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It had being some time sense they had last seen each other. Kurt felt
like butterflies were creating a hurricane in his stomach.
"Fuzzy!" Kurt jumped in place as Logan called his name, and pulled
him into a tight hug.
It really had being a long time sense they had last seen each other,
it amaze Kurt at how little Logan had changed, other than the slightly
longer sideburns, everything about him looked the same.

"Logan" replied Kurt with a much thicker German accent that before.
Logan looked at him from head to toe, Kurt felt slightly uncomfortable
under the older man's stare.
After a minute Logan looked back up to Kurt's face that had begun to
blush a bit, looking purple with his blue skin.
"You Really have grown Blue" murmured Logan as they made their way
into the mansion.
After things had calm down, as calm as they could get with all of the
mutant haters and everything, Kurt and the rest of the X-Men has Finish
with high school and started their lives. Some, like Jean, Scott, and
Kitty had decided to stay and teach at the institute. Others had gone
off to college, but still kept in touch and sometimes when on
missions like old times.
Kurt was the only one who hadn't contacted anyone other than his
sister, Rogue, in the three years that had pass. He had chosen to stay
with his parents inGermany. It had being a relaxing time for the blue
mutant. He really had enjoyed his time overseas. The time away from
everyone had also proven that it was not just a small teenage crush
that he had on a certain wolf-like mutant. He still felt the same as
five years ago. (He had only been in tenth grade when he found his
feelings for Logan.)

If anyone other than Logan had called to ask him if he could fill in
at the institute with Rogue, sense Scott and Jean were going on a
second honeymoon, he would have refuse. But no, as Lady Destiny would
have it, Logan had called him. How could he say no. He had no excuse
for saying no, so he had accepted with a sign.
Things were really quiet as they walked the halls full of memories to
Kurt's new room. The students were still at school, it being a Monday,
and he would be introduce to them during their afternoon training
The Professor was glad to see Kurt. He had matured into a strong young
man. He still had his skinny body frame, but he was as tall as Logan
now, with broad shoulders and well toned muscles.
He hoped that the mutant stayed even after Scott and Jean came back.
"You look well Kurt" said the Professor, putting the book he had being
reading on the table.
"As do you Professor" replied Kurt with a small smile on his face.
"it really does fell good to be back"continued Kurt.
"You could have come back anytime you wanted Kurt, this is your home,
you will always be welcomed here, and you are no longer a student, you
are a teacher, so please call me Charles."
"Thank you Prof- ... Mmm Charles.." Kurt faltered and made a face at
the name like it left a bad taste in his mouth.
The Professor only chuckle at this.
At that moment Beast came in, he greater Kurt with a smile.
"Kurt it's good to see you again, you look well."
"thank you Mr. Mc Coy" replied Kurt.
"Just Hank please, anyway I came to get you because Logan said that he
wanted to show you the upgrades in the Danger room among other stuff."
at this both blue men said the goodbyes' to 'Charles' and made their
way to the lower levels of the mansion.
They arrived to find a panting, shirtless Logan, doing flips and turns
as he made his way across the room, dodging and slicing through
anything that got in his way. As Hank made his way to the control
room, Kurt could not help but to stare at the man in front of him. The
way his muscles tensed right before he pounced, the grunting noises
that escaped his mouth as he slice through something, at the
perspiration running down his chest, to his well toned stomach, he
found it erotic. Kurt stared at the man's suggestive bulge between his
legs. He signed as a wave of heat hit his own growing bulge.
"It's going to be a long month" murmured Kurt as he force himself to
look way.