In one of our discussions at the Merlin forum I said that my brother resembles young Merlin. Same age, similar appearance, his hate towards Mab is so fierce it could cause natural disasters.

So why not replace Merlin by my brother? Give him magic powers, see how it turns out.

I do not own Merlin, any of the characters, places... I will use.

PS I am not sure who I will be hurting the most here Mab or my brother.

Here goes my little experiment:


"I name this child Merlin."

As Ambrosia opened her mouth, undoubtedly to make some biting remark, Frik beat her to it. "I still don't like the name."

Mab closed her eyes in annoyance and slowly turned towards him. "I am not running a democracy here, Frik!"

"Madam, if I may be so bold, I know we have been over this. It doesn't seem proper to name your great champion after a little bird."

"He is my son. I will name him."

"It does sound like a girl's name." Ambrosia agreed. "You wouldn't want your son to be laughed at, now would you?"

Mab would have been most pleased to kill Ambrosia there and then. However, she had other plans with the traitor priestess.

"Exactly my point!" Frik cried out. Receiving a highly disapproving look of Mab, he went back in obedient servant mode. "Why do you allow her to talk to you like that?"

"Mordred?" Mab hissed, ignoring the gnome.

"Can't you pick a name not starting with M?" Ambrosia said provokingly.


Ambrosia snickered. "Call him Marlin. That's a fish."

Mab glared at the old woman. She would not name her child after a creature belonging to her sister's element.

The baby stared up at Mab. His bright blue eyes taking her in. Mab felt a pang of unease when looking at the child. She quickly handed it over to Frik, who passed it through to Ambrosia. "You pick a name then." She hissed angrily. "I will send for him when the time is right."

With a flash Mab and Frik were gone.


He met a girl in the forest. The sweetest girl he had ever seen. She and her entourage had lost their way. Marten had led them to Vortigern's castle where her father Lord Ardente was staying. The girl had told him this and he had been too shy to even ask her name. They had walked together in a comfortable silence. His voice had quivered when he spoke to her, but not as much that she would notice. She had flushed when she looked at him and therefore distracted his attention from her by talking about the surroundings and present day politics. He loved her. He had known that from the very moment he saw her.

"Hello my boy, there you are. Right on time for dinner."

"Hi auntie A." He kissed her cheek. A cute smirk appeared on his face, she was such a little woman.

"Tell me, what have you done today?" He would not speak of the girl. Love was something he kept safely to himself.

"I helped Kneist."

"Oh that is nice of you, dear. What was his problem this time?"

Kneist was a goblin. He lived not far from Ambrosia's hut. Marten had been able to see magical beings his whole live. They tried to stay hidden from him but even as a child he would not be fooled. Some had taken a liking to him. He appreciated their company and considered them friends.

"His flux capacitor was broken. I had to reverse the polarity." Ambrosia adored it when he talked technical. Though she did not understand a word he said when he did. "I had not even taken out my tools when suddenly it started spinning again. I had made it work without having done anything!"

His triumphant expression faded when Ambrosia seemed to loose her balance.

"What is it auntie?"

"I need to sit down." Then she told her boy of his creation and Queen Mab.

He looked frightened. "You need to go now." Ambrosia said, drawing his attention to the faerie horse waiting outside.

"I don't want to."

She took him close, putting a cloak over his shoulders. "I will be here when you return. I promise."

He remained silent, pouting slightly. He affectionately poked her in the stomach. "Just, don't let the hut burn down while I'm gone." She smiled, pushing him forward. "I will Marten." He gave her a close hug.

Then he got on the horse and waved goodbye.

Marten did not like the loneliness of his ride. When he approached the lake he spotted some creatures behind him. He got off the horse and calmly started talking to them. Together they strolled further until he got to a boat. Clearly he was expected to get in. As the boat set off Marten thought of his home

A gnome came running frantically down the cave. He stepped in. Marten didn't dare speak to such an odd looking person at first. As the boat continued sliding through the water he discovered that the gnome was actually a very pleasant fellow. Frik was delighted at the opportunity to share his knowledge about the nature of these underground rocks and it's inhabitants. Various fairies caught Marten's attention. They were moving who-knows-what around. Marten and Frik started discussing wooden constructions that could be used to ease the fairies' work.

It almost made Marten sad when the boat reached its destination.


Marten turned up his nose at the dark goddess. He could barely suppress an 'eeew' sound watching her step closer.

"Merlin, Merlin." Mab whispered.

"Actually, it's Marten."

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yes, Mab." Marten had shown some interest in her land but he did not look the least impressed by its queen.

"You have grown handsome and true." Mab's fascinated gaze greatly unsettled Marten. A tiny fairy close to his ear eagerly agreed with Mab in a jinglish voice.

"This is Marten… who comes to save us… and bring the people back to the Old Ways."

Marten grinned at the echo's in the cave. It did not take long for Marten and Frik to make a song of Mab's words. It took them even less time to start echoing everything the easily angered queen said. Mab had not expected Marten to have quite this much fun in her realm.


My brother in Merlin, it's official. - Well unofficial since it is a fic.- No going back now. :p

I don't know yet if I'll provide this story with an ending. I was in a silly mood when the idea popped in my head.