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Chapter 1

Rachel's Vision

Saying that Nico was angry after being awakened so early by Percy would be an understatement. He was furious. He had only slept for four hours last night and now, at five o'clock in the morning, Percy's loud voice has made Nico wake up with a start, his hand automatically reaching for his sword.

'Hey, Nico, wake up!' the son of Poseidon yelled, never stopping banging his fist on the door.

Can't I sleep peacefully for once? Nico thought, sitting bolt upright and trying to wake up fully. Percy continued shouting and knocking on the door and Nico groaned. The seventeen-year-old Percy Jackson was sometimes too childish for his own good.

Nico forced himself to stand up and walk over to the door.

'Come ou–' Nico opened the door to see Percy's fist about to hit his face. Thanks to his reflexes, he dodged it and although Percy quickly said 'Sorry!' Nico glared at him evilly and said,

'What do you want Percy?' The anger was evident in Nico's voice.

'Chiron wants to see us in the Big House,' Percy replied.


'He didn't tell me, but I think it's something important,' said Percy.

Nico noticed that it was still dark outside.

'And it can't wait until the sun rises?' Nico questioned hopefully.

'Nope. Chiron told me we should go to him as soon as possible,' Percy answered.

'All right.' Nico sighed. 'Wait a few minutes.'

He shut the door and quickly changed from his pitch-black pyjamas into an equally black t-shirt and jeans. Making sure he had his skull ring on, he took his sword, put it in his sword belt and went outside.

When Nico and Percy reached the Big House they found Chiron and Rachel Elizabeth Dare talking about something. Percy guessed they were discussing something important due to the serious looks on their faces. Mr D was sitting in a chair not far away, looking extremely bored. Even more than usual.

It was Rachel who first noticed the visitors.

'Hello Percy, Nico,' she was very nervous and her thoughts seemed to be miles away.

Nico and Percy greeted her and then turned to Chiron.

'You wanted to see us?' Nico asked, still a bit tired.

'Yes. I have a new quest for you two.'

Great, Nico though, another quest. Since the defeat of Kronos a year ago Nico has only been given easy boring quests and was quite tired of them. He really wanted a challenge for himself, at least once in a while.

'Although the quest will be a bit unusual,' said the centaur. He seemed to consider his next words. 'You will have to go to a school in England named Hogwarts.' It took all of Nico's will not to burst out laughing at the weird name, and he was pretty sure that Percy was having the same problem. 'It is a school for witches and wizards.'

'Hecate's children?' Nico questioned.

'No. These people received their powers from Hecate, but her children are still much stronger,' Chiron explained. 'The wizarding world in England is threatened by a very powerful wizard named Tom Riddle. Better known as Lord Voldemort. He has achieved immortality by creating Horcruxes. Seven to be precise.'

Nico frowned at this. His father once told him what a Horcrux was and how dangerous it is to create more than one. He was quite sure Hades mentioned this Voldemort guy before and how irresponsible he was with his own soul.

'What's a Horcrux?' Percy asked, completely clueless.

'It is an object in which a person puts a part of his soul so he cannot die if his body is wounded,' Nico explained. 'Chiron, I take it you want us to get rid of this guy?'

Chiron nodded.

'He doesn't stand a chance against you, and I was sure you would have to trouble whatsoever defeating him.' Nico noted the centaur's use of past tense. 'However, Rachel arrived just recently and informed me she had a disturbing... dream.'

'It wasn't a dream, actually,' Rachel interrupted. 'It was some sort of vision. It was blurry and I could only make out some parts of it.'

'What was it about?' Percy asked.

'I saw a snake-like person in black robes – Voldemort, I guess. He was holding a glowing sphere in his hand and behind him was a huge group of monsters,' she paused. 'They were attacking the Camp and the demigods couldn't fight them off,' she finished.

'About at the same time Hades noticed a disturbance in the Underworld and in the realm of Hecate,' Chiron said. At this phrase Nico started paying very close attention. 'I fear Lord Voldemort might be dabbling in something that could endanger the Camp. And even Olympus,' he added thoughtfully.

Mr D, who was very quiet throughout the whole conversation, said,

'I don't get what the big deal is about this vision. I mean, how do you even know it's real, Chiron?'

Those words angered Percy but he kept quiet. Chiron just ignored the god's comment and continued,

'I want you to go to Hogwarts, pretending to be transfer students from New York, and stop Lord Voldemort from doing whatever he is planning to do. Help the wizards find and destroy the Horcruxes and then, if necessary, kill him.'

'All right,' said Percy, excited about his new quest.

'Do these people know that we're demigods?' Nico asked the centaur.

'The students don't. Only their Headmaster and a few teachers know who you are, so don't use your powers unless it is absolutely necessary.'

'OK. Nico and I can shadow travel there once we're ready to leave,' said Percy.

'Come back here once you pack your things and I'll tell you where to go once you arrive in London,' Chiron told them. 'If you will be in need of assistance during the mission send an Iris message to me or Mr D, and we will send somebody to help you.'

The boys nodded, turned around and headed out of the building, but not before Nico noticed a very concerned look on Rachel Dare's face. Hmm, he thought, maybe this quest will be more challenging than the others...

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