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B.I.L.A 14

Logan pulled his shirt over his head and headed for the shower, he was exhausted, again. He had been home for almost a week. A week with long days of locating Frank Moore's body, next locating his family, a sister, then there was the funeral of both Frank and Raven and finally a small fight over the custody of Kyne. Logan signed, letting the hot water relax his muscles. If he felt This exhausted, physically and emotionally, he could only wonder how Kurt felt.

Kurt, they had gone from sex at least once a day to force separation to not having a moment alone or to exhausted to do more than share a kiss that compared to others' it could be considered celibate, he really hopped that tomorrow's plan worked out.

Logan got out of the shower drying himself quickly before making his way to his bed, not bothering with clothes. Kurt was sleeping on his side, hair pooling around the pillow, mouth slightly open. Kyne laid next to him, the new born had his tiny hand tightly wrapped around a single of Kurt's fingers. Logan smiled, unwrapped the small boy's hand and carried him to the crib that stood on the other side of the room. Neither Kurt nor Kyne awaken when Logan laid down to sleep.

Logan woke to giggling and cooing, a sound that he found strangely comforting. Sitting up, he saw Kurt leaning into Kyne's crib, talking to him in a soft voice, then chastising the baby for not responding. Logan tried to suppress a chuckled, the little thing was verily a week old, what did Kurt expect, a full on conversation?

Logan tossed the covers aside and made his way to his lover, wrapping his arms around him and pressing soft kisses to his neck.

"Good Morning" he whispered

"Mmm..." was the only verbal reply from Kurt who practically melted against Logan's body, blushing slightly at his nakedness.
"Ororo is taking care of Kyne today..." whispered Logan into his ear, enjoying the chills that ran through his lovers body.
"All day?" whispered back Kurt, voice a bit unsteady.
"And All Night..."

"Logan, where are you taking me?..." Kurt frowned at the lack of response.
"Can I at least take off this stupid blindfold?" After making sure that Storm had all of Kyne's things, Logan had half dragged him to the car, where he had blind folded him, kissed his lips softly as a form of reassurance and then took off, not saying a single word. That had been, to Kurt's best guess, a couple of hours ago, Logan still hadn't said a single word, no matter how hard he questioned or threaten him.

Kurt didn't have to wait long after his last attempt at getting answers from Logan because soon after he felt the car come to a halt and the engine was cut. The sound of Logan getting out had Kurt overflowing with curiosity. He felt rather than heard Logan make his way to his door, which was quickly opened. Soon strong arms picked him out of the car and carried him a short distance before stopping.

"You can take it off now.." whispered Logan.

"Aww Finally! What the heck was that... You didn't have to-" Kurt looked at Logan, eyes stinging a bit because of the light, his eyes weren't even on him. Kurt turned his head in the direction of his lover's gaze.

It was beautiful. The charming little cottage was small, the front garden seem to have gone wild, the small porch contained a rocking chair and a chimney could be seen on the roof.

Logan lowered Kurt so that he could stand.

"It's ours." he said, answering the unasked question.

"I built it a really long time ago. This is one of the places I come to when I leave the mansion." Logan continued, then laughter at Kurt's expression.

"You built it?"

"It took me a while to get it right, had to take it down twice before I was happy with it. Why don't you go in while I get the our stuff." Kurt nodded, a bit overwhelmed at the fact that Logan had constructed it.

The whole back wall was made of glass. It was the first think that Kurt notice, second were the stairs that led to the second floor. The midday sun shone into the room, which was furnish with a small maroon colored love seat, a side table, a coffee table and a fire place. A small door led to the kitchen, a breakfast bar with two high stools seem to make up for the lack of dining room, the sink was a regular one, but the stove was connected to a gas tank.
"There is no electricity, I didn't bother with it; come on let me show you the bedroom…" Logan let the sentence die, knowing the implications that it held.

The stairs didn't lead to a hallway with a door designating the entrance to the bedroom like Kurt had expected. Instead, the narrow stairs opened up directly into an open floor bedroom. The wall directly across from them, just like the living room, was made of glass, overlooking into the backyard and the edge of the forest. To their left was a large four poster bed that dominated most of the room, an open shower was directly across from it, giving whomever was on the bed a clear view of the other person who was using it and a door next to it led to a small restroom.

Logan watch his lover walked around the room, peaking into the restroom and shower quickly before slowly making his way to the back, glass, wall. He smirked when he was him avoiding the bed, not even looking at it, or him. He could smell his lover's nerves undernoted with excitement and arousal. Logan saw him place a hand on the cool glass, the other pressed tightly against his heart, his tail swishing nervously. He wanted to chastise him on his sudden wave of insecurities, but he stopped himself, remembering what the memory showed to him by Jean. It was of the week he was gone, he had seem Kurt deteriorate right before his eyes, (or Jean's eyes…) the pain he had been could only be mirrored by his own. That week had been bad for him, not because he was being held somewhere, or because Raven was in danger, sure he was worried but nothing could compared to the lost and distance between them. His hand had unconsciously been placed over his own heart, their eyes meeting across the room on the glass' ghostly reflection.

Kurt didn't know who had moved first and he didn't care. All that mattered to him was Logan's strong arms around him, the strong beating of his heart that was heard as he presses his face to his lover's chest, holding him tightly. Tears stinging his eyes and flowing down. He whimpered when Logan pushed him away a bit, who then stopped when the Elf clung to him tighter his fist shacking from the desperation to not lose the contact between them.

Logan guided his lover to the bed and laid him down, gently placing himself on top of him making sure not to crush him. It was a while longer before Kurt finally calmed down.
"Sorry…" He mumbled when he was able to speak again, avoiding Logan's searing gaze. His breath hitched when he felt the older man's lips caress his forehead, a touch so light that he wondered if he had imagined it. The motion was repeated again, and again and once more, each touch just as soft as the first but in a different place every time. With each kiss, he felt himself relax a bit more until he practically melted against his lover's body, each curve and angle fitting perfectly into the other body.

Kurt looked into Logan's eyes slowly, feeling embarrassed not only for his crying but also for the sudden wave of bashfulness that overcame him. He could feel his face burn under the intense gaze, his body slowly reacting to the need that could be seen in them. Waves of heat washed over him and pooled at his navel with hot necessity as he saw a soft pink tongue peak out and caress dry, plump, lips. Kurt lifted his head, thinking only of their taste, and lightly touched them with his, enjoying the jolt of electricity that passes between them.

Logan responded fervently kissing him back gently, tenderly, moving their lips together, slowly. Tongue moved over lips silently asking for entrance that was quickly granted. Logan tasted every part of his lover's mouth like it was his life mission, doubling his efforts when he heard Kurt mewled against his mouth.

Logan's mouth explored his lover's body slowly, re-quantizing himself with every part of him. Mouth trailing after curious fingers. Clothes being discarded slowly and sensually.

Kurt whimper as teeth chafe his nipples before moving on lower, fingers, followed by lips, trailing caresses and kisses over his stomach and navel. A moan escaped him as he was enfolded in heat, the strong vocal muscle wrapping around him, tasting with slow eagerness and sending waves of pleasured as his lover hummed his approval. It didn't take long before Logan had him whimpering and writhing, his breathing shallow, winded. Kurt whined when Logan pulled away slowly with a soft 'pop'. Then his breath hitched in anticipation when he felt a warm finger circling his entrance.

The pain of being penetrated dry and after two weeks was quickly overshadowed by the pleasant feeling of being filed again. Logan claimed his mouth as he continued to move his finger in and out, rejoicing in the tight heat that took him deeper every time. He felt the man under him shudder as he added a second finger, scissoring him until he was ready for a third. Their lips separating only for quick intakes of air before diving back in. "More" begged Kurt.

Logan slowly complied, lifting Kurt's hips and positioning his hard member at the hot entrance, pausing only for a second to look into his lover's eyes before slowly penetrating him. Losing himself in the taut warmth.
Their lovemaking was like lava, slow moving, sensual, hot. Eyes full of longing and need. All of this being portrayed as they kissed with their eyes open, making everything so much more intimate with Logan slow thrusts hitting that spot that had Kurt whimpering against his lips.

Tears brimmed Kurt's eyes as his heart swelled and overflowed with passionate love for his partner. Chanting his name over and over again. Every wave of pleasure crashing over them, sending them a little closer to the edge until no more could be taken. Kurt coming with his love's name on his lips, arcing his back off the bed, as Logan filled him with his hot seed.

The staid like that, Logan on top and still sheathed completely inside of Kurt, until they both fell asleep.
Logan woke up hours later to bright yellow-gold eyes staring at him, so lost in thought that they didn't even notice his awaking. "What are you thinking about?" He asked, bringing their focus back on to him. "Our first kiss…" replied Kurt simply. "The way you kissed me today reminded me of our first kiss." Kurt's voice sounding sad and melancholic, same could be said for the look in his eyes.
"I still feel like I took advantage of you that night…" Kurt looked surprise at the confession, a little hope showing in his eyes, that died immediately as Logan continued. "But I couldn't help it, I walk in to find you naked and crying… and then that sound you made…" Kurt chuckled, hiding his disappointment, and pushing off of him playfully, wincing slightly as Logan pulled out. "Take a shower quickly… I'm hungry." Logan laugh and gave him a peck on the lips before making his way across the room to the clear-glasses shower, very aware of Kurt's eyes on him until the water started running.

Kurt covered his face with a pillow. "Can't believe you don't remember…" his voice too soft for Logan to hear over the running water. He shook his head, trying to clear it. 'It doesn't matter that he doesn't remember, we're together now…' he thought before getting out of bed and making his way to the shower. 'We still had all night to enjoy themselves', Kurt smiled at the thought. 'Thank You Storm!'

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