Hi Guys! This is my first Love Lessons fanfic. I wrote this because there aren't many out there at all, and especially none like this. Hope you like it. Please review and tell me if you think i should continue! BTW I DON'T KNOW RAX'S REAL AGE IN THE BOOK, I MUST HAVE OVERLOOKED IT IF IT WAS IN THERE TO START WITH. I HAVE GUESSED AND BECAUSE IT IS 5 YEARS LATER, I HAVE MADE HIM ABOUT 28.


It had been 5 years since I last saw her. She must be around 19 or 20 years old by now. I know the feelings are still there for her. I just haven't had the courage to speak up for the last five years. Gosh, how weak do I sound? I left Marianne for her. I left my kids for her. I quit my teaching job so I could be with her, and yet nothing has been done since. She's probably forgotten about me. Just some school teacher she had a crush on when she was at that vulnerable stage in her life. But she said she loved me. She admitted it right in front of my face. And I confessed too. Maybe I shouldn't have. But why not? Love shouldn't be stopped by something as unimportant as age right? But age is important isn't it? I know, I know.

I now work for the newly built Praywell Art Studios an hour away from my previous workplace. I teach visual arts and sculpture. How I ache to see her again. That round pale face, the dark, soft hair, the cute tablecloth dress, but most of all her smile. It only hit me after she left Wentworth that she only seemed to smile in my lessons. Guess that wasn't too hard to figure out. But to me it was. Is that a bad thing?

I pull up outside the shop. I'm surprised its still in business. Toby told me about their newly found 'assets' from those Victorian books. I guess they saved the shop after all. I lock my car and nervously set foot inside. Of course I'm nervous. She's probably not even here. She's probably moved away with her boyfriend. That is if she has one. The smell of old books and fresh cookies mingles in the air as I make my way towards the Art Section. I have to know. I need to. I casually glance around, at the cashier desk, the mini café, the back room, but she is nowhere. I guess she didn't stay. I wonder what she looks like now? She must have grown quite a bit. She was on the verge of puberty when I left. She must be through that now, a woman. I shudder at the thought if my little Prue all grown up. Gosh, I sound like her father. That'd be weird. Too weird. They had the funeral for Bernard King the day I left. He fell down the stairs, and in the state he was in I'm pretty sure he gave up. I'm not giving up. Never. I walk past the Art Section straight towards the staircase in the far right back corner of the shop.

I have to see her. Or at least try. The stairs creaked, but there was no one else in the shop, so I didn't care. I reached the top and made my way towards the first door. Opening it slowly I saw….the kitchen. Green, blue and freezing cold. Empty too. I bit on the inside of my cheek and quietly closed the door. The second door I gently pushed on and it opened slowly. This room was dark purple with a black sofa and a brown dark wood coffee table. On the coffee table was a mug. A mug that was steaming. It was then I noticed the top of a head on the sofa. Is that her? The hair colour was dark, almost black. I let go of the door behind me and it banged shut. Shit. The person on the sofa jumped up and turned around. My stomach flipped. It was Prue. Prudence King. 19 years old, feminine curves, tall, pale faced and … beautiful. I loved her still.

'S-sorry Sir.' she began. 'You can't be up here I'm afraid.'

Oh Jesus. She had forgotten me. She couldn't even tell who I was! Yes, I didn't wear the earring anymore, but the goaty was still there. I was so startled I didn't know what to say.

'S-sorry?' was all I managed.

'This is the living quarters Sir, there are no books up here.' she made her way towards me. I realised she was wearing shiny black heels, a knee length lilac skirt that hug her figure perfectly, a short lilac business jacket and her hair was tumbling down over her shoulders. She looked extremely business-like for a 19 year old. She was wearing make-up too. Her emerald green eyes were touched up with a pale brown eye shadow and a hint of mascara lengthened her long lashes. My heart fluttered. She smiled impatiently and I noticed she was wearing pale pink lipstick too. Her teeth were perfectly straight and shiny white. Oh how I wanted to kiss her again. Her soft lips. How could I forget them? I suddenly realised I hadn't said anything. A wave of courage swept over me, the only way to make her remember was to let her re-live it. Of course! I stepped forward, held her elbows gently and placed my lips on hers. She gasped at first, so I stumbled and pinned her to the wall, careful not to hurt her though. I felt her arms slide around my neck so I kissed her deeply. She was kissing back by now. This kiss was just as wonderful as the first. I remembered sitting in the car, the hurt look on her face. I immediately felt guilty and kissed Prue more passionately. She began to tie her fingers through my hair and I smiled into the kiss. She was enjoying this. She must remember who I am. I had to stop for air. I pulled away slowly.

'Rax…' she breathed and rested her head back against the wall, eyes closed. She had remembered! I wanted to kiss her again, but I didn't want to seem perverted.

'Oh Prue, I've missed you.' I whispered.

She looked up again and I saw those unforgettable emerald eyes gleaming. She rested her forehead against mine and smiled.

'I've missed you too.' she whispered back, but not as affectionately. 'But…this won't work.' 'I'm sorry…' she stood up fully and put her arms back to her sides.

I felt like someone had pulled my heart out with a fish hook. (AN: Soz if that's a bit … odd.) I stepped back, suddenly feeling like I had violated her.

'Rax?' she looked worried.

'Please Prue, tell me what I need to do. I'll do anything to make this work.' I stared her straight in the eyes trying to seem as loving as I could.

'I'm not sure…' she looked thoughtful and confused.

I thought about walking out of the shop. Proving a point. But I couldn't let this go. I couldn't waste this moment. It was a last attempt to win her over. To prove what life by my side would be like. I stepped closer and gently stroked her cheek with the back of my hand. She tilted her head towards it and lifted her own hand to cover mine. With my other hand I tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She smiled. Leaving my hand on the back of her neck, I leant forward and softly kissed the corner of her mouth. She whimpered and tried to kiss back. But I pulled away. I had to leave it there. Just to make it more meaningful.

I dropped my hand that was under hers put kept my other hand holding her neck. She let her head relax and I held it, gently stroking the soft skin behind her ear. Her mouth parted slightly and she closed her eyes again.

'Please Prue.' I whispered, hoping this show of affection told her how I truly felt.

'R-Rax…I-I love you.' she opened her eyes, straightened her head slowly and looked me in the eyes. I could so easily get lost in them, but I had to listen. This was important.

'Please…I love you more than anything in the world Prue.'

'What about Marianne?' she began. 'What about Harry and Lily?'

'I left.'

'Your own kids?' She looked somewhat outraged.

'No, no. Not forever Prue. I see them every other weekend.' She sighed in relief. 'After all, they are my children.'

She stayed silent. I removed my hand, feeling it had served its purpose.

'But if this really can't work. Then…' I looked at the door. 'Bye Prue.' I walked out the door and felt like crying. I really wanted this to be the day. The moment when I got Prue back and we were finally free, together.

I had just reached the stairs when I heard loud footsteps behind me. I turned around in time to catch Prue who had run after me. Our lips crushed together and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I held her waist and kissed back, my tongue running along her bottom lip. She allowed entrance and our tongues slid over each other. I caressed the soft underside of her tongue with mine and she pushed me against the banister of the stairs, kissing me madly. We were totally in love. Together at last. As we kissed I couldn't help but feel great excitement about the rest of our lives. We could go anywhere, do anything. Finally.