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Chapter 4

After a bit of dancing and eating everyone had left the record shop after another small party. Penny practically fell on the Stubbs' couch as soon as the last person had closed the door!

"What's up babe?" Seaweed asked.

"Nothing Seaweed" Penny answered

"Yes there is tell me"

"Well … umm this thing happened"

"Oh yeah…I see!" He said sarcastically "Be a bit more specific"

"Okay basically I broke friends with Tracy"


"Well she was really getting at Amber acting like she had done something really wrong. If Tracy just got to know Amber she would realise what a sweet and funny girl really was, it's just really not fair!"

"Well if you want my advice, and you're getting it even if you don't want it. You should decide who you really like more Amber or the new Tracy."

"Amber over the new Tracy, but why can't we try and bring the old Tracy back?"

"We can try but I'm not promising anything baby"

"Okay. Thanks" She said giving him a peck on the lips "I really needed to get that off my chest"

"What I'm here for" He said giving her a passionate kiss.


The next morning Amber was walking to school with a HUGE smile on her face, she had friends!

Her mood was quickly changed when she felt a hand grasp arm and was pulled into a little alley.

"You know what I want" A tall man said backing her up against the dirty walls.

"P…pll…please leave me alone" She managed to say

He ignored her. Amber closed her eyes why was this happening to her.

"Get off her" A voice said the man ran off, obviously scared at the thought of being caught and sent to prison.

She turned her head to see who had rescued her and to her horror she saw the evil smirking face of Tracy Turnblad.

"Please, Tracy don't tell anyone!" Amber begged.

Tracy just gave her an odd look and turned away.


At lunch Amber had broken down in tears 3 times already. Everyone knew and Tracy was telling the whole story wrong making it sound as if Amber was a complete and utter whore, but guess what everyone believed her, that was the worst thing about it! Her friends saw her tear stained face and immediately asked what was wrong, Amber insisted she had just fallen over but ended up confessing.

"I am gonna kill her" Penny said with a very fierce look on her face which made everyone (though they would never admit it) a tiny bit scared.

"No. Don't say anything to her, please" Amber begged.

"Of course I'm going to say something to her" Duane said and stomped off towards Tracy's table before anyone could stop him.

"YOU SLIMY BIT…" Duane shouted out abuse at Tracy.

Even though she knew it wasn't the entirely right thing to do Penny couldn't bring herself to stop Duane spilling the string of insulting words coming from his mouth. It wasn't the nicest thing to watch Duane shouting at Tray but it was nice to see Tracy's face afterwards.

"Thank you so much Duane"

"No problem, that's what best friends are for!"

Amber looked around at her small circle of friends. The rest of the school might think she was a whore, the whole country might think she was a whore, the whole world might thing she was a whore. But she had friends, friends who would never judge her and accept who she was.


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