Chapter One: What is With Him?

Dib sat tapping his pen on his desk, staring at the clock.

"Five more minutes," he thought to himself.

He couldn't wait for the bell to ring, and the second it did he knew he would bolt out the door. His Hi-skool was like a prison to him. No one really talked to him even though he didn't really look like an outcast. He was actually pretty good looking. He was a sixteen-year-old sophomore and was already six foot three. He had changed his outfit a bit, now wearing all black everything, but stuck with his main look of his trench coat, T-shirt, skinny jeans, and combat boots. He had let his hair grow out to be a bit shaggier, but he kept his signature scythe.

The only reason he was still seen as an outcast is because his class was mainly made up of the people he went to middle-skool with. They all branded him as crazy, and even though he had toned it down to be a relatively quiet boy, labels stick forever. To make matters worse, Zim was in every single class he had ever taken or been assigned to because the universe just got a kick out of screwing him. Getting into arguments with the alien just made him appear even crazier (though his classmates would never see Zim as he truly was.)

Zim himself had changed quite a bit too. He was taller, though still only five foot nine and he stopped wearing his invader uniform in the eighth grade. He traded it in for some clothing that was a bit more eccentric. He now wore bright, vibrant colors, and half the time he didn't even wear men's clothing! He started with bejeweled skinny jeans and feminine, one shoulder boyfriend tees, but as time went on he started experimenting. Dib remembered the first time Zim wore his now normal, heavy eye makeup. He came to skool with smoky eyes, heavy eyeliner, mascara, and fake lashes. Now, he wore that every day! He also managed to create a formula that let him grow hair, and he got long shaggy hair with bangs that concealed one eye with bright pink streaks throughout. Dib remembered that first day that Zim walked through the door wearing the most ridiculously feminine outfit he'd ever seen him in. He came in wearing a bright pink tank top, a black miniskirt, hot pink fishnet stockings, and black, glittery, four-inch Stiletto heels. That day Zim looked more like a girl than even a drag queen. Every day since, Zim has worn feminine clothes, but heels and miniskirts are against the dress code for boys now too.

Dib was gay. He knew and didn't deny it, but he wasn't ready to come out of the closet just yet- Though his guy-liner gave off a sort of hint, hint tone. Despite his own sexuality, Dib could never figure out why Zim dressed the way he did. Don't get me wrong, he liked it- it got Zim tormented every day- but he didn't think Irkens even had sexuality. But, why wouldn't he just ask Zim? That would be too easy. Nope, he had to find out by sneakily spying and recording. Yep, that made much more sense.

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