Chapter 10: Was It A Dream? A Chance For True Happiness

Serena woke up from her dream shocked. Was that what really happened in the Silver Millennium? She wondered, that was horrible. Serena dressed quickly remembering she had a scout meeting that morning and ran to Rei's temple. She entered Rei's room and was startled to find Rei, Mina, Lita and Ami in tears.

"You dreamed it too huh?" Serena asked and Rei nodded so Serena went to comfort her.

"I killed him," Rei said sadly hugging Serena tightly, "I killed him."

"There was nothing you could do but kill him, he would have killed you," Serena said referring to the dream but Rei shook her head.

"In this time I killed him too, is it our destiny to loose the ones we love over and over again?" Rei asked and Serena felt her heart ache. Poor Rei and the others. Rei had helped kill Jedite, Ami had helped kill Zoisite, Mina had helped kill Malachite; they must feel so guilty. Lita was the lucky one, or was she? At the moment she was shooting death looks to Serena, Ami and Rei being the three scouts who did kill Neflite. Suddenly Mina smiled madly wiping away her tears.

"Why should we bother about men who treat us so badly?" she asked in a forced chirpy voice and Rei turned to her dully the life taken out of her usually vibrant eyes.

"Because we love them, and they are so handsome and so very, very dead, I think that is what hurts the most," Rei said in complete monotone and Mina immediately burst into tears followed by everyone.

The next few weeks Serena noticed neither Ami, Lita nor Mina were at school and when she checked in at Rei's school she found that Rei hadn't been at school either. Serena had a pretty good idea where they would be and as she neared the door to Rei's room she heard their familiar voices and began to get angry.

"All, right this has gone on long enough, I am sorry you lost the ones you loved, I loved them too but you can't let it affect you now, it was thousands of years ago and this is now, you have to live happily, that is what they would have wanted," Serena yelled out as she burst through the door. Slowly Rei turned to her with hope shining in her eyes.

"Ami's computer has found where Jed is, he is still alive just frozen in a stasis crystal," Rei said and Serena gasped with joy.

"Really what about the others?" Serena asked but as she saw the other girl's faces she wished she hadn't said a word and then she remembered. Those three evil girls had killed Neflite, it hadn't even been Serena, Ami and Rei, Berryl killed Zoisite or so Malachite said and they had killed Malachite so there was no hope for them but for Rei…maybe.

"How can we save him?" Serena asked and Rei clapped her hands happily.

"Ami said if we join our powers together in a circle and imagine Jed in his crystal we may be able to pull him free from the limbo that scum Berryl put him in," Rei said and Serena was at once excited.

"Lets do it now then!"

All the girls hurried to the garden and joined hands and called upon their powers.

"Moon Power."

"Mars Power."

"Mercury Power."

"Jupiter Power."

"Venus Power."

"Scout Power!"

A light began to glow from the group but no sign of Jed coming through in a crystal.

"Nothing is happening," Mina stated after ten minutes of trying.

"No we have to keep trying," Rei implored and everyone shut their eyes and continued.

Please, Rei thought desperately, I need Jed, I need him.

Suddenly a glimmer of pink crystal appeared and ever so slowly Jed appeared still encased in the crystal. His face was frozen in a horrified gasp his eyes wide and afraid.

"My love," Rei exclaimed falling onto the crystal crying and Lita and Mina had to pull her off so Serena could use the Silver Crystal to free him. Serena concentrated hard and felt pride when the crystal began to melt away. When it was all gone Jed stood there for a few seconds before falling onto the ground. Disorientated he lifted his head to look around and then he stopped when he came to Rei and Lita and Mina released her.

"My princess?" he croaked his voice hoarse from lack of use and Rei nodded as he painfully held his arms out to her and she ran into them crying.

"I missed you so," Rei repeated over and over again and the rest of the girls left them alone feeling guilty for being present at such a private reunion.

Ami was walking by herself down the street. She had said goodbye to Lita and Mina a few minutes ago and now it was just her walking. If Zoi were here we would probably be talking about the stars and then he would take me into his arms and…stop it Ami, Zoi isn't coming back. He'll never come back Ami realised suddenly and it occurred to Ami that without her love her life was worthless.

"I have nothing to live for without love and I can't love another," Ami thought aloud and she saw a car come careening around the corner at a deadly speed. As the car neared Ami jumped in front of it and braced herself as the car slammed into her. She barely felt any pain and she blacked out as she listened calmly to people yelling for an ambulance.

Mina entered her house and ran directly to the bathroom. She had thought about his for a time but seeing Jed and Rei reunited made her realise she could never be reunited with Malachite and that made her sad. So very, very, sad. Enough to make her feel worthless, enough to make her want to die, enough to make her commit suicide. Mina took out the blade she had been keeping for this occasion and smiled madly. At least I'll be happier without having feelings to deal with, she thought wildly as she brought the blade to her wrist. Malachite my love, I am coming, Mina thought excitedly as she pulled the blade across her wrist before everything went dark and she vaguely heard her mother shaking her and calling her name.

Lita slowly tramped up to her bed and lay down. She turned her head and happened to glance on her table and spy a pen and paper along with a box of sleeping pills. She picked up the pen and wrote a quick letter to Serena and Rei on the paper. It was short, as words weren't exactly her thing but it explained everything and Lita placed it safely in her bra. Lita opened the packet of pills and put as many as she could in her mouth before swallowing them down. She continued until they were all gone before picking up the phone on her bed and ringing the hospital.

"Hello," the secretary said boredly and Lita's vision began to get hazy.

"I'd like an ambulance at 55 Hargil Road, Dorest," Lita said and her words were beginning to get slurred.

"Why?" the secretary asked impatiently and Lita lay down on her bed smiling.

"Someone is dead," she said bluntly and the secretary gasped.

"Who is it?" she asked urgently and Lita giggled tiredly.

"Me," she giggled again before closing her eyes and sinking into welcome sleep hearing the secretary still calling to her.

"Miss, Miss?"

Serena and Rei rushed into the hospital tears streaming down their faces. Three of their best friends had committed suicide on the same night and both were feeling uneasy. Rei thought about her newly returned love who was at the temple resting but didn't feel comforted. Her friends were dying.

"Please we have to see Ami Mizuno, Lita Kino and Mina Aino," Serena told the head nurse desperately and the nurse checked her sheets of paper.

"I'm sorry lovey but they can't see anybody," the nurse said in a distinctly Scottish accent and Rei exploded in a fiery rage.

"Our friends are dying and you won't let us say goodbye?" Rei screamed and the nurse stood up her round face red with embarrassment. Everybody in the waiting room stared at them but Rei and Serena ignored them.

"Calm down, girl before I get security," the nurse threatened and Rei was about to retort rudely when Ami's mother came running down the hallway.

"Serena, Rei I am so glad you're here, Ami wants to see you," Ami's mum said and throwing a triumphant look at the head nurse Rei followed Ami's mother to Ami's room.

"She is barely awake but she has been asking for both of you since she was awake," Ami's mother said opening the door and Serena and Rei rushed to Ami's bedside.

"Ami can you hear me?" Serena said taking Ami's right hand.

"Always Serena," Ami murmured and Serena breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why did you do it?" Rei asked in a shocked voice taking Ami's spare hand.

"You know why Rei," Ami replied opening her eyes slowly to her friends loving looks.

"Oh Ami," Serena breathed engulfed with emotion and pain.

"I just wanted to say to both of you, thank you for being my friends, I've never had any friends like you and I hope you'll never forget me," Ami announced looking at both who had tears running down their cheeks.

"As if we could," Rei choked out and Ami reached up gently to brush Rei's cheek with her hand before slowly closing her eyes. Suddenly her eyes flew open again but they were excited.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, when Crystal Tokyo is created we will be reborn and so will Zoi and the others," Ami revealed and Rei and Serena frowned.

"Then why did you do this?" Serena asked confused and Ami smiled gently.

"It was too long to wait," she said as she shut her eyes for the last time.

"I love you Ami," Rei said softly kissing her friends hand.

"I love you too," Serena chimed in kissing Ami's other hand.

"And I love you both," Ami said softly with her last breath and then the machine started a high pitched whine and Ami's mother ran in. She took one look at the machine and fell beside her daughter crying. When she had got a hold of herself she turned to Serena and Rei choking back her tears long enough to speak clearly.

"Lita and Mina are in the rooms next door," she revealed and Serena and Rei each placed a kiss on Ami's cold forehead before running to the next room that was Mina's.

"Mina," Serena asked peeping her head in the door.

"Yes," a hoarse voice said and Serena and Rei entered the room.

"It's Serena," Serena said walking towards her.

"And Rei," Rei said also advancing.

"I am happy you came to see me, I thought I'd die straight away, I'm afraid," Mina whispered in a terrified voice and Serena sat in the chair near her bed.

"Of death?" Rei asked thinking she had exactly the right things to say to help her accept death but Mina shook her head vigorously.

"No dying alone," she answered and Serena shook her head.

"You won't be alone, I'll be here beside you," Serena promised wiping back Mina's hair from her forehead and Mina clasped Rei's hand tightly.

"One of you should see Lita, she is probably scared too," Mina said and Rei nodded taking the invitation.

"I'll go," she volunteered and with a kiss and a tear on Mina's cheek she left the room glancing back at her before closing the door quietly. Mina didn't say another word and Serena thought she had lost her when Mina spoke up.

"Serena?" she asked like a child looking around dazedly.

"Yes," Serena replied trying hard to hold back her tears.

"Do you hate me for doing this?" Mina asked and Serena fell to her knees her tears falling to the ground.

"Of course not, I could never," Serena swore and laid her hand on Mina's head.

"Will we still be friends forever?" Mina asked laying a hand on Serena's head as Serena raised her head slowly.

"Forever and a day when you get reborn we will go shopping together, you'd like that wouldn't you Mina?" Serena promised and Mina smiled like a happy child promised chocolate ice cream.

"I would love it, Serena, hold my hand," Mina asked and Serena grasped her hand tightly.

"Goodbye Mina, for the moment," Serena said and Mina smiled again before closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

"Goodbye Serena and thank you, I am not afraid anymore," Mina said before she drifted off. Suddenly Serena heard the same high-pitched sound she heard in Ami's room declaring another friend's death and Serena kissed Mina's cheek again. I hate that sound, she thought dully and she would never forget the pain of hearing it.

"Lita," Rei whispered running to her bedside hoping she wasn't too late and Lita opened her eyes wide.

"Rei? I am glad you are here, I have something for you and Serena, don't beat yourselves up about our deaths okay?" Lita said and Rei wiped the tears from her cheek and grabbed the piece of paper Lita was holding out to her.

"Oh Lita how am I going to live without you?" Rei asked her sadly and Lita grinned unexpectedly at Rei.

"You will live happily with Jed and when I am reborn I will live happily with Neflite," Lita said her eyes taking on a glazed look.

"Lita," Rei wailed and Lita grinned again only this time weaker.

"Calm down Rei, you are starting to sound too much like Serena," Lita joked with her weakly and Rei pouted.

"I'll miss you," Rei told her and Lita grasped her hand.

"Time will pass quickly for those in love, it always does and before you know it, we will be reunited once more," Lita promised her indignantly.

"But it seems so long," Rei groaned and kissed Lita's cheek hearing Lita's breath fading slowly and she wore a pained expression as though each breath was causing her pain.

"It isn't and when we are reborn will have thousands of years together what is 5 years to thousands? Nothing, nothing nothing…" Rei heard that word over and over again and she held the letter close to her heart and left the room ignoring the high pitch wail that declared another friend lost.

Rei and Serena stood side by side with Jedite and Darien all holding hands. In one year Crystal Tokyo would be created and their three friends who had died four years before would be reborn and reunited with the ones that they had died for.

They could hardly wait.

1 To Serena and Rei, the best friends we ever had

Think of us whenever you like for we will always think of you. Please don't hate us we did what was right and when we are reunited we will become unbeatable. We can't wait to see you again!

Your friends forever

Lita, Ami and Mina

Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus

P.S. Scout Power Forever