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Chapter 5: Robots want lovers too (Part Four)

"Wh-what are you doing? Let go of me! Arata!" Bossun yelled as he tried to push the guy away from him. "I don't want to~!" Arata replied as he hugged Bossun even harder. Bossun didn't like this. He felt weird inside and a bit uncomfortable too.

"ARATA-SAN! QUIT PLAYING AROUND WITH GIRLS! We have a lot of work to do!" Tsubaki yelled as ran to Arata and the 'girl'. "Ah…" Tsubaki said as he realized that Arata wasn't hugging a 'girl', but was hugging a guy and Fujisaki of all people!

"WHO'RE YOU CALLING A GIRL?" Bossun yelled at Tsubaki, who was still a little surprised. "Arata-san. There's a meeting in a few minutes! Please hurry!" Tsubaki yelled at Arata as he tried to hide a frown.

"Ah, oh yeah. I forgot about that. Kakaka!" Arata laughed as he playfully bit at Bossun's shirt. "…Wha—?" Bossun yelled as Arata was tugging his shirt with his…mouth? Bossun couldn't help, but blush at that.

"Arata-san. Please get going! The meeting's starting!" Tsubaki yelled as Arata released Bossun from the hug. "Alright, alright. I'm going." Arata said and then turned to Bossun.

"Well then, I'll see you later, Yusuke." Arata said and walked away. He called Bossun by his first name! Bossun let out a sigh as he tried not to get angered by Arata's actions. Bossun never did understand that guy and he didn't think he could.

"S-sorry for Arata-san's behavior…" Tsubaki then suddenly said as he began feeling flustered. "A-ah. He's a weird person." Bossun said as he stared at the ground. Neither of the two wanted to make eye contact. They both felt too awkward, especially after what Arata had did to Bossun.

"W-well…I'll see you at practice! You better be there!" Tsubaki yelled as he began to walk away. A deep shade of red was still visible on Tsubaki's face. Bossun then began to walk away as well. Unknown to him, someone had witnessed the scene just now.

Bossun still felt a bit weird and unhappy at the same time. He felt weird about the incident just now with Arata and he felt unhappy with Switch. "What's wrong with me?" Bossun wondered as he took a seat at a bench outside of the school building. He needed to think. Bossun then took the goggles on his head and moved it down to his eyes so that he could concentrate on find out what was wrong with him.

After a few moments of thinking, Bossun removed his goggles from his eyes and took a deep breath, since he forgot to breathe. "I got it!" Bossun yelled as he grinned to himself. "Got what?" A voice then said. "That I like him!" Bossun answered without seeing who he was talking to.

"Ah…" Bossun said as he realized that he didn't know who he was talking to, so he turned around. "GEH!" Bossun yelled as he realized who he had just confessed his feelings to. It's a good thing that he didn't say who because that would've been so embarrassing. Why would it be embarrassing, you ask? Only because he would've said it to the one he liked.

"S-Switch…" Bossun said as he looked down to hide a blush. "…Who's him?" Switch asked him with a serious look on his face. "Uh…um…" Bossun muttered as he began fidgeting.

"Is it Arata Sojiro?" Switch asked.

"…Eh?" Bossun looked up, confused as to why Switch would think that he liked Arata.

"Or is it…Tsubaki Sasuke?" Switch asked.

"Tsubaki?" Bossun asked, confused as to why he would also think that he liked Tsubaki.

"I see." Switch typed as he looked at Bossun.

"Huh?" Bossun asked.

"…Good luck on the play." Switch said as he began walking away.

Bossun hasn't even answered the question yet! "What do you mean by 'I see'?" Bossun yelled, feeling angered. But, unfortunately, Switch was already out of sight. He sure does walk fast.

Bossun chased after Switch, hoping that he could confess his…love for him, but Bossun had already lost sight of him.

"Ah! Prince-sama!" Bossun suddenly heard a girl's voice. He turned around and saw Roman in front of him. "Ah, hey Roman-chan. Uh…have you seen Switch anywhere?" Bossun asked as he looked around. "Mm…nope. Sorry~! Teehee!" Roman said as she did the old-fashioned shoujo manga pose.

"Prince-sama! Is it something urgent? I can help you look for him!" Roman said. "Ah, no. I just need to confess my lo—…um…uh…tell him something." Bossun said as he almost accidentally blurted it out. "Oh, but it's not urgent. If you see him, can you tell him that I have something to discuss with him?" Bossun told her as he smiled nervously. "Alright, my prince-sama!" Roman said as she saluted to him. "Thanks!" Bossun said as he began walking quickly to the clubroom.

But wait! What'll he say when he sees Switch?

He then arrived at the door entrance of the clubroom and took a deep breath. He had hoped that Switch was there, but at the same time, he had hoped that he wasn't there. He then slammed the door open out of nervousness and saw…

"SWITCH!" Bossun yelled as Switch stared at him with the same serious face from just now. "You bastard! Why'd you leave before I even answered your question?" Bossun yelled after he closed the door.

Switch didn't type anything and just continued to look at Bossun. "Th-the truth is…um…about the one I like…" Bossun said as he began fidgeting again. His face was as red as a tomato as he tried to confess.

"…I-I like…R-Robo-Switch…" Bossun muttered since he suddenly couldn't yell that out.

'I-I said it…'


Yes, Bossun has finally confessed to Switch. Now then, what'll Switch's reaction be? And what about Arata and Tsubaki? What'll they do when they find out that their crush had been taken? Until next time, my lovely readers.

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