs on either ear. She wore a blue dress that came down to her ankles and tied up around her neck and on her fingers she wore a friendship ring from Serena that had a crescent moon on the top and on her feet she wore blue strap shoes. She looked quite pretty but Ami stared at the mirror disdainfully. I am nowhere near as pretty as my friends, Ami thought unhappily looking down on her dresser at a picture of all her friends and her. It had been taken when the girls went for a picnic on Venus for Venus was known for its beautiful woods and forests. Rei and Serena were play arguing because Serena had eaten all the food before the picnic had begun. Lita was trying unsuccessfully to break them up and Mina was standing away from them shrugging her shoulders and smiling trying to pretend she didn't know them. Ami was standing next to Lita pulling Rei away from Serena. It was so good back then, Ami thought wistfully, when there were no boys or dances to distract us from each other. Ami had only ever been to one dance and she thought it was a disaster because none of the boys wanted to dance with her because they were dancing with Serena, Rei, Mina and Lita. What Ami didn't know was before she arrived one of Prince Darien's guardians called Zoisite told all the other boys if they even so much as looked at Ami he would beat them up. As a result none of the boys approached Ami for a dance for fear of getting a whipping afterwards. Unfortunately Zoisite got a case of cold feet and became so shy he couldn't ask Ami to dance so he stayed staring at her, dancing with no one the whole night. Ami's thoughts were interrupted by excited voices coming down the hallway. Ami turned in her seat with a smile pasted on her face and saw her mother and father enter the room. Her mother wore a blue silk dress that had thick spaghetti straps and had a love heart line to it. It had two layers of material, which caused the dress to splay outwards. Ami's mother's chin length blue hair had plaits down the front that weaved into the rest of her head. She wore no necklace and in her ears were just plain blue studs. Ami's father wore a blue tuxedo and it even had a blue rose in the pocket. Her father smiled and brushed his blue hair to one side and his matching blue eyes sparkled with happiness as he gazed at his daughter who was blossoming with beauty.

"There is my beautiful baby girl," Ami's father, King Aron, exclaimed and Ami stood up hurriedly slightly embarrassed by all the attention she was getting.

"Oh daddy," Ami said in an exasperated voice and Queen Aminda giggled at her daughters predictable response. Ami hated being fawned over and her father knew that.

"We had better leave, Ami dear or we'll be late," Aminda told Ami and Ami nodded and picked up a little blue bag before leaning towards the mirror to frown at her image again.

"Let's go," Ami said dully just wanting to get the whole thing over and done with then she walked quickly out of her door and to the teleporting room.

Aminda and Aron stared at their daughter who couldn't bare to look at herself in the mirror for more than a few moments because she thought she was unattractive.

"I think our scientist daughter wants some magic in her life," Aron told his wife and Aminda nodded knowing what Ami was going through. Aminda had gone through it all before when she was a young girl, a little while before she met Aron.

"The poor child thinks she is unattractive when she is obviously not so," Aminda agreed and the two parents shook their heads in unison before Aron offered his arm to his wife and she accepted it and they walked out of Ami's bedroom to follow Ami to the teleporting room.

Princess Mina rushed to her walk in wardrobe and threw any shoes she could find out into her room in a great frenzy. Mina had a horrible problem. She didn't know what shoes to wear! If only Lita were here, Mina thought desperately. Lita was the guru of shoes because Lita owned more shoes than anyone else in the whole entire galaxy.

"What shoes do I wear?" Mina wondered aloud staring at the many pairs of shoes on the ground when she spotted some orange casual high heels. Perfect, she thought greedily and she reached for the one shoe she could see. She put the shoe on and realised she didn't know where the other one was. Mina began to panic as she dove into the pile of shoes searching for the other partner to the one shoe she was wearing. After a few minutes of searching Mina found the shoe and put it on. Hurriedly Mina rushed to fix up her knee length blonde hair that was half up and half down. Holding back her long, flowing hair was an orange flower hairclip and there was a matching one on her choker around her neck. Her dress was a pale orange colour with spaghetti straps and a v-neckline that showed a bit of her bosom. Mina thought she looked delightful and couldn't wait to see the other girl's faces when they saw her. We are going to have so much to talk about! Mina thought excitedly walking to her door and opening it. Mina was startled by the figure outside the door.

"Oh Artemis, you frightened me," Mina told her guardian and Artemis just smiled at his little princess who looked so grown up in her dress. Artemis was a male catling like Luna. He was part of the changelings but his actual race was the catling race and like Luna he could turn into whatever feline he wished to. Tonight as a human he looked particularly handsome. His white hair was pulled back away from his face and he wore a white suit with a purple flower in the breast pocket.

"I have come to escort you to the dance," Artemis said and Mina gave him a sly glance that made him blush because both knew he was going only to see Luna, Princess Serena's guardian. Artemis had a secret crush on Luna but he didn't know how to go about telling her and so had pretended indifference towards her.

"Then lets go," Mina cried out and turned to go to the teleporting room only to bump into her mother and father. Mina's mother wore a cream coloured dress that covered her shoulders with the material making a V pattern down the front of the dress. Her golden hair was short, cut just above her shoulders and in her earlobes were earrings with the sign of Venus dangling off them. Her striking blue eyes smiled at her daughter's impatience to have fun. Just like me when I was her age, Queen Minya thought looking fondly at her only daughter. Mina's father's pale orange hair and laughing grey eyes regarded his daughter proudly. She would be one of the prettiest girls at the dance, he told himself before straightening up his orange tuxedo and touching his orange flower.

"Mina, I didn't think Princesses screamed," Queen Minya reprimanded Mina for her less than ladylike behaviour. Mina was looking down and missed the glint of humour in Minya's eyes and smile.

"Sorry mother," Mina apologised sheepishly before looking up and seeing her mother and father grinning at her.

"Come here and give me a hug beautiful," Mina's father, Minkal, commanded and Mina ran into his arms and hugged her father and placed a kiss on his cheek. Next Mina ran to her mother and threw her arms around her mother.

"Have fun tonight Mina," Minya said and Mina smiled then kissed her mothers cheek.

"I will mommy," she replied cheekily before rushing off to the teleporting room.