Chapter One

Pacing back and forth across the waiting room, it is Calleigh that finally stills him. They have been here for close to five hours now, waiting anxiously for news on their boss. Originally they were waiting on news of two members of their team, but just under an hour ago word came to them via Ryan that Natalia had woken, and while very sore and likely up for a few days in the hospital, she was going to be O.K. Ryan had not left her side since and Tripp had taken it upon himself to become the gopher between Natalia's room and the waiting room. He would go back and forth giving Natalia and Ryan any news of Horatio and bringing updates on Natalia back to the team.

Calleigh's gentle hand on his arm pulls him out of his thoughts and he follows her over to the chairs lining the room. Everyone minus Natalia and Ryan are there, even Alexx has rushed in when she heard. Horatio's son Kyle is being comforted by her, his army uniform crumbled from the force of her hug. He was in town on leave and was just getting ready to return to Afghanistan when he got the news. Eric feels Calleigh shivering at his side and he lifts his arm, opening himself to her. She rests her head against his shoulder and he pulls her in to a tight hug. They stay that way for close to an hour and that is the way the doctor finds them as he exits the operating room. He immediately heads for Kyle and informs him that his father will recover, but it is going to be very painful and long journey. The bullet did some serious damage to his abdomen and he will require further surgery in a couple of days to repair damage they have been unable to get to due to the swelling. Everyone visibly relaxes with the news that their boss will survive and Tripp rushes off the inform Natalia and Ryan of the news.

Eric finds himself being pulled up by Calleigh; the doctor has told them they can visit Horatio very briefly, two at a time to assure themselves he is in fact still alive. He should not be letting them through, only close family are allowed, but he has the greatest respect for this team, as he does for most of the police officers he has come to know through his work. This team is different to the normal officers he comes in contact with, they are a family and as such he will treat them like one. He goes to the desk and gets a nurse to escort them through a pair at a time. Calleigh and Eric are the first to go through. Stopping briefly in his room to touch his hand and feel the warmth. Calleigh leans down and brushes a soft kiss on his cheek while Eric grasps his shoulder. They solemnly turn away and head back out the room, unconsciously reaching for each other as they leave. Before they are even out the door Tripp and Walter have pushed past them. They pass Alexx, still holding on to Kyle and they both stop to give him words of encouragement. They know he will not leave his father's side and is waiting till last so that he won't have to. A silent look from Alexx assures them she will stay and make sure both Kyle and Horatio are looked after. They stop at the desk on the way out, giving Calleigh's phone number to the nurse there. She is second in command so it is only right that any news of their boss comes to her and she will pass it on, though they know Alexx will probably get any news to them long before the hospital has a chance to.

In the car park he walks Calleigh to her car, opening her door for her before leaning in to brush a gentle kiss to her cheek. He knows something has changed tonight. The threat to their family has stirred up their feelings for each other. They don't want to be alone. They want comfort and the only people that can do that are each other. Just as she is about to ask him to come home with her his phone rings. Glancing down, a confused look spreads across his face as he recognises the number as coming from the building they have just left. Not understanding why they are ringing him instead of Calleigh he opens the phone and puts it to his ear. His eyes seek hers out and as he gets the news that rips his world apart all he can see are her brilliant green eyes and he wonders if this is it. If he is about to lose her again; this time possibly for good.

Author's note: I do not own CSI: Miami or any of its characters.