Hi, this is my very first time writing a fanfic. English is not my first language so please do tell if there's any mistake. Hope y'all like it. :)

"You sure you're fine?" Chris asked, concernedly staring at the ankle of Darren's right foot. All the worries had been written on his face, and that barely happened to him. He seldom showed his true emotions out because he had always been such a great actor.

Yeah, he had been.

A crazy fan just pulled Darren down to the pin while they were waving good-bye at the end of the show, and so there he sat with his right foot stretched strait on the sofa back stage. He looked up where Chris was standing and gave him a big smile, "yeah, totally. It was not a big deal."

He lied.

It was actually hurt and painful. He didn't notice that when he got down at first, but as he kept jumping up and down made his ankle swell like a tennis ball now. And he couldn't tell him about that.

Chris still Obviously, he didn't believe what he had just been told. "You may hit your head."

"Well, it seems that I need to tweet something to warn people not to kill me in public," he grinned and continued, "I'm pretty nice and kind, you know."

It was not funny at all. Darren really could break his leg or his head if he hadn't been aware. Why did he still have the mood to joke? Chris was kind of piss off now and he didn't know why he had feeling like this.

"Hey, what's going on?" noticed the expression on Chris's face, the curly hair boy started to become nervous.

"I don't know," the younger boy avoided his hazel eyes, biting his bottom lip so hard that he wouldn't burst into tears in front of the boy now look concerned toward him.

"No, you look upset. Hey, look at me. You can tell me everything, you know."

"I.. I don…" but before he could finish his sentence, Darren grabbed his blue coat and pulled him down so he could press his lips on Chris'.

Chris was surprised at first but soon he realize what everything was going on and let Darren took the lead. It was so different. Different from the kisses they had on the show. It was wet and warm. Strange and familiar. Chris knew that Ashley, Lea and Dianna were giggling and roaring with other crews somewhere outside, but all he could hear was Darren's heavy breath mixing his, and their hearts beating fast and loudly. It seemed that they were the only two living in the world. Just them. Darren and Chris.

The older boy could feel the slight moans Chris sent into his mouth and this kind of drove him crazy. He lifted his right hand, cupping the other boy's soft face, and kept running his tongue deeper down in Chris' mouth. The kiss seemed to be centurial. Nothing could ever stopped them except the lack of oxygen.

Then they finally decided to take a breath so they broke their wet lips apart and gasped for air. With their heads against each other, both of the boys stared into the eyes they hadn't had the chance to do while their lips were glued.

"Umm... think we should umm... get on the van now?" Darren broke the silence, whispering to the taller boy shyly.

"Yeah...we should..." and they both grinned.