Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at a Fallout Fanfiction. I was gripped pretty quickly by the Legion when I started playing New Vegas, and for a long time, I wondered what might motivate the Courier into really seeing the need to do all of this. I created a strange back story for my on version of the Courier and gave her a child. Often times, there is no greater motivation than a child's wellbeing. Many of the quest's will be largely set off to the side, since most of us know what happens. Only the ones where I think they may happen differently will be covered.

Originally posted on my alternate account, BloodVagrant, I decided to edit it and post it here and add to the clutter on my page. I wasn't happy with it, and did a lot of tweaking.

The Courier had trekked across the Mojave for two reasons, to kill the man that shot her in the head and to see her daughter. She had left the girl in Freeside with the Kings, a strange place for a child but a place filled with people that she trusted. She had seen many things in the weeks it took her to circle around the desert in search of the man called Benny. Crucifixions, ghouls headed to space, invisible Super Mutants, NCR dogs working Freeside for profit and glory. Some of these things she had passed, others she had destroyed. The Courier passed her judgment out willingly as she crossed the Mojave on her quest for vengeance and safety for her child.

Until she took the job as a Courier, Juno had worked for the better part of seven years in Freeside, scrounging a life out of the dirt for her child. She made sure to keep her child well fed, even if it meant malnutrition for herself in those days. After she began working as a Courier, she never needed to skip a meal to feed her daughter. Caps fell into her hands much faster there than in the Old Mormon Fort where she practiced medicine for six years. She took up a gun rather than a scalpel and found a way to carve a better life for her child. Initially, that was all she cared about. The more and more she killed, the more and more she realized it got to her.

Juno, as the Courier was named, entered the Vegas strip with her tiny look alike upon her hip. Juno had a petite frame, agile and prone to injury. Her red hair a mystery to all those in the Mojave, and it appeared that her child had gained all of these qualities from her. The strange color of her hair and her slender frame gained the Courier attention, marked her as someone not native to the area. She did not mind it but exploited it. The attention made it easier for her to hide her true intentions in almost all situations, even when it came to a blasted man in a computer.

Mr. House seemed to doubt her capabilities and judged her at face value. He had sounded surprised when he first saw her, as if he believed all of her deeds could not have been completely by a meek, fragile little woman like her. Juno had grown stronger since she had been shot in the head, the scar hidden behind a curl in her hair. He questioned her when she first arrived, even though he knew all about her from Victor and the other securitrons. Even he, the 'Father' of New Vegas, had been slow to accept that such a tiny woman had so much power.

Regardless of his reassurances that her child would be safe in the Lucky 38, Juno would not take the chances. She trusted humans around her baby, and would likely have to leave the girl with the King again as she did every time she left Freeside. She had a lot of work to do before Vegas was safe for her child. Benny had to die. Mr. House had to die, and she still had to pay a visit to the Legion. She would be damned if she stepped foot in the NCR territory or even considered their offer. She had seen too many of the horrible things they had done to even blink at them, yet after witnessing the atrocities of the Legion, she still felt attracted by them.

In the end, all she wanted was to keep her daughter safe. To hell with the NCR and the Legion and their bloody politics. She just wanted her baby girl to grow up in a world where she was not an object or a slave, but a respected person. This notion alone had set her originally against the Legion,but at Nipton, she saw things that shocked and inspired her in equal parts. The crucifixions of the Powder Gangers, the story of the lottery that a Legionary had instated to punish the town all made her puzzle over Caesar's Legion in a child-like, but twisted, form of obsession.

Unlike many people in the Mojave, she had an education. She knew all about the society that Caesar had based his Legion off of, and that knowledge would prove useful to her in the future if she chose their side. With this on her mind, she glanced around at the NCR officers, looking for a good time outside of Gomorrah. She felt the tension in the air around the Vegas Strip. People knew something was going on and that something was wrong often at the sight of her. Trouble followed her everywhere she went, and this was no more true now then it had been before. People that had heard of her work outside of the city itself knew that she had a knack for both finding and solving problems. Her daughter had been a product of such trouble, trouble she got herself into by foolishly running away with a man from the White Glove Society in her teens. Trouble she had gotten herself into by following her dad to Vegas instead of staying in New Mexico with her mother's tribe. Trouble she had gotten into by taking that goddamn job.

Juno made her way from one end of the strip to the other, eager to pick up some of her things from her penthouse on the way to the King's establishment in Freeside. Before she took out her frustrations on Benny, she would ensure her child's safety with someone she could trust, and there was no one she trusted more than the King.

Vulpes Inculta stood far off in the distance, his eyes on the courier he had met briefly many weeks before this. He had been surprised to find that this woman, strong willed and understanding of the Legion's actions at Nipton, had a child. He wondered if his initial impression of this woman had been wrong, and he now questioned why Caesar would find her useful. She had produced an offspring before she got herself involved with Mr. House and the politics of the Mojave. Her strength had either been misunderstood, or overestimated.

She had at least been weak at one point in her life, frail and prone to silly emotions like love as most women are. Had her child been the product of such a fleeting thought, a lesson from life that she had been a fool? Vulpes puzzled on this, part of him determined to understand a woman that had fought through the Mojave alone, never once with a companion. She had gained the attention of Caesar through these actions, and he wondered if the child had motivated her. Certainly it did, for she held the little girl in her arms with such a protective and powerful air around her that Vulpes would not question it any longer. This woman was much like Juno, The mother Goddess of the Legion. She lived and breathed motherhood, casting judgment on anyone that threatened the safety of her child.

The child in question held a black stuffed animal in her arms, playing with it behind her mother's back. Vulpes could clearly see it was a fox, and the child chirped aloud at it and called in Cheshire from time to time. He wondered why the girl had chosen such a name, one typically associated with cats.

"Cheshire is tired, mommy," The child complained on behalf of her toy.

"We'll stop soon, Ari. Mommy just forgot something in the hotel. We'll be on our way to see the King after that."

"Good. Cheshire likes him, and so do I."

"The King's a nice guy."


The Courier turned around, as if aware of his presence for the shortest moment. She paused, continuing to hold her child with both arms. She stood at the doorway to the Lucky 38, wary for the briefest second before stepping into the doors. She must not have been able to pick him out amongst the other Strip frequenters that often dressed in the same fashion. She was now beyond his reach.

When she emerged, her child had fallen asleep in her arms. The Courier wasted no time in carrying the child toward Freeside, and Vulpes followed. She passed through Freeside unchallenged, as if the gangs had long ago learned their lesson when it came to fighting her. Her stop in The King's home lasted only a few minutes, and she emerged with the look Vulpes knew her to carry into battle. Determination, ferocity and anger. She reminded him of a lioness out on the hunt.

The Courier did not even react to Vulpes as she passed him on her return trip to the Strip beyond a brief glance. She saw him, maybe even recognized him, but he knew she had business. The determination he had seen in Nipton had returned to her face, and her hand rested delicately over a small pocket. She had the Tops on her mind.

Benny's touch had burned her like a gentle flame, a strange reminder of the bullet he put in her head. The bullet wound itself even burned as he had his way with her, dirty talking her with his strange vocabulary. She had preferred it this way, lured him so deep into the security of his own suite so that she could kill him in his sleep, and she would be damned if she did not do it. He slept next to her, his breathing only a miniscule noise in the quiet of his home. She remained laying beside him, naked and aware.

For the span of time she had exploited every man's weakness, she almost believed that she could like him. His vocabulary could get a little hard to understand sometimes, but in her unguarded moment of passion she almost found it funny. Now that she had rode out the waves of her ecstasy, she saw the man who put a bullet in her head and not the man that made her feel like a woman again.

She was not just a woman anymore. She had become a mother, a ferocious force of nature protecting her her child. She would exterminate any threat, eliminate any chance of harm. This was her basest motivation beside her revenge. His death would come soon enough, but she took the moment to remind herself why she was there. She had come to kill him, to rid the world of one more scumbag that could threaten the security of her child, to get her revenge, and maybe even earn a few caps while she was at it.

I ain't a fink.

Or so he said. Juno rarely believed anything people told her anymore. After being in Vegas for all of her child's life, she knew better than to trust anyone who wore a tacky ass suit and spoke in outdated slang. She sat up, reached behind herself for her pillow, and straddled Benny in his sleep.

He awoke to the heat around his waist, her hips pressing against his. In the earliest moments of his awakened state, he could not interpret all his surroundings. Benny knew that his baby had woken him up, but he did not know his baby had brought a pillow down on his face the moment he opened his mouth. The realization hit him too late. She still intended to kill him.

"Baby, you're still wantin' ta go, aren't ya-"

"Oh yeah… Baby. I'm a goddamn machine."

He struggled beneath her, gasping for air past the cloth of the pillow, he reached for Juno, but could not grab her. As she was to so many others, Juno remained out of his reach. She smirked to herself as she served him the cold, bitter revenge she had thought of since she woke up in Goodsprings. And she would be damned if she did not savor the taste. She imagined strangling every son of a bitch that had ever wronged her in just a similar way. Since she had been shot, Juno did not exactly think about consequences very much. Revenge felt good, better than sex even, and the slightest taste that came with Benny's death reminded her of all the other finks that had ever wronged her. She wanted to kill them too.

He made noise in his struggle, a scream or two asking to be let go only to be muffled out by the fabric that cut off his breathing. Juno's hold was firm, and she would not relent. This was her moment, and it would be until she took from him his life and everything he had. She would sell his tacky suit to a wandering trader. Keep his gun. Take back the platinum chip he had stolen from her, and God only knew what she would do with that. She certainly would not take it back to Mr. House. Fuck him. She knew better than to trust a machine.

As soon as Benny quit moving beneath her, her arms went lax. A sigh of relief escaped her, and the itch that could not be quenched finally left her at peace. She let her head fall back, savoring the ecstasy of her sweet victory. It felt better to her than the night she had spent with the dead man beneath her. My God, did she feel like she needed a cigarette.

Vulpes had not been surprised when he heard the noise of carnal desire playing out behind the doors to Benny's suite. He had followed the Courier to her destination, heard her talk to him quietly while Vulpes camouflaged himself at a full blackjack table. He had watched her take him by the hand and guide him away, flicking her hips to one side in the most feminine and alluring way. Any other man would have followed such a woman gladly into the night. The profligate had exploited a strength she had long ago discovered. Maybe her child had been a product of such a discovery.

He waited to pursue them, fully aware that Benny's estate was on the thirteenth floor of the casino. He had kept close watch on him many times before, gathering information for Caesar. Now, he knew that would no longer happen. He trusted that the Courier was not such a weak willed woman to let one night ruin her revenge. To her, it became a way to get what she wanted.

As he waited outside the door of Benny's suite, he could hear the muffled sounds of screaming, the signal that his death had come to him. The Courier had taken him into her embrace and killed him at his weakest hour, a tactic she had to have employed before. In this she was like a spider. In all his time following this woman and collecting data for Caesar, he had realized this: she had the capacity to destroy utterly.

He opened the door after the sounds of Benny's demise stopped, and he found the Courier to still be naked, straddling the man and sitting up, limp above him in a way he might expect from a woman just after she had reached her peak. Her rear end was covered in the sheet, but he could see the sinewy muscles in her back working as she looked over her shoulder at him, surprise flashing in her eyes for just a moment before she pulled the blanket to her, hiding her body from his sight.

There was something to be said for a strong woman, so well sculpted and capable. The concept had never before had a place in his mind, at least not until this Courier had appeared on the scene. She peered at him warily, taking a moment to take in his features. Before he even spoke to her, recognition fired in her facial expression as she stood and took the blanket with her to gather her things, leaving Benny beneath his pillow and his sheet, dead as a doornail.

"Is this how you often take revenge, Courier?"

"I'm usually not in the business of revenge. All I really care about is my kid, but I wasn't letting this guy get away with almost killing me."

As she spoke, the Courier gathered up almost everything that had been on the floor. Benny's possessions an not been spared her sticky grasp, and she carried them around the corner. Vulpes chose not to follow. He knew she had gone to hide herself as she dressed, but he would be ready if she tried to pull anything.

"And what do you intend to do with what he stole from you?"

"…Excuse me?" The Courier peaked around the corner at him, her long red hair cascading over her bare shoulder. She hobbled around as she looked at him, clearly struggling with her pants.

Her brow quirked at him full of questions, but he merely smirked at her, intending not to enlighten her. She knew what he spoke of, and he moved on to what really mattered: her appearance that Fortification Hill.

"I expect that now that your business in the Strip is finished, you'll be going to meet with Caesar soon."

"Maybe, I haven't decided yet." She disappeared behind the wall again, satisfied that he would not give her the answer she had sought.

"Let me make it easy for you. He demands your presence, and if you do not arrive within two days, I will come for you on the third and drag you there myself."

"Oooohhh, that sounds violent. Do you often drag women to your Caesar?" The tone in her voice was teasing, and it displeased him.

"Yes, but never a profligate woman that he has summoned. Only slaves or soon to be slaves."

"That's dirty business for someone like you. Aren't you supposed to be a spy or something like that?…" She emerged again, fully clothed in her tight fitting leathers.

"Fumentarii do whatever Caesar commands. All Legionnaires do."

"Sounds delightful, uhh… Vulpes, right? But, I gotta go check on my kid before I head to your Fortification Hill. I've got bigger things to do than stand here in a dead guy's home and talk business."

She dusted off her hands, as if washing away whatever sins she had just committed. He saw no signs of unrest in her actions as she went around him, refusing to wait for a response. She must have assumed she would not gain one from him, and she was correct. Vulpes would sooner let her go and be on his way to Fortification Hill again than continue this contact with her.

Something about the Courier unsettled him. She did not threaten him, no. He could never feel threatened by a woman. Her presence commanded attention and respect, something he had never been inclined to give a woman. It poisoned the air around her, tasting of confidence and power and beauty. All of those things proved dangerous, and as he reflected on his as he left the Vegas Strip, he wondered if it was these qualities that came out in the stories Caesar had heard of this woman, and if these qualities had earned her the summons.

He did not know her name, but when the Legionnaires did, there would be talk. Juno Lucina would come to renew the power of Caesar.

Juno's name is, obviously, a call back to the Roman Goddess Juno, who was a mother goddess and a warrior. Some sources say she is a fusion of all of the Mediterranean's mother goddesses, and the Greek Goddess Athena.

Juno Lucina refers to a sort of ritual that Juno presided over for fertility, but it also had connections to political power.

This is where the inspiration for my Courier came from. Thank you for reading! Please leave any thoughts you have. I thrive on the feedback.