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Pairings: Laxus/Natsu/Gray

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WARNING: Yaoi Lemons Language Humil Non Con Top Laxus

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Natsu and Gray were enjoying a steam in the sauna, Gray was naked his cock and balls resting on the bench. Natsu was in a towel his eyes closed happily enjoying the heat.

The two had no idea the trouble that was coming down on them. Laxus came into the sauna naked with his towel over his shoulder. He saw the two boys and his mind started to wander. His cock started to swell and rise with arousal. 'Hmm these boys are going to give me some fun.'

"Hey you weak little fairies heads up." Laxus shouted releasing his lightning magic. Both boys gasped before getting hit.

"Shit Laxus what did you do to us?" Natsu gasped, his cock started to rise and he found he couldn't move his body.

"You bastard what are you doing…?" Gray gasped unable to move as well, and his cock was also hard.

Both males saw Laxus's hard cock and they gulped. "We're going to have a little fun." He walked over to Gray and slapped his face with his cock.

"Fuck you bastard!"

"Don't bother, you won't be able to move until I say you can."

He heard Natsu growl at him, and moved over to him. "What's wrong Natsu lonely don't worry I'll be playing with you to." He grasped Natsu's pinks locks and started rubbing his cock along his face. Natsu whimpered as his musky cock drove him insane. "Yeah you like the smell of my dick don't you bitch."

"Stop it Laxus…" Gray growled.

"Jealous Gray…why don't you shut up?" He grabbed Gray's dick and started working it hard. The ice mage moaned helplessly. "Little Fairy sluts don't have the right to boss me around."

Laxus sat between them, he tossed away Natsu's towel and his hard cock sprang into the air. Laxus started working both their hard cock. "Looks like Natsu was packing some big meat under those shorts."


"You like that don't you Natsu? I bet no one has touched you like this before."

"No never!" He moaned.

"You little sluts want to cum?"

"Yes!" Natsu moaned.

"Yes…" Gray growled.

Laxus released their cocks making them whimper. Laxus released electricity through the room and the boys moved against their will. The boys were forced to straddle the bench they were sitting on rubbing their pained and abused cocks against the bench. Their faces met Laxus's hard cock and both boys got red.

Laxus reached back and started fingering both boys. "You little sluts want to cum you will suck my cock first."

Natsu whimpered before obeying his hot tongue started lick Laxus's sweaty cock. Gray refused to do it and started grinding against the bench trying to get himself off. "Haha don't bother my lightning magic has your bodies completely under my will, you won't cum unless you obey. Start Licking!"

Gray blushed but obeyed and started licking the other side of Laxus's cock. Laxus moaned happily and added a second finger in both boys. Laxus started leaking pre-cum and Natsu brought his tongue up to swirl around the head.

'Fuck Natsu such a good boy, I'll reward him soon.' He stroked Natsu's pink hair and Natsu started taking his cock into his mouth. "Oh yes Natsu down all the way down suck me to the root."

Natsu had no choice in the matter, as Laxus grabbed him by his pink locks and forced him down. Gray was also forced lower to lick his sweaty balls. "Ahh yes this is nice…"

Natsu moaned around Laxus's cock. 'I can't stop my whole bodies tingling in pleasure.'

'Fucking Laxus I will make him pay for this…' He thought as he lapped Laxus's heavy sac.

Laxus felt his release draw near and he pulled both of them up to face the tip. With a moan he came spraying his seed all over their faces, some cum even getting into their hair. "Ahh nothing like a good release in a sauna."

Laxus was still hard and he started slapping their faces with his cock. "Please Laxus let us cum please…" Natsu moaned.

"Ahh such a good slut you are Natsu. Gray you should take a lesson from him…Haha"

Gray growled.

"Well Natsu Gray seems to be not as kind so I'll let you decide who gets to cum first, you or him."

Natsu looked at Gray who was blushing and quickly avoided his gaze. "Let him cum first…" Natsu whimpered his arousal twitching in objection.

"Are you sure?"

Natsu nodded.

Gray was flipped over and his cock was grabbed. Laxus sent a shock of pleasure to Gray's cock and Gray came screaming in pleasure. His seed splashed all over his chest and abs mixing with his sweat.

"Laxus me next…" Natsu moaned.

"Sorry Natsu the games have changed now if you want to cum it's up to Gray's actions that will determine your release."

Natsu whimpered, and looked at Grey pleadingly.

Laxus placed his hands behind his head and relaxed. He release another shock out giving the boys their mobility back. "Ok boys my body's good and sweaty now start licking. Try anything funny and you will be punished."

Natsu moved to rub his arousal against Laxus's leg as he licked at his abs. "Such a good boy you are, to think you're going to let him suffer Gray."

Gray growled but he couldn't let Natsu suffer.

He licked his way up Laxus's abs to one of his erect nipples. "No no if you wanna get him off you gotta lick over more." Gray looked at Laxus's pit and the blonde nodded.

There was blonde hair, and Gray gulped. He moved up and ran his tongue in the sweaty pit. His hand came up to play with Laxus's erect nipple while his other hand worked his own cock. Natsu moved up to kiss Laxus's other nipple. His tongue worked it to hardness.

Laxus moaned in pleasure, his cock started leaking pre-cum. Tongues roamed his body, licking up the drops of sweat that formed. "Ok time to cum little Salamander…"

Electricity ran through Natsu's body and he came hard.

'He came so much…' Gray thought his own cock twitching.

"Alright Natsu since you came lost you can ride my dick."

Gray gasped as Laxus pulled Natsu over to him. He nudged his entrance with his cock. He sent a shock through his lightning rod and Natsu moaned. Laxus then slammed him down, his body numb from the shock.

The numbness lasted only as few seconds and the feeling of being filled by Laxus's lightning rod wrack his body.

Gray licked his lips. He watched as Laxus gripped Natsu's hips and slammed him again and again on his rod. Natsu moaned his eyes rolled back drool leaking from the side of his mouth.

"It's your choice Gray you can wait for me to fuck you or ride his cock…"

The ice mage blushed and looked at Natsu's bouncing cock.

"I'll ride his cock."

Laxus stopped his thrusting and let Gray climb onto Natsu. He wrapped his legs around Natsu and positioned his bubble butt over Natsu's re-aroused length. Laxus did the same to Gray as he did Natsu, though he used his finger to give Gray the shock.

Gray slammed down on Natsu's length. He moaned loudly his balls rested on Natsu's thick nest of hair. The numbness faded and he felt the full heat of Natsu's arousal. Gray didn't move, he didn't have to Laxus started moving with such force Natsu was driven into him. Natsu wrapped his arms around him and rubbed Gray's back.

Natsu's heat ran through his body he moaned and starred into Natsu's eyes. 'Natsu…' He wrapped his arms around Natsu's neck and moved to kiss Natsu. Before their lips met Laxus grabbed Gray's locks and kept him from kissing Natsu. Natsu moved forward and attacked Gray's neck.

"Ahh Natsu please ahh don't bite me oh no don't lick me…"

Natsu ignored his protests and continued to lick and suck on his neck. "Fuck Natsu I'm going to cum!"

Natsu and Laxus responded to that, Laxus drove into Natsu harder making the young salamander scream in pleasure, his own cock driving into Gray harder hitting his sweet spot roughly. Natsu for his part reached between them and worked Gray's cock.

"Gray cum for me cum all over me cover me in your seed."

"He's become a little slut Gray better not disappoint him."

Gray came hard moaning Natsu's name. His seed mixing with Natsu's own cum and sweat. Natsu moaned as Gray clamped down hard on him. His cock twitched and he came hard deep inside Gray. Pint after Pint of cum was pumped inside Gray. Gray shivered as he was filled with cum his own body having a mini orgasm from the feeling.

Natsu's tight heat milked Laxus of his own release. He flooded Natsu's sweet ass full of cum and he bit into Natsu's neck sending sparks out and the Salamander moaned.

Gray had passed out and Natsu carried him, after getting off Laxus's cock. He carried Gray into the locker room and gave him a towel as a blanket. Laxus came in letting it all hang loose. "How's the ice cube?"

"He's fine just wiped out." Natsu ran at Laxus and hugged him, before kissing him passionately. "You were amazing, you played the perverted bad guy role perfectly."

"Hehe, gotta say it was fun, though he got a little to close to these pretty lips of yours."

He kissed Natsu hungrily. "They belong to me…"


"So who does my little salamander slut wanna play with next?"

"Hmm Elfman I wanna lick him all over while you pound me, and maybe a little double penetration."

Laxus chuckled and kissed Natsu's pink hair. "Anything for you…"

The End