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Chapter 9, Indifferent.

"Umm, Ryuzaki?"

A broad silence followed. Somehow, Touta Matsuda found it indifferent as to why he was (purposely) ignored by the detective, but figuring the man had simply misheard, shouted straight into his ear, "Ryuzaki!"

L jolted and fell forward off his chair, barely missing banging his forehead on the desk.

Gritting his teeth and ignoring the way Light grinned at him, he narrowed his eyes and retorted in a voice thick with annoyance, "What is it, Matsuda?"

The inexperienced rookie swallowed nervously at the dirty look his superior was giving him, and held out a shaking hand, revealing a sealed yellow envelope.

L snatched up the envelope, causing Matsuda to flinch, and scrambled back into his chair hurriedly.

Light was perplexed as to what the contents of the letter could be, and imagined a scenario where this envelope could possibly contain the very thing needed to move the case forward.

His excitement building on the news of Kira, Light was almost surprised to hear L mutter, "Oh, it's for you, Light-Kun."


As curiosity smothered his excitement, he reached across to snag the envelope from the detective's hands, but became very frustrated when L moved out of the teen's reach.

Light lifted out of his chair in a flash, but in those brief moments L had retreated to as far as the chain would allow.

Light placed a hand on the chain and went to yank at it, when L's lips curled into a smile and he waggled his finger back and forth.

"Ah Ah, Light-Kun. Do you remember what happened the last time you tried such a thing?"

Light's hand immediately dropped to his side, and L perched himself on the desk.

Peeling the tape sealing carefully from the top, he opened it in a flash with a finger and retrieved the contents inside, allowing the exterior shell to float gently to the pale floor.

L quickly dabbed his tongue on his thumb and flicked through the sheets of paper he held, before scrutinizing them meticulously with a raised eyebrow.

Meanwhile, Light stood, limited by the fear of repeating events that were better off not being repeated again. Damn it! Here he was, standing like a pathetic little child, while L was looking over papers that possibly contained invaluable information about him.

What about if it was his current grades at To-Oh University that he never attended?

What if one of his relatives had died?

What if Sachiko had written her son a letter about the closet incident? Did she really believe what Sayu had told her?

As the humiliation was coming to a point where it had begun to become unbearable, L read out aloud, "Dear Mr Yagami, We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to the 124th official Anniversary of the Tokyo NPA, hosted by Deputy Director Koreyoshi Kitamura and his new lovely wife, Prudence Kitamura."

Light was confused. Not at the invitation (to which he had been invited more times than he could count) but more of the fact that he couldn't believe anybody would name a child Prudence, much less marry one.

L turned over the neatly presented card (adorned in flashy pink ribbons and the like) and squinted at the contents on the back. "Formal is expected, food and drink/alcohol will be served, and have a nice time."

L then scanned through the details of the location and the date of said anniversary, before setting them aside and placidly began to waddle back to his chair.

As soon as the chain became relaxed, Light sped forward and snatched the envelope from where L had been standing and held it triumphantly up in the air.

However, the detective merely had a bored look on his face as he sipped his tea and went back to staring at his computer monitor.

Light quickly looked over his letter, before raising an eyebrow and really taking this offer to mind.

As his father was the current chief of the NPA, it was only natural that he had also been invited along to come to the party. All important figures in the Japanese Taskforce were allowed to go.

That included Matsuda, Mogi, Aizawa...

Light turned his head slowly to look at L, who was absentmindedly drawing a pattern across his cheek with the end of a pocky stick.

The detective slowed to a stop and turned lazily to look at Light with that same bored expression.

However, Light almost regretted diverting his attention back to the detective as the older man's face brightened. Oh god...When L gave that look, it only meant one thing.

As the detective rose out of his chair, Light almost facepalmed. This was one of the only social events of the year that he attended, due to the fact that he had people there he could somewhat remotely relate to.

But this was the first year that Light was going to miss, all because of the fact he was handcuffed to that damn detective.

Oh well, at least it was a chance to diminish the amount of times he looked like a fool in public because L absolutely refused to unlock the handcuffs unless they were to change clothing.

But as the detective stalked towards him with a vibrant spark in his obsidian eye, Light was beginning to have doubts.

Surely...? L wouldn't...

But before he knew it, L had suddenly become very close to him, causing his stomach to twist and turn in a silent panic, and the detective breathed, "Light Kun?"

Ignoring Matsuda's sudden jerk of the head at the proximity of the two men, Light bit his lip and replied, "What?"

"Do you want to go to this formal gathering?"

Was it a trick question? Light couldn't tell. He was too busy being swept away in those blackened oceans. But somehow, his logic managed to shine through and he replied, "What's it to you?"

L retreated a little, but was still close enough that their knees were nearly touching.

For some reason, L liked being close to the teen like this, and watching him struggle under his instructive gaze.

But instructions were unclear as L replied, "It is a chance for you to reunite with your family, and not to mention that you attend every other year. It is customary, and I won't allow this," L held up the handcuffs, "-To hinder you."

Light was momentarily confused, until he saw domination etch ever so slightly on L's face. It was a challenge for them to investigate one another.

Light conjured up one of his fake but dazzling smiles, and replied, "You're too kind, Ryuzaki. I couldn't possibly drag you along with me though, so I'm afraid I'm stuck here."

"Oh? But I insist! Do not let little old me distract you from your fun!"

"But of course! Thank you, Ryuzaki!"

"The pleasure is all mine, Light Kun. Let us enjoy ourselves, hmm?"

Light noticed Matsuda nervously smile out of the corner of his eye, before shuffling away in a similar fashion that L used for everyday walking.

The game is on, Ryuzaki. Light thought wickedly as he sat down calmly at his computer.

And may the best man win.

But of course, L wasn't prepared for this.

As Light handed him handful after handful of formal shirt, L was beginning to feel weak at the knees.

When Light was satisfied with the shirts, L almost sighed in relief, but then the teen moved onto the rack holding up matching pants to spare, L's annoyance built to its extent and he annoyingly discarded the pile of clothing onto the floor.

He would not stand here and be made a fool in public as Light's right-hand mall masher.

The teen turned to him in confusion, almost like an animal that had had been disturbed in its natural habitat (and believe it, this was Light's perfect habitat), and frowned. "You don't like them?"

L glared at the teen, before crossing his arms stubbornly. "If you wanted a shopping sidekick you should have called Misa Amane." He hissed.

Light held up his wrist, showing off the dangling chain, and rolled his eyes.

Turning back to the rack, he picked off a pair of silken black dress pants and held them against his waist.

He cleared his throat, causing L to look at him in alarm, and he waved a hand acknowledging towards the piece of clothing.

"Well?" He asked expectantly.

"Disgusting." L replied in a hoarse voice.

Taking L's word for ware, and on the knowledge that whatever the older man disliked Light's opinion tended to be the opposite, the teen rolled his eyes and added them to the ever growing pile on the floor.

As the teen's pile scaled higher and higher, L stood nearby, examining a crate full of bouncy balls that was placed conveniently outside of the Male's Clothing Section for some reason.

The balls were a manner of perplexing colours, ranging from the brightest neon greens to the deepest crimson reds.

L, finding nothing better to do, took an ocean blue ball up in his arms and began bouncing it mechanically up and down on the polished floor.

Ignoring the 'caution when wet' sign that had been placed on the recently mopped floor, the detective began to get into his little childish guise and a smile flickered on his lips as the ball continued to entrance the detective.

Deciding to test the scientific and gravity proportions of the children's rubber toy, the detective dared to move around like the basketball players he remembered seeing on the television screen.

He dribbled the ball awkwardly between his hands, and sidestepped to make room for a woman to walk past, not even momentarily pondering why she was giving him a look that suggested she had just seen something really strange.

L put a finger to his lips and decided to go football style as he changed the dribble from his hands to his feet.

Kicking it between his shins, and then passing it over his head with a brief flick of his shoe, the ball landed directly in front of the detective.

L decided to take on the role of David Beckham, and held his breath as he kicked the ball as hard as he could.

However, at the last second, L slipped on the wet floor and cuffed the ball with his heel instead of the inside.

The detective watched with wide eyes as his fame maker went flying past its target of beanbags and straight into the face of a little child.

The little child couldn't even utter a gasp as his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he collapsed to the floor, his leg twitching awfully.

As soon as he heard the mother scream, L knew he had to act fast.

Getting to his feet and grappling onto the side of the crate, he sent it toppling downwards.

As all the balls scattered outwards, L shouted, "Go, Pikachu!" And scrambled on out of there.

Light, despite only being a few feet away and hearing the chain rattle endlessly, was too washed up in admiring his clothes to care.

It was only when he heard the security siren go off and when he felt L pushing against him that he knew that something had gone wrong.

"What the fu-"

"Run now, talk later, Light-Kun."

"Excuse me?"

"You really didn't expect to be going in the outfit that you're wearing now, did you?"

L looked solemnly down at his usual attire of baggy jeans and a long sleeved baggy shirt.

He narrowed his eyebrows and put a finger to his lip in ignorant confusion.

Why was such clothing not allowed to be worn at this 'anniversary'? The detective wore this around the Taskforce headquarters each day and no one seemed to make a fuss.

As if Light had read the older man's mind, he rolled his eyes and placed his hands on L's shoulders, causing him to stiffen awkwardly.

"Ryuzaki." Light begun. "The invitation specifically requested any clothing worn to be of a formal genre."

L blinked, causing Light to tense this time, and replied, "But, would this not be considered 'formal', as it is worn by the one and only L?"

Light frowned at L's egotism, and sighed. Letting go of his shoulders, he muttered to himself, "You've got a lot of work to do, Light."

As the teen went about gathering his wits on what to do with the said detective, he felt the chain pull taut as L levered sideways from a fair distance to reach for his pair of old, worn out sneakers.

Light grimaced, and jerked his wrist calmly to gather L's attention. The detective turned stiffly to look at Light, and the teen gathered up a pile of clothes before gesturing to a makeshift clothing stall.

"May I?" He coughed.

L frowned ever so slightly and reached for the keys in his pocket.

He took a ready stance to either escape or retaliate, the same as what he had taken numerous times before when unlocking Light, and clicked the cuff open.

Light reached forward, causing L to flinch, before laughing and rubbing at his sore wrist with a steady hand.

Bending down and retrieving a lost shoe, the teen clicked his tongue and placidly moved into one of the stalls, all the while the detective cornering him like a wild animal.

The door closed and Light clicked it shut, thankful for being enclosed in such a space that there wasn't any openings for L to peek his head through.

Fearing death of suffocation instead, he focused on unbuttoning his plaid white shirt.

Letting it fall off his shoulders and drop to the floor, his hazel eyes darted to a thick white scar emblazoned on his shoulder.

Instinctively his hand met its mark, and he ran his fingers softly over the indentation.

A scarce feeling of panic ran through his chest, and he had to concentrate to keep his breathing thorough and steady.

Calming himself and counting to ten, he still couldn't keep the shudder from wracking through him as memories of L piercing his shoulder with the scissors came to mind.

It had taken at least three weeks for the wound to heal, but Light still had to take antibiotics everyday to make sure he wouldn't succumb to infection.

The stitches had been removed only yesterday, but the teen still feared the worse.

Taking a steady breath, he clenched his hands into fists and began to pull a white dress shirt over his head.

As per usual lately when moving his arms above his head, his scarred shoulder reacted with a sickening jolt of searing hot white pain, and Light almost crumpled to the floor in exhaustion.

Gritting his teeth and ignoring such a presence, he quickly fastened the buttons and reached from the pile a pair of black dress pants.

After dressing, Light looked at himself dauntingly in the mirror, fearing that such clothing Watari had prepared for them wouldn't suit his tastes.

Surprisingly, the old man had managed to meet Light's standards, and he almost twirled in glee, his new black jacket reflecting opals off the stale light from the ceiling.

Closing the door of the stall behind him, he was almost awestruck as he saw L absentmindedly gathering his own clothes.

The detective looked up at him with a bored glare, and he shuffled past Light towards the stall, apparently too caught up in his own resentment to try and defend himself against whatever attacks the teen had in hiding.

As the stall closed with a click, Light sat down on one of the leather sofas set aside.

Draining the last of his coffee, he tried to deprive himself of boredom by reciting the planets in order.

After three seconds of contemplation, he moved onto the harder subject of trying to understand Kira's mindset, a habit he had lately been finding himself falling into.

However, an even darker thought, more constant ever since that dreary night, penetrated through his barriers.


L, with his barren owl like gaze and his spiderlike posture.

L, with the attention span of a duck when it involved Light's interests, but with so much innocence it was almost suffocating.

Yet the same innocence ceased to exist in the eyes of those who depended on the detective to keep the world at peace.

But with such power, such a man could not even have time to comprehend why the birds whistled as they do and why the sky glowed pink as the sun set in the never-ending horizon.

The world's biggest mystery was not that of what lay in the ocean's depths, or even what the world's biggest mass murderer was hoping to achieve.

No. It was that of a man who's will was so broken, that somehow he made Light want to fix it.

Pain. With the image of blood falling over his shoulder in folds of grey, pain was the only thing that Light could make from this.

Little did he know that such pain he was going to bare until his demise.


"I'll only be a moment! Please be patient!"

"I've been patient for the last half hour! If you don't hurry up, that party's going to start without us!"

"Light-Kun! I'll have you know-What on earth are you doing?"

Light opened the door in his makeshift haste of anger, and he glared as the detective fell slowly to the floor.

His clothes were strewn about him in piles, and the detective seemingly only had half of what he was supposed to have on.

Light groaned, and took a step forward, but this caused L to shuffle backwards in terror.

Kira wasn't bound by the handcuffs at this moment, and Kira was surely going to want revenge from that scar etched onto his body.

As L cringed, ready to take the blow like a rejected animal, he was morally surprised as the teen pulled him to his feet and dusted him off quickly.

This left a chance for the detective to slap the teen's cheek rather comically, and Light was left to appear stunned.

"What was that for?"

"You startled me, that's all."

Light's frown tilted in annoyance, and he looked at the detective from head to toe.

By being half dressed, perhaps Light had been exaggerating just a little.

The detective's pants were all done up, nice and dandy, however his own dress shirt hung half open and his tie slung around his shoulders.

Light sighed and went to work, working from the bottom button upwards.

This caused L to flinch again, until he stood still from a harsh bark from the teen, and as Light began to fasten his tie, he couldn't help but catch his eye.

Light's hazel eye flashed with apprehension, but the unmistakable hunger L knew so well sparkled within it's transfixing depths.

The teen's movements became clumsy as he felt L's gaze on him, and he fumbled awkwardly with the tie.

About to call Watari in for assurance, Light felt something crawl down his face.

He jerked his gaze upwards to find L running his fingers softly down Light's cheekbone, tracing the skin line delicately.

The feeling was so sudden, so gentle, that Light himself was transfixed.

As he began to come underneath the detective's spell that he somehow could so easily submit too, they were broken out of such a state when Matsuda's voice pierced, "Hey, Ryuzaki! The limo is-"

The colour drained from the rookie's face as he stared at the two men, who couldn't be any closer.

At this, L immediately retreated backwards, causing Light to almost fall forward in his wake.

Matsuda's face turned a deep embarrassing pink, and he stuttered, "W-Well...I-I mean...I r-really s-shouldn't have..."

L was the first to retaliate by snapping back, "Don't be so foolish, Matsuda. Light Kun was only helping to do up my tie, is all."

Matsuda yelped and cringed in a surprisingly similar fashion that L had done so before.

L huffed and clicked the cuffs around their wrists before padding out the door, leaving Light to be once again stunned by L's actions.

"What the hell is that?"

L turned to the teen, not all that surprised to hear such a thing uttered from his young accomplice.

What with the younger of the two was gawking at seemingly had an unusual air about it, but despite it's comedic indifferences, L thought it was entirely necessary.

The detective peered through the eyes of his makeshift fish mask, and replied in a voice that was muffled by the barrier, "It is a fish mask. Or is Light Kun all of a sudden blind?"

It took all of the teen's will not to burst out laughing as the limousine swerved calmly across an intersection and smoothed onto the highway.

"I meant, why are you wearing it?"

L blinked and sighed, before waggling his toes inside his dress shoes. His feet felt so constricted, even with the absence of socks...

"I have come to a conclusion."

"And that would be?"

L grunted, thinking that it would've been obvious to the teen. "Judging by the fact that we are going to a private party hosted by the deputy director of the Japanese police, and by the other fact that Kira was one who hacked into police files to gather information has led me to assume that Kira may be amongst the crowd."

He adjusted his mask before continuing, "And thus such a cautionary procedure is a smart move on my part."

Light frowned. They both very well knew that L had only ever narrowed down two possible suspicious families that were connected to the Japanese police, and that was the Takimuras and the...


Light gritted his teeth. Of course after careful consideration, he had been the top suspect on L's list. This they both knew, and that the chances of the actual Kira being there was slim to none.

They why would L...?

And that was when more fury rose within the teen.

The detective was playing with him. Not to abuse a confession out of him or to prove one of his own stupid points.

No, L was making fun of Light. Imagine the teen's reputation if he was seen at the party with such a comical person wearing an out of place fish mask.

Light fidgeted in his seat, resisting the urge to wrap his hands around L's throat and suffocate him to death.

The detective had remained one step ahead of him this entire time!

L seemed to notice Light's agitation, but his simple smirk could not be seen under his underwater demeanor.

"Are you-"

"Shut up, Ryuzaki."

The vehicle pulled to a sharp left all of a sudden, causing L (who had forgotten to strap himself in due to his mind being elsewhere) to slide icily across the seat and plummet next to Light.

As the driving once again became smoother, Light pushed the detective away, feeling a little queasy as he did so.

However, such an event reoccurred as they turned another left, more abrupt this time, and L lost his balance and fell headfirst into the teen's lap.

Light jolted from the sudden contact in such an area and bucked L over onto the floor.

L let out a sound much like an "Oomph!" before the limo all of a sudden came to a smooth stop.

The mask angled itself on an upright angle on L's head, and as the detective regained himself he straightened out the mask.

Before Watari could bow in respect, L bolted from the car in a haughty way, only to be greeted by a light drizzle as Light cannonballed out after him.

The detective looked solidly towards the grey skies and the welcoming rain, before flexing his shoulders and began to make his way across the carpark and towards the front entrances of the manor the invitation had been addressed to.

The manor was exquisite, as such a house was expected to be, with two iron gates rising to encompass it's majesty.

As was expected as they made their way towards the front entrance, passer-bys gave looks of either fright, confusion or disgust towards the two.

The doorman wasn't any different. Both of his pruned and perfect eyebrows rose melodically, which gave a chance for L to eye the man, who looked to be in his late twenties, suspiciously.

As Light returned the man a look of grief, he was in mid-chuckle but quickly disguised it as a rather comical cough.

L was about to double take, when Light ushered him along inside, receiving more than one worrying glance from the doorman as he passed (by one of which he couldn't mistake the creepy man inclining his gaze towards Light's ass in the same fashion a child would look at a puppy in a petstore window).

As soon as Light stepped over the threshold, a smile alighted his lips.

The atmosphere was calm as a soft classical melody floated from a performing band set up in one specific corner of the room.

The chandeliers above let off a soft warm glow, and a few glass windows were opened to let the late afternoon breeze flow through the packed space.

The walls were adorned here and there with different portraits and paintings of people from centuries past, and the roof was painted a majestic sky blue to go in contrast with the ceramic painted angels dotted in between the lacquer clouds.

It was something of a fairytale, very much like the main ballroom in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

This was more to his suiting, for every other year before they had normally gathered in an office building to celebrate unconditioned stale alcohol and the fact that the central heating didn't work as well as the invitation advised.

For such an anniversary to be as formal as it was this year puzzled Light, until the onlooking of a rather plump woman made the answer appear.

"Why hello there!" The woman, who's stale violet dress was packed so tight around her effeminate body that it made her large bosoms quite visible, spoke in rough Japanese.

Light was perplexed, until he remembered the lady's name from the invitation.

"You must be Prudence." Light held out his hand formerly, biting back a rather informal chuckle to the pronunciation of the English woman's name.

The woman laughed haughtily, making her large body jiggle in response. "And you are Light Yagami! So the rumours I have heard about Soichiro's son are true, then?"

This caused him to panic. Rumours? What sorts of rumours were being spread? Rumours about the teen being suspected as Kira?

Light decided to be bold and replied, "And those would be?"

"That you're incredibly handsome! If only I were younger, well..."

Light almost gagged in response, but held his tongue. Such a compliment he knew could be taken as a compliment in the facet of the real reality, but to hear it come from such a didn't serve him too well.

Meanwhile, L stood a few feet away, surveying the crowd with the penetrating eyes postulating out of the fish mask.

As expected, onlookers continued to stare, but such a thing didn't bother the detective. After all, even without the fish mask people all around stared anyway.

It was obvious that the detective stood out from the crowd, what with their elegant getups and standards to follow.

However, to direct himself away from his slowly rising boredom, he averted his gaze from the formal crowds and found it lingering towards the buffet table standing only a few feet away.

L looked back at Light, who's back was to him but the look L imagined him to have on his face questionable, and slowly started to trudge carefully towards the table, careful not to make any sudden movements that would allow the chain to shake.

As soon as the chain reached its length, L found himself a few centimetres away from where he wanted to be.

Improvising, he took a stance similar to as if he was going to do squats, and reached towards the tables.

The fish mask allowed limited sight, and in a desperate attempt to fetch his prize, he took a moral lunge and felt his fingers grip around something square.

Whistling in triumph, L went to look at his catch when he heard Light cry out angrily, "Ryuzaki!"

Without a second thought, he lifted the mask and popped the square tidbit into his mouth, before replacing it back to its original position and turning quickly to face the agitated teen.

Light's temple was throbbing and he had to bite his lip to swallow the threats he wanted to spit at the detective. Instead, he brushed down his coat and rubbed at his grazed wrist.

"Ryuzaki." He began.

However, a problem far worse had begun to generate within the detective's mouth.

For the food item he had just indulged in was nothing like the sweet sugar cubes that he so lavishly loved.

No, because for his misguided attempt at scoring a piece of delicious food, and despite it's cubic measures, L had in fact eaten a block of pure wasabi.

It's texture was rather coarse, almost like a cracker, and at first the detective hadn't noticed.

But when he felt that prickling sensation in the back of his throat, and that undesirable spicy taste flare on his tongue, L finally knew the extent of his mistake.

Yet the fight for pride was the one and only thing keeping him from spitting it out full course onto the floor.

"We're at a goddamn social party, Ryuzaki. And if you didn't notice, I happened to be having a really important conversation with-Are you alright?"

The teen had finally noticed L's offset twitching, and the jerking of his head to the side as if he was bucking away a bothersome insect.

L nodded, but still that insistent twitching followed by a low moan continued, and this caused Light to narrow his eyes.

"You're a freak." He muttered, before turning away to readdress Prudence and her massive girth once more.

As soon as the teen had turned away, L lifted the mask and spat the mushy green substance into his hands.

Rolling his eyes in silent disgust, he set it neatly, (as neatly as a mushy pile would deem) back on the plate and frantically looked around for something to cool his mouth.

When he felt someone's hand pull on the back of his shirt, he barely had time to react as the said person passed him a bowl of strawberry ice-cream.

Forgetting manners and leaving caution behind, he dug the plastic spoon into the substance and shoveled it into his mouth. He kept repeating this until the entire bowl was empty, and he turned to his savior.

Adorned in a gorgeous savvy red dress to go in contrast with two ruby earrings dangling downwards to reach her shoulders, and with her silky brown hair pulled tightly back in a braid, Sayu Yagami grinned up at the detective with a pearly smile.

"What a surprise! You came with your boyfriend to this party?"

L was confused. "What do you...?" But that was when L understood that the young girl had the strange belief that Light and him were in some sort of romantic relationship.

Preposterous, of course. As if he would ever engage in such a thing.

Romantic relationships involved hugging, kissing, coarse petting and eventually it would all lead up to...

At the thought, L's stomach churned like a beast, and he could feel himself going pink. Thankful for the fish mask, he pulled it over his face and replied, "How many times do I have to state that Light Kun is NOT my boyfriend?"

This caused Sayu to laugh, and she reached up to touch the fish mask.

However, L flinched out of the way, leaving the younger girl to be perplexed.

"Why are you wearing that?"

Thankfully, L had come up with a rational reason this time. "With the added confusion of the handcuffs, Light and I have decided to pair up and become an illusionist duo."

However, Sayu wasn't convinced. "That doesn't explain why you're wearing the fish mask now, though."

L gritted his teeth. Must people be so questionable?

"Like Light Kun stated the last time we met, circus tricks gone wrong. My face is terribly scarred, so I must wear this mask to cover up my ugliness."

Sayu grinned. "But I saw your face before. You look perfectly fine."

The detective frowned. If this young girl had just gotten the better of him, then he realized he must be losing his spark.

He sighed and rubbed his forehead, and as he went to brush it all aside, an even greater idea formed and he turned back to Sayu.

After all, honesty couldn't hurt anybody, right?

"I'm wearing this to make a fool out of Light Kun. To wear such a comical mask is rather hilarious, but the perfect thing about it is that no one is able to see my face, and thus I shall only be known as 'that weird guy who came to the party with Light Yagami', bringing not humiliation to myself, but to the fact that Light did in fact bring a nutter to the biggest social event of the year."

Sayu grinned and nodded before letting loose a small and sly giggle.

"But what about Light?"

L tilted his head. "Did I not just explain it to you? By God, are all females this stupid?"

Sayu poked out her tongue, before replying, "No! I meant Light's feelings! Aren't you going to hurt them?"

This caused the older of the two to falter a little, before turning his head stiffly to look down at her, aware that his throat had just gone dry. "That's the entire point of it, no?"

As Sayu began to protest, Light came waltzing over, a proud demeanour overshadowing everything else.

But as soon as he laid his eyes on L, resent appeared, but only for a split second, and was soon replaced by surprise as Sayu came into view.

"Sayu?" Light asked, dumbly perplexed as to why his younger sister was attending the same party as he.

Until he remembered that they were, of course, related, and the invitation specified that if Light were to come, then his family was invited as well.

Light saw it as an advantage towards Sayu for whatever silent attack she was planning.

On that note, that was perhaps one of the only reasons he enjoyed being handcuffed to L; the glee in being away from his patronizing and lawless younger sister.

But then again, unfortunately L made up for that and much more, so such a deal wasn't so sweet after all.

As his sister went to reply, he cut her off rudely by addressing L, "Ryuzaki, gather yourself and take off that goddamn mask. We've been invited to dinner with Prudence and the Deputy Director."

As Light dragged L crudely away, he couldn't help but notice a cruel sparkle in Sayu's eye as she skipped along after them in a foxy gait.

And then his vision centred around an old man hobbling towards the table, and before L could shout the warning, he dipped a cracker sickeningly into the detective's blob of mushy wasabi, thinking it to be a delicious appetizer, and ate his snack with a pleasurable smile.

L had to do everything just to hold in his breakfast.

L was nervous. And as such, he had every right to be.

To one side, two pairs of narrowed blue eyes glared at him intensely from a set of overfed fraternal twins.

And to his other side sat Light, with such a sour look on his face that it made L slightly believe that perhaps he might have gone too far in his little practical joke.

For some unknown reason, his face was growing hot, and the fish mask all of a sudden felt more constricting than usual.

Taking a precautionary chance, all the while Prudence and her tackily dressed husband crudely making openly flirtatious compliments across the table to one another, the detective slowly lifted the fish mask off his face and let it rest above his forehead.

Slightly, but only very slightly, Light's auburn eyes softened, until pride took a curious hold once more and his features tightened.

Sitting a little way down from the teen was Sayu, wearing a smug smile as she bent down to take a small dappled terrier up in her arms.

And for all their nobility, the Takimura's thought it fine to allow an animal at the table?

Oh well. L had managed to let Light eat at the table every once in a while. The teen could even handle cutlery.

The terrier wouldn't have made much a difference.

Smirking to himself, he was about to lay into his meal when he heard a sweet voice chorus, "Ryuzaki, was it?"

L snapped to attention, and immediately his finger found its way to his lip. This was the first unknown person who had acknowledged him. How interesting.

His eyes came to rest on a gentle eyed woman, with short brown hair and a smile like honey. The perfect classification of a stay home mother.

And his recognition was right as the lady continued, "I'm not sure you know me," (Oh, that's right. L remembered her from the surveillance), "But I'm Sachiko Yagami, Light's mother. It's very nice to finally meet you."

L bowed his head in respect, before replying, "I can see where Light gets his good looks from then."

This caused the entire table to go silent, save for the fact that Sayu had all of a sudden burst out laughing.

This caused L to be confused, and Light to fidget uncontrollably in his chair, his cheeks going a deep crimson.

Sachiko was equally as red as she replied, "So, it was true then?"

Soichiro finally piped up. "Whatever do you mean?" He addressed his wife with a concerned look.

Sachiko blinked and replied in a lowered tone, "Sayu told me that Light..."

"Yes?" Soichiro pressed.

"Had a boyfriend."

"What?" Light and Soichiro shouted in unison, both rising to their feet in a symmetrically distraught fashion.

L, however, was amused, albeit perplexed. Despite doing extensive research on the teen before the period of time when the handcuffs were introduced, the closest thing Light had to consider a real partner was Misa Amane.

Unless Light had been involved in some sort of secret relationship from the start. Of course, having such high expectations from his family made it hard to express his homosexuality, as it was in most families.

But what if this certain person was in on the Kira case? What if this alleged boyfriend was in fact the teen's partner in crime?

Yet, this interesting theory was thrown out the window and replaced by embarrassment when Sayu claimed out loud, "Yeah! I saw them! Light and Ryuzaki here were all making out in the closet at the cinemas!"

L's jaw hung open in disbelief, while Light cringed with the onslaught of denial.

It's not like...It actually ever...

"Oh? You're gay, Light? What a shame. And with such an ugly looking boy as well." Prudence all of a sudden interrupted, her lipstick chock lips set in a tight line.

L frowned, a strange feeling of hurt stirring in his chest.

But Prudence continued. "I mean, just look at him! He's as skinny as a street rat. Speaking of the streets, is that where you picked him up from?"

L's negligence grew. Street rat? What on earth was this woman going on about?

And still she continued on nastily, "The way he sits, you'd think he's never been taught manners! Who honestly squats on their seat and eats like a monkey? Such a thing would be allowed in a zoo, but not here!"

L's eyes drooped, as did his dexterity. He all of a sudden didn't feel so obliged to be at this party anymore. Not after what this toad had just said.

Light, meanwhile, was still standing, that same distraught look on this face.

Yet, when Prudence began to point out the detective's faults, he silently agreed to himself, until the pressure builded and he felt himself pitching in.

"All he does is eat sweets as well. I mean, how unhealthy is that?"

Prudence giggled, her breasts jiggling in contrast with her exterior. "And with that awful haircut, who would even look at such a scrawny boy twice?"

L was stunned, and more or less readily hurt. Even Light had begun in the detective's sabotage.

And here the detective was, in no position to complain or even stand up for his own rights. No, for even without the fish mask, the detective had to conjure such a mask whenever out in public to hide the fact of being the world's greatest detective.

Of course, L knew he was eccentric. He had been ever since he was a child. But never before had he been crudely regarded in such a manner.

As Prudence went to start on his manner of speaking, he stood quite quickly, causing the chair to topple and fall onto its side.

This silenced the bout between Light and Prudence, save for the chain knocking against the table.

"Light Kun." L simply stated.

Light gave a half airy smirk, still basking in the fact that he had the chance to make fun of L. "What?" He almost snarled, immersed within his own resent for all the times L had the privilege to hurt the teen's pride.

L's frown deepened, as did the furrowing of his brows. "I believe it is time to leave."

Light became annoyed, and tried to remain prideful as he retaliated, "Leave? But the real party is only getting started."

L yanked at the chain, causing the teen to stand. "I say now. After all, I am the Seme."

This comment received a half-hearted chuckle from Sayu, and an imprudent glance from Prudence.

L bowed respectively at Sachiko, and said, "It was very nice to meet you. If you are still stuck on the theory that Light is homosexual and in a relationship with me, you don't have to worry, for such a thing is not true."

L took a moment to click his tongue, and blink, before adding, "But I'm afraid the true reality of the hopes of you getting grandchildren from Light shall be diminished. I believe Light Kun to be homosexual anyway, with the absence of me, of course."

And without another word, he shoved the fish mask over his face and stormed from the room, ignoring the now thoroughly confused Soichiro, and dragging a rather furious Light after him.

"What the hell was that about?" Light shouted as they quickly made their way through the front entrance and towards the carpark.

By now, the sky had turned a dastardly inky black as the storm clouds had gathered overhead, adding to the twilight of the early coming evening.

L rounded on Light, and with a huff, bunched up his fist and punched the teen square in the face.

Light reeled backwards, cursing loudly, and clutched at his now bleeding nose. "What the fuck, Ryuzaki!" He screeched, his voice muffled from his hands.

L, who was blinded by rage, thought of nothing but to cause the teen immense pain.

He gritted his teeth and roughly shoved him down onto the gravel, and as he raised his foot to slam it down into the teen's side, he felt his own grip slipping away as he fell from his feet and onto the road next to Light.

Groaning, he found the teen had grasped his hand around the detective's ankle.

The same furious spark was alighted in Light's eyes, and L lifted the mask from his face to get a better view of his opponent.

Light spat blood from his mouth and shakily found his way to his knees, never taking his eyes from L.

Both of them new that this would only eventually lead to more hate and resent between the two, yet as everyone said; violence never solved anything.

For this moment of rationality forgotten, L thought that for once, he would ignore such rationality and pit a war against reason.

With a wry smirk, the corners his lips twitching in response to his anger, L let loose a loud roar and launched himself (with the added might of an attacking lion) straight at Light.

But the teen had foreseen such a thing, and in a split second was on his stomach, drop rolling and scrambling away from the fallen detective.

L quickly regained composure, and was about to do another squatter's launch, before he felt himself pinned against the Manor's side wall, out of sight of the entrance to the doorway.

And the situation took a turn for the worst, and despite the detective knowing capoeira (a delicate system of martial arts that focused on one's centre of gravity more than anything else) the teen seemed to make the best out of such a situation by grinding him harder against the brick surface and pinning his arms above his head.

Ignoring the facet of such positions, Light growled through clenched teeth, "What's your fucking problem?"

At this, L found himself speechless, completely unable to gather the furious thoughts scattered about his skull.

Suddenly, lightning flashed and erupted the scenery all around from its dull grey teal into a fury of white.

The striking colour washed over the two men, and L couldn't help but notice that the teen had an almost demonic look in contrast to the stark sheen reflecting across his features.

He really and truly did look like the feared and hated Kira, and for a split second, L thought he might tremble out of pure fear.

To think that such a murderer might, no, was standing over him with such an evil look made the detective begin to shake.

And then they were doused in a sheet of chilly rain that followed, and whatever menacing demeanour was once there was hidden away as Light's amber eyes widened in shock.

Light had seen. He had noticed the fear that had managed to penetrate the detective's boarders in those precious seconds of envelopment within the cold, cold embrace of the imaginary killer.

And then L realized that such weakness had shown, and when such thoughts of humiliation wracked his head, he began to redeem himself.

But such a chance was deprived as he felt Light's moist lips mash against his own in the teen's feeble attempt to try and understand such resonating fear.

And L was afraid, for this was the second (and hopefully the last) time that they had dared to cross over the thin line that drew them so close... but not close enough.

It wasn't enough in the first place, and for fear of public humiliation, the detective tried to push the teen away, but Light took this as a submission signal and wrapped his arms around the detective's neck, running his hand through his now sopping mass of black hair.

L let loose a shaky breath, creating mist in the air, before positioning his hands on Light's waist and feeling the teen move against his body almost as if they were dancing.

And as such, Light's grip grew stronger, and he moved one hand down the detective's back and over the sopping material of his dress jacket.

L's eyes fluttered, and he wriggled comically under Light's embrace, and the teen understood the message and stripped him of such an obstacle.

As the jacket fell to the ground, L ignored every rational thought in his head and attacked Light's neck predatorily, sucking delicately at the skin and making small nipping notions to suggest the needing to suppress any further urges.

Oh god! Oh god!

Just as Light uttered a gurgled moan and was fumbling with his fingers to remove L's shirt, a small giggling penetrated the barrier they had unconventionally set up in retaliation against the outside world.

The two men immediately snapped to attention (albeit eager to begin again) and when Light spotted Sayu staring from between a clump of bushes, he pushed away from the whimpering detective and huffed gingerly past her towards the limo.

As he rounded the corner, he came face to face with the one other person he didn't want to face.

Soichiro, with a hesitant look in his eyes, asked, "Light, son, why did you leave the dinner table?"

Before Light could reply, Soichiro furrowed his brow and replied, "I understand that it is because you are handcuffed to Ryuzaki, and even if he is 'you know', that still doesn't excuse the common courtesy that comes with-"

"Dad. Stop. I get it. I spoke to him about it. Trust me."

His father's gaze softened, and he said, "Then why don't you come back inside?"

At this, Light's gaze turned automatically to look at L, who was standing a few feet away in the pouring rain in an almost shy position, rubbing his arm with his other hand and not meeting the teen's gaze.

For a moment, he looked almost...sad.

Light almost couldn't bring himself to peel his eyes away from such a sight, before he felt a gentle nudge from Soichiro and he turned stiffly to look at his father.

"You were saying?"

Soichiro frowned. "I said you should come back inside...Are you feeling alright, Light?"

Light found himself itching to sneak another glance, but remained completely still, using his perfect presentation skills to stare his father down in the eyes.

He shivered a little, and to add effect, wrapped his arms around his shoulders. "Look, dad, I would love to, but...well, shouldn't it be obvious?"

And it was, what with the rain pouring around them nonetheless, even if Soichiro was standing under a covered area of the building.

Soichiro stared with a hardened look for a moment, before his face relaxed and he gave his son a warm smile. "Alright Light. I understand."

Without a second to lose, Light nodded and stormed back in the rain, making his way into the carpark and towards the limo.

As the detective was dragged along aimlessly, his heart pounding in his ears, the only thing he could make out clearly was Sayu standing a few feet away, her own amber eyes sparkling with an emotion that looked almost like...

But before L could get his brain around why Sayu was giving him such a perplexing look, what with her lips tilted down in a frown and her eyebrows narrowed, he was plunged under the cold embrace of the rain again as he was pulled away from the younger girl.

Blinking droplets from his eyes, he turned to see Light pulling him past vehicles of all sorts, the chain pulled rather taut.

L's obsidian eyes dragged across the surface of the chain, to the cuff around Light's wrist, and finally to his awkwardly positioned hand.

And without understanding such a new thrill overtaking his body, the detective found himself rushing past the length of the chain and finally grasping Light's hand in his own.

Light stopped short of his path and turned to stare down at the detective's pale and spidery fingers entangling his own.

At first, disgust clouded his mind, and he went to wrench his hand away, until he caught sight of the look L was giving him.

L was hesitant within himself, and he realized his mistake a second too late and looked awkwardly away.

Such deduction was ignored though, as Light's heart beat faster, and without stopping to contemplate why his regret was being drained away, he curled his fingers around the detective's own.

L's grip immediately became tighter, and before Light knew how to proceed, he was pushed against the side of a car as L engulfed him in a rather awkward embrace.

Light's eyes widened, and his cheeks went red, but before he could react, a shrill siren pierced the air, and he looked around to find the source was coming from the car they had bumped into.

Before the teen could roll his eyes and grunt through his teeth, he felt himself being jerked weirdly away.

"Run!" He heard the detective utter, and with a burst of adrenaline, found himself bounding alongside the detective.

And as the limo came into view, they both failed to realize that their hands with still gripping each other's.

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