Chapter 3

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Audrey II growled as she watched the girl grabbed a small stuffed thing, and ran out, lsamming the door behind her. It wasn't gonna hurt when sheate her. Iy was gonna be like falling asleep for a humanoid, after screaming in pain for a little while of course. But she had wiggled and then brought up the nerve to stab her. Of the most inconsiderite, illogical-she was pulled from her thoughts when Seymour came in, his arms full of whatever humans brought to nurish their bodies and entertain themselves. Her boy's eyes widened when he saw the brat's backpack. She laughed in her mind and prepared to say 'Something or someone had to feed me." (important line and will show up again in chapter 9-I hope) when the door opened again and Clauduia came in with a taller, darker humaniod (hope that doesn't sound racist), her cheeks a little white from the dried tears. Oh, how she wanted to curse this little mutalatio so she wouldn't be able to sleep again until she was at least 16 or 17 (if she let the girl live that long.) But she didn't, with the unknown around. Seymour talked to Claudia and the other human,and she growled angry in her mind whenthe little girl started crying, bawling really saying "Oh Seymour, I was so scared. I didn't know what to do. "

Her anger grew when she saw Seymour scoop her into his arms, one arm supporting her bottom, the other on her back, his hand stroking the girl's long hair. Seymour had never held her like that when she was a young plantling (my friend Tanner made up that word and I just to use it.) She buried her face into his shoulder, arms wrapped around his neck, her body shuddering as if it was too big for her body to hold. Seymour rocked her saying "It's all right baby. I'll never leave you alone in the store with this monster again"

Monster? Monster? All Audrey II was trying to do was feed herslef again, and she was the monster? If anyone was the monster, it was the child, she's the one who stabbed her for no good reason. Sure she seemed sweet but she knew it was all an act She had even fallen for it when she first met her

Seymour had gone to get a pot for her, and the girl sat looking at her, her head in her hands, silent before saying:

"Well,a ren't you a cute and pretty little thing?" She flashed a smile, the msiel where her nsoe was scrunched up. "Don't you worry. Seymour's gonna take good care of you and you're gonna grow up big and strong."

He had fed her, of course, and she had to be kept up in the store.

And Two-ey would also she was jealous of two things. She was jealous that Claudia had drawn every plant except her. Everytime she limped weak from hunger she half-excepted Claduia to laugh and say: Now Audrey II, how am I supposed to draw you like that?" And she was alos jealous the Seymour gave more attention to the origianl Audrey and the brat. When the original Audrey wasn't around just the brat, listening to Seymour call her tihngs like "kiddo", or "sweetie", or "sweetheart", or "cutie", or "honey", or "baby". He had never called her that.

She hadn't paid attention to the conversation but she heard the darker human say something about going to get some people and that she would meet them either in the the basement room, the coffe shop (whatever that was),, or behind the store, The girl's head was leaning on Seymour's shoulder, her eyes closed, sniffleign a bit, her breathing was that of someone sleeping, That was odd. She had followed the brat's sleeping patterens and she usually fell asleppat 10:: or 11:30 at night. Was she re-chargeing her body from crying like infant humans,or younger children did. If so, if she remembered correctly, she would just be asleep a few seconds if not a few minutes. Her arm was still bleeding from the scratchs. She growled in her mind at the way Seymour was sympothtic and his legs had stopped the rocking motion and it was just his upper body doing it and his head was turned toward Claudia. From what she could tell, the soft tone he was humming, or softly singing, she couldn't tell, calmed the girl ,because she had stopped shaking, and the tears had stopped somewhat. Maybe if SHE acted pitiful like girl did he would show her sympothy. Now what had the child doen to get his attention? At the little brat's full height, she was up to Seymour's waist,she thought, she Claudia often tugged his shirt, or sleeve gently. Of course his arms were occupied at the mommen, and she couldn't get a good grip on one of his pantlegs, so she simple took one of her vines and gently wrapped it around his ankle, hoping to get his attention.