Hi! Akira here! So, for my first story that I wrote especially to post on fanfiction, I will present to you a Sket Dance fanfic one-shot. I looked around and saw that there aren't many Sket Dance fanfic about romance, which kind of disappointed me, so I thought that I should write one!

Pairing: SwitchXBossun/KazuyoshiUsuiXYusukeFujisaki

Disclaimers: Characters of Sket Dance and the anime/manga/thing itself belongs only to Kenta Shinohara. Otherwise, I would've already made a love triangle between Switch, Bossun, and Tsubaki. Yes, I support SwitchXBossun, BossunXTsubaki, BossunXAgata, and AgataXTsubaki! Only for the guyXguy part though :3

Warnings: In this fanfic, Bossun is more childish than usual and has barely any knowledge on love and Switch smirks too much. Oh and, please note that Himeko talks in a Kansai dialect, so the English is not properly written.

Robots Need Love Too

"Pew pew!" Bossun sounded as he played with his robots. Yes, let me (narrate) explain the situation. Bossun was having fun by making his robots fight each other; Himeko was happily eating her Pelocan while trying to ignore the noise; and Switch was…well, recording Bossun for who-knows-what reason.

"Yah, Bossun." Himeko called as Bossun looked over at her. "Hm?" He sounded with a look of confusion. "Ya do know that robots can't go pew pew, right?" Himeko asked as Bossun began to fidget.

"Y-yeah, they can!" Bossun made a battle cry. "No, they can't!" Himeko argued with a loud bang on the table. "They can too!" Bossun countered, since he did not want to lose in this argument. "They can't, right, Switch?" Himeko yelled in annoyance and brought Switch into the argument.

"Well, technically, robots can have laser guns or machine guns installed into them, so yes, robots can go pew pew, but (since I do not wish to be attacked by Hime-onee-sama, lol) some robots can't go pew pew because they just can't. Ahaha." Switch typed and laughed annoyingly.

"See! See!" Bossun shouted in a mocking tone. "GAH! Your robots ain't got no guns!" Himeko stated the obvious, but Bossun did not notice the detail.

"Well, whatever. 'm goin' to head home cause they're finally goin' to air the new episode of Pelocan Girl the Anime tonight!" Himeko exclaimed happily as she began to take her stuff.

"Oh! See you tomorrow, Himeko~!" Bossun said and waved her goodbye. "Bai-bai, Himeko." Switch typed shortly after Himeko reached the door. "See ya, guys!" Himeko said and left the clubroom. Now, Bossun and Switch are all alone…together…in the same room.

There was a long silence between the two, though. Bossun was staring intently at his robots, while Switch was still recording him.

"Hey, Switch…" Bossun suddenly interrupted the silence. "My robots have guns, right?" Bossun asked as tears began to form in his eyes.

"(Lol) No." Switch typed as he tried to suppress a laugh. Bossun stared unhappily at his robots.

"Hey, Switch. Do you have a gun?" Bossun asked unhappily as his lips formed a frown. "No, but I do happen to have a Reality Maji's cynical stick~ and I could lend it to you if you want." Switch typed and Bossun sighed. "Thanks…but I want a robot with a gun!" Bossun whined childishly.

"…Oh. I have an invisible gun, though. Ahahaha." Switch typed as Bossun stared boredly at him. "What am I? A five-year old?" Bossun asked since he did not believe Switch.

*Bang* The invisible gun shot through the window, but luckily, it was opened.

"W-WOAH! It's really real?" Bossun yelled in amazement and surprise. "(Lol) Yes, little one." Switch typed while holding in a laugh. OF COURSE IT'S NOT, YOU IDIOT, but Bossun doesn't know that. He was a kid after all.

"C-can I have it?" Bossun asked with his embarrassed (and stupid-looking) expression. "No. Only I can use it." Switch typed as he blew the invisible gun.

"BUT I NEED THE GUN!" Bossun whined as he tried to grab the invisible gun. Lol. "Hm. Then how about I become your robot?" Switch typed after Bossun fell on Switch because he failed to get the invisible gun. Yes, Bossun was on top of Switch, who was accidentally pushed down because of Bossun being childish.

After thinking about that idea while being on top of Switch, Bossun made an embarrassed (and non-stupid-looking) expression for the first time (meaning that he was flustered?). "Th-that's not a bad idea…" Bossun mumbled as Switch smirked an 'I-finally-got-you' smirk.

"Okay. First, Robo-Switch needs a hug. Wahahaha." Switch typed and laughed evilly, but still in monotone. Bossun slightly blushed, but he couldn't ignore the robot with an invisible gun, now could he?

*Hugs* "Good boy, good boy. My child finally gives daddy a hug." Switch typed as a mustache somehow appeared on his face. "Quit the daddy act! You're supposed to be a robot!" Bossun yells with an annoyed look. He wasn't a child, but how could he prove it to Switch?

Oh right! There was this one anime that talked about how people kissed when they are adults. So, with that in mind, Bossun gave a kiss on Switch's lips, just like in the anime. Well, Bossun thought that he was no longer a child as he separated from the kiss.

But, once he separated, Switch smirked happily. "You must love your robots a lot, huh, Bossun? (#▪o▪#)" Switch typed as a million shades of red crept up to Bossun's cheeks. Oh poop…

Yeah, robots should be loved…


I leave the rest to the readers to fantasize about what happens next. Yep, this is a one-shot. *shoots self-* I do not plan to continue it, but there are still chances.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! Don't forget to review! Reviews make people happy! :,D