Title: The White Rose (Painted Red)
Warnings: Character Death, OOCness, blasphemy, disregard for any and all religion, strong language, SLASH, sexual situations between two males, violence, angst, randomness, Gabriel (he's a whole warning unto himself)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After his death by the hands of his brother, Gabriel honestly thought that was it. Until he realized he was thinking. Which, he was almost certain, wasn't something someone did after they died. Sequel to White Rabbit, but can be read alone.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural, they belong to JK Rowling and Eric Kripke respectively. I am not making any money from any of this.
Pairing: Gabriel(Loki)/Harry(Veles)
Word Count: 47,477 words

White Rose (Painted Red)

Gabriel remembered the pain of the blade being thrust into his stomach by Lucifer. He recalled the agony of his Grace being destroyed, of his tenuous bond with Veles being broken as his grip on life snapped and the utter devastation that all of this had been caused by his little brother. The baby brother that he had seen be brought into creation. He was the one that came up with the whole Morning Star description upon seeing Lucifer for the first time. Gabriel was the one that taught him to fly. And Gabriel was the one that was most broken when Lucifer was cast down.

Gabriel was of the opinion that that was why his Father allowed him to leave Heaven and 'go Pagan', in fact, that was probably why his Father helped him create a vessel with 'godlike' powers.

He remembered, most vividly, two things about dying. The first was the one thing he never expected, and was also the one thing that made it, not alright, but certainly something he forgave his brother for almost instantly. Lucifer regretted it. He truly saw no way around it, and Gabriel understood that feeling completely. The second thing he remembered was probably something that might have made him not so forgiving, had the pain in Lucifer's face not been so prominent. He felt and heard Veles' pain and his dying memories were of the utter betrayal on Veles' face and the pain on Lucifers.

Actually, that sucked more than dying did.

Hours Earlier

Loki knew that things weren't going to go well as soon as he dragged Veles to the Elysian Fields hotel. He really had hoped that it would be a simple in and out job and that they'd be able to get the Winchester's out before anything truly bad actually happened.

But then, he should have known that wouldn't happen. His luck hadn't exactly been the greatest thing, and Veles was almost, if not more, unlucky than he was. Together, he should have known they were screwed.

However, Loki knew he couldn't not help. He just wished that Veles didn't always feel that he had to go with Loki on every dangerous thing he did. Admittedly, he loved that Veles felt that need, but at the same time, he hated dragging Veles down with him.

Still, going back into that room even after Veles had given him an out? He knew it was a really bad idea. And now, he got where that feeling was coming from.

"No! I promised you! I promised I wouldn't leave you behind! I'm not doing it, Gabriel! I'm not leaving you!" Loki strengthened his resolve, no matter how much he was crumbling inside over Veles' words. He looked towards where Lucifer was watching with shrewd interest.

Loki glanced over at where Sam was struggling to keep a hold of Veles, then cringed when Veles bit Sam to make him let go.

"Veles, you have to leave, this is between me and Lucifer!" Loki finally spoke, then, taking a deep breath and prepping himself for the reaction he was about to get, he pulled a twig from his pocket. He managed to hide the flinch when Veles looked at it and then turned to stare at him in horror.

"No…" Veles whispered and Loki felt his heart clench at the tone, he shot Veles the most apologetic look he possibly could, and then snapped the twig, ignore the pained hiss that brought. Then, he did the only thing he could think of, and set the twig on fire.

Loki knew that seeing Veles choke out a pained scream, coughing up blood before arching in pain and finally passing out, was something that would stay with Loki for the rest of his, admittedly very short, life. Watching Sam shoot him a wary look, before he gathered Veles into his arms and ran out of the room, was possibly the thing that finally killed any shred of self-respect Loki had.

Loki stayed watching the door for what seemed like an age, but was truly only a second or so, before he slumped and turned to face his brother. Lucifer was watching him with an indescribable look on his face, that made Loki begin to wonder what he was thinking.

"You truly surprise me, Gabriel," Lucifer murmured, and Loki just shrugged his shoulders and shot Lucifer a smarmy smirk.

"Well, I never have liked being predictable," Loki pointed out, snapping his fingers and making his true blade appear in his hands.

"Shacking up with the Pagans though, Gabriel? Really? I thought you were better than that. Clearly I misjudged you, brother," Lucifer said in a voice that sounded truly disappointed and just made Loki's hackles rise.

"That was no Pagan god, Luci. That was Veles. He's a God. Uppercase G and all. He's the ruler and only deity for the magical beings in this world. You think he's going to let you get away with this?" Loki asked, sneering at his brother as he warily began to circle him. Lucifer just watched him with smug amusement.

"What does he think he can do to me? He's insignificant and will soon be wiped off the face of this world along with the rest of this pitiful worlds inhabitants," Lucifer told him, and Loki was startled enough to laugh at the sheer arrogance of his brother.

"That pride was what got you in trouble the first time. I thought you might have learnt your lesson by now, but clearly I was wrong. I never wanted to kill you, Lucifer. And I'm not naïve enough to think that I'll win in this fight. But, Veles? I belong to him, I'm not longer the Archangel Gabriel, Herald of the Lord Almighty or whatever they call me. I'm Loki, Norse Trickster god and consort of Veles. I'm the consort of the God of the Magical races. He'll know when I lose today," Loki told him, straightening his back as he prepared himself to face his brother, and to die. He knew what would happen today.

Veles had known as well.

"You have such confidence in your little god. It is sickening that you have so willingly turned your back on our Father," Lucifer sneered, and Loki couldn't even try to hold back the harsh bark of laughter at that comment.

"You're kidding me, right? You are ashamed of me for turning my back on Father? I haven't, I never did! Our Father gave his acceptance over our relationship. You, on the other hand, I think were you have been trapped for the past several millennia is a clear indication on which of us our Father was ashamed of. You delusional fuckwit," Loki spat, before he gasped in shock when Lucifer's hand shot out and grabbed the wrist he was holding his blade in.

"Do not think you can judge me, Gabriel!" Lucifer sneered, gripping Loki's wrist tightly as he narrowed the gap between them.

"Angel—of—Judgment." Loki pointed out, choking slightly as Lucifer wrapped his free hand around Loki's throat.

"You lost that title when you stopped being an archangel, brother," Lucifer spat, and Loki looked up at Lucifer, wondering what had happened to the brother he once knew. Lucifer looked him in the eye, and it was enough for Loki to see remorse in Lucifer's eyes just as he felt his own sword being stabbed into his stomach.

Loki gasped in pain, arms reaching up to grab onto Lucifer's shoulders, and watching as Lucifer's eyes shuttered in grief. Just as his sight stated to blacken, Loki could have sworn that he saw a tear fall down Lucifer's cheek as he let go of Loki's body.

Gabriel could hear voices, which was even more weird than having conscious thought even though he was supposed to be completely destroyed. Grace, soul, pagan god bits and all. So… the voices were new. And if he could get his mind focused enough to listen to what they were saying… then maybe he'd find out what the hell was going on.

Two Weeks Earlier

Loki staunchly squashed down the feeling of guilt that was rising the further he stepped into the forest of Veles. He was well aware that what he was doing would possibly ruin any relationship he had with Veles, but if he had to use it, then he didn't think he'd last long enough to feel Veles' wrath.

Glancing nervously around him, Loki brushed his fingers over the trees and bushes that he passed, somehow feeling that they seemed agitated and anxious about his visit. Which should have been odd, had the owner of this forest not been the God of Magic. However, given the close relationship he had with the forest's creator/owner, he was able to settle them with a brush of his fingers, luckily.

Loki finally reached the heart of the forest and looked up at the large tree before him, smiling at the sheer sensation of Veles that it gave off. He then nibbled his lip and stepped up to the tree trunk and wondered how he was going to go about his plan without tipping himself off to Veles.

He'd chosen his timing perfectly, however, with regards to how distracted Veles would be already. The Ankou had been having a small problem between who was supposed to take the souls and where. So Veles had had to call a small meeting with his five main Ankou and they were, apparently, going to sort it all out and, Loki was uncertain if he's misheard, but he swore Veles had said something about a soul and continent schedule. It did sound weird enough for something Veles would do, so he possibly didn't mishear.

The point, however, was that Loki had chosen to come here when he knew that Veles would have other problems on his mind, ignoring the tree that was, for all intents and purposes, his life force. Closing his eyes to try and get a hold on what Veles was feeling, he smiled sadly when he felt intense frustration and the beginnings of sheer anger, which Loki felt was the perfect thing to distract Veles.

Moving quickly, before the tree or any of the surrounding foliage realised what he was up to and stopped him, Loki reached up and quickly snapped a thin twig from the end of a branch. Hopefully, the worst it did was give Veles indigestion. That's what he claimed happened whenever birds snapped off twigs and leaves for their nests.

Their intentions were pure however, his were less so. Loki glanced at the tree when it shook, then noticed a small branch of a vivid red leafed ivy snaking it's way to his ankle. Not wanting to stay around to find out what that plant would do to him, should it touch him, Loki snapped his fingers and was gone from the forest, small piece of twig held tightly and safely in his hands.

He refused to let Lucifer destroy the one thing he honestly felt he loved. Even if it meant losing that thing in the long run. Every god learns that sacrifices come par for the course of life.

"Wait, really? You just got bored when making these? That joke is right? Huh. My respect has gone down immensely." Gabriel frowned. Or at least, he considered the possibility of frowning and had he a physical body, then that would have certainly frowned. He knew that voice.

"You never had any respect for me to start with." The voice that answered made Gabriel's mind frantically try to both scramble to remember who it belonged to and also remember why he had the urge to run as fast and as far away as possible, whilst also want to burrow into the owner of the voice.

"Right, true. Also? Quit with the voice already. It's giving me jaw ache."

Six Months Earlier

Loki smirked as he clicked his fingers once more and Dean was suddenly driving the Impala with no Sam in sight. If anyone were to ask, Loki would admit that this was possibly his greatest prank to date, and yes, he did feel somewhat disappointed and put out that Veles wasn't around to witness it.

He did have an ulterior motive to this prank, but since first bumping into the two hunters, all of his tricks on them had had a reason behind them. He just wanted them to accept their fates and say yes to his brothers. Well, no, actually, that was sort of a lie. He wasn't entirely sure he did want that to happen.

In fact, he knew that was what he didn't want to happen in the least. But he needed to know just how strong Sam and Dean were. He had to see for himself that they would continue to say no and give he and Veles a chance to sort out everything they were going to do about Lucifer and Michael, and all that came with the two.

Not that Veles really had to do anything with regards to either, but all the same, neither one wanted to see the world destroyed. So Loki had decided to just… look and see how things were going.

Not well, was the answer.

Loki jerked back to attention just in time for Sam and Dean to realise that staking him (again) hadn't worked. And Sam was the Impala. Really, Loki's genius knew no bounds. Veles really was missing out here.

"Okay, stake didn't work. So, what, this is another trick?" Dean had asked, and Loki held back the chuckle he wanted to let out. Really, turning Sam into the Impala was brilliant. Deciding to leave the two to figure out what they had to do to get out of that situation, Loki clicked his fingers and went to check on his little brother. Who, really, was too damn observant for his own good.

And wily. Actually, Loki really quite liked little Castiel.

He appeared in the room Castiel had been bound up in and smiled brightly at the glare Castiel sent him.

"Oh, don't look like that! This is all for your own goods! You'll see!" Loki said, ignoring the little voice in the back of his head that pointed out that it clearly wasn't for the good of anyone, other than his humour and curiosity, but that voice was easily ignored. Castiel's glare just got more venomous. "You practice that look in the mirror? I know someone that does that. Strange guy, called Prentice. Seems to think if he practices looking menacing, then he will one day make a soul cry in fear."

Loki stopped talking when Castiel tried to say something to him. Tilting his head to the side, Loki wondered whether it was worth listening to what Castiel had to say or not. Curiosity getting the better of him, he clicked his fingers and the tape on Castiel's mouth was pulled aside.

"What do you want from us, Gabriel?" Loki shrugged, still not entirely comfortable being addressed by that name after so long of going by something else.

"I told you, I'm just here to observe something and hopefully pass on a message. Is it working? Do you think they will play their parts?" Loki asked, honestly wondering what the answer would be, and he figured nobody knew the Winchester's quite as well as Castiel probably did.

"No. I don't. They will never agree to being the vessels of our brothers, so you should accept that and let us leave. Or, better yet, help us," Castiel told him, and Loki turned to look away, shaking his head slightly at he did.

"No can do, little bro," Loki paused and then smirked at Castiel, clicking his fingers to make the tap go back over his mouth. "Well, looks like I'm being called. Gotta go."

Loki reappeared in a picnic area of a wilderness park, he hadn't actually bothered to see where he was, given that, technically, they weren't actually outside of the warehouse he'd lured the two hunters into.

"Wow, Sam. Get a load of the rims on you," Loki said, smirking as it made Dean jerk to glare at him.

"Eat me," Sam the Impala muttered, and Loki's smirk grew, before he suddenly recalled what Dean had yelled, and turned serious, looking at the two.

"Okay, boys. Ready to go quietly?" Loki asked them, holding up a hand to click his fingers as soon as they gave their answer. A tiny part of him was disappointed that they'd given up. He really had wished they'd prove him wrong.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so fast. Nobody's going anywhere until Sam has opposable thumbs," Dean said, and Loki was actually impressed that Dean knew what opposable thumbs were.

"What's the difference? Satan's going to ride his ass one way or another," Loki pointed out, hoping that his disappointment and fear didn't show on his face or in his voice. Dean however, just gave him an unimpressed look, causing Loki to roll his eyes and click his fingers. The lights on the Impala went out, and Sam climbed out of the car. Loki looked at Dean. "Happy?"

"Tell me one thing. Why didn't the stake kill you?" Dean asked, and Loki shrugged before smirking.

"I am the Trickster," Loki pointed out, then felt warning bells in the back of his mind go off when Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Or maybe you're not." And those warning bells turned into damn claxons. Especially when Sam held up a lit cigarette lighter and then threw it to the floor.

Loki's eyes widened when a ring of fire sprung up around him, trapping him and making him sag, sighing as he looked at the two smug hunters. He hated hunters.

"Maybe you've always been an angel." It had to have been Sam that worked it out. Loki refused to accept that Dean, the smug bastard, had worked it out. Though, he was secretly impressed that either had done so (and by either, he seriously just meant Sam).

Loki decided to try and bluff his way out of it, and laughed mockingly. "A what? Somebody slip a mickey in your power shake, kid?"

"I'll tell you what. You just jump out of the holy fire and we'll call it our mistake." Loki hated Dean, really, the smug fucking bastard. He had deserved everything heading his way. Closing his eyes as though in defeat, snapping his fingers to stop the illusion, just as he prayed.

'Veles. Oh mighty Lord and somewhat midgetty god of magical folk. I could really do with your help round about now, so drop the frogs, let 'em kill each other and get your adorable little ass over here. Please. If you wouldn't mind. Amen? Loki swore he heard a somewhat pissy growl echo in the back of his mind, but couldn't be too sure on that one. He did feel he was going to pay for that later though.

By the time Veles appeared, Loki was beginning to tire of the two brothers in front of him, he'd given them back their damned angel, and yet here he still was, cooking nicely. He felt he'd be done to perfection in ten to twelve minutes. Sensing Veles' arrival however, Loki smiled brightly, which made Sam falter in whatever he had been whining on about.

"I knew you'd come if I called for you!" He exclaimed, turning to where he sensed Veles, beaming when Veles just smiled at him in amusement and shook his head, rolling his eyes at him. A sharp gasp from behind him made him glance to see Sam gaping at Veles. Dismissing it, Loki turned back to see Veles walking towards him, ridiculously long and imperial (No, really, Loki and Veles had decided to 'influence' George Lucas' ideas on the clothing of the Imperial Guard, using Veles' cloak as inspiration) cloak dragging across the floor behind him.

"You? But… I killed you!" Huh, Loki had forgotten about that. Maybe he should have told Sam to leave before Veles got there. He was still a little tetchy about that.

"I know. It hurt. I still have that bone to pick with you," Veles sneered and Loki rolled his eyes, wondering if Veles would let him out before he possibly quite literally picked Sam's bones. "Now, what has Loki done to you this time? You're all alive, so he hasn't repeatedly killed one of you over and over. Besides, he prefers to not repeat pranks. Loki, the little angel looks somewhat pale, what did you do to him?"

Ignoring his instinctive reaction to deny anything, Loki instead glanced to the side and saw that Castiel did indeed look somewhat… awed. Which was very amusing and made it apparent that he knew who Veles was straight away.

"You know him? Who the hell are you?" Dean demanded, sneering at Veles, making Loki roll his eyes at the apparent lack of self-preservation on display. Veles obviously bristled and was about to answer, but was beaten to the post by Castiel of all people.

"He's a God," Castiel whispered, and Dean turned to look at the angel in confusion, whilst Sam never took his eyes off of either Trickster.

"What? A god? Like a Hindu god or something?" Dean asked, and Loki winced, just knowing the reaction that was going to get. The look of disbelief he shot at Veles just made his case even worse. Loki sort of felt sorry for the idiot.

"No! And why does everyone make my g lowercase? It's very demeaning. What, the Christian God is the only one allowed to have a capital G? Right, because that's fair," Veles spat out, sneering at the three stunned men in front of them, whilst Loki just rolled his eyes. He was going to hear about this now for the next bleeding month. "No, I'm Veles, God of the Magical Races. I have my own race of people, and your little war that you've got going on? Not gonna affect us in the least. However, Loki here…"

Loki glanced at Veles out the corner of his eyes, wondering what he was about to say or do. Something that was probably going to get him back for his impromptu prayer.

"You do know he's not called Loki, right? That he's been lying to you if he told you his name was Loki," Dean told Veles with spite and malice in his voice, Loki rolled his eyes whilst Veles gasped with mock pain and clutched his heart. Turning to look at Loki with wide eyes.

"Lo! You lied to me all this time? How could you? I thought we had something!" Veles wailed, and Loki was all but considering snapping up an OSCAR right there. "I am now going to hide in a dark room and – wait, oh! You mean the whole archangel thing? Please, he told me that in eighteen eighty-three! Sorry to disappoint."

"V-Veles. Why are you here?" Castiel finally asked, a little timidly, clearly still fearing that he was about to be wiped from existence. Or one of his little human hunters was. Actually, Loki was beginning to wonder that as well.

"Loki prayed to me," Veles told them, shooting Loki an unimpressed glare when he said it, "I came to help him. I will drop anything, within reason, should he need me," Veles told Castiel, and Castiel's head jerked up to look at the two with wide eyes. Loki knew that Castiel had finally heard the implications in that.

"How are things in France going, by the way? Given you're here, I'm going to guess that they've stopped killing each other off," Loki said, getting a little fed up that everyone seemed to have forgotten about him and had taken to talking like he wasn't there. That just wasn't how things were meant to go.

"They were signing the peace treaty when I left them," Veles told him with a small shrug, wrinkling his nose as a clear show of what he thought of the whole thing. It amused Loki how much Veles disparaged and seemingly hated his people, yet at the same time, would hurt anyone that tried to kill them.

"Wait, there hasn't been a war in France for quite a while now! What are you talking about?" Sam asked, interrupting the conversation between Veles and Loki, and getting a bored look from Veles that made even Loki feel stupid for the question.

"My people are hidden from you. Well, most of them are. You get the odd moronic vampire or werewolf that comes out of hiding. Though all that magic I shoved into the lands over here those years back seemed to have, er..." Veles paused and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, then shrugged. "Seems to have messed with them a little. Whoops. I did tell them that America was out fo bounds for a reason! It's their own fault. Oh! Octi had some babies!"

Loki jumped slightly at the spastic topic change, then took a weary step back, narrowing his eyes at Veles. "Really? Are they just as… creepy as their mother?"

"Father, I made it a male. I don't know how it reproduced. Odd. Though, they don't glow, so maybe he just molested from poor non-magical octopus," Veles theorised, and Loki snorted, noting the bewildered looks on the faces of the other three. Veles also noticed, and sighed, looking at them. "Now, you three are going to leave. Gabriel no longer belongs to your God, I've stolen him. And, Castiel, your father doesn't mind."

"What?" Dean's confused question wasn't answered in the wake of their complete shock when Veles just stepped through the fire without a worry and placed a hand on Loki's shoulder, squeezing gently.

"Lovely talking to you, good luck with that Lucifer problem you've got. See you around maybe. Should you survive, I mean," Veles told the stunned trio, then dragged Loki through the shadows and into Veles' realm.

"I can see—" Gabriel wished he could see, just so that he could find out why there was a pause, then a throat was cleared… sheepishly if Gabriel thought about it. "Sorry. Still, yours are somewhat more… imaginative than mine."

"That's because I'm made of Awesome and you're a douche." Gabriel wished he could laugh. And he wished he could understand why he ached for the second, younger sounding voice. Maybe this was Purgatory. Or just Hell.

Nineteen Months Earlier

Loki sat at a large table, which according to Veles was a top of the range 'move the little horsey over here' battle planning table, but was currently covered in various magazines with bizarre and unusual claims. He was joined by one of Veles' ankou, the 'part-time' one, who claimed he worked part-time because he resided over the America's and hardly anyone who lived there followed Veles. Thus, he wasn't needed. Loki and Julian had, however, bonded over the pranking of the Winchester brothers at the Mystery Spot.

Right now, however, Loki was sitting with Julian (who had bemoaned about no one dying and lazy hunters for an hour before Veles allowed him into his back office to talk to Loki), both going over plans for the next couple of people Loki was going to hit, whilst Veles was reading through 'The Book of Souls' which was actually more likely called 'the book that Veles can keep a track on all his Creations and make sure he doesn't accidentally wipe them all out because he forgot to feed them over the weekend' or something. Loki thought that, though unoriginal, 'The Book of Souls' sounded much better.

"Lo." Loki looked up from what he was reading through when Veles called out to him, and frowned when he saw a slightly pained look on the God's face.

"Yeah? Vel, you alright?" Loki asked, pushing away from the table to move over to where Veles was standing, book held loosely in his hands.

"No, I've got to go, Lo. Something is kicking off in France. If you need me though, just call for me. You know how. I don't think it'll take too long though. At least, I hope it doesn't," Veles muttered and Loki mirrored the frown that crossed Veles' face, wondering if his partner was going to be okay. Veles then turned to Julian and narrowed his eyes at the attentive being. "You are to stay here. I'll have three ankou with me, so you just need to stick around and carry on doing what you do."

"Same goes for you, Vel. If you need me, just call me," Loki told him softly, placing a hand lightly on Veles' arm and squeezing, before letting go when Veles nodded and left the realm. Loki sighed, brushed his fingers through his hair, then turned to face Julian who just looked wary. "S'up?"

"You don't know, do you? Or realise at least," Julian asked, head tilting to the side in confused curiosity, though none of the wariness left.

"Know what?"

"Huh. We're in the Underworld of Veles. Without Veles. In His office. Does that mean anything at all to you, other than Lord Veles just left us?" Julian asked him and Loki shrugged, he really had no clue where the ankou was going with this.

"So? What are you trying to say?" Loki asked, when Julian just gaped at him.

"You're in charge when He's not down here. No one, other than Charon, has been left in here alone once Lord Veles left the entire Underworld."

"Nah, I've been down here on my own loads of times. Heck, I hid down here for almost six months during the forties," Loki said, dismissing Julian's claim as a flight of fancy. Veles had once mentioned their relationship, but Loki would have surely remembered being told something like this.

"You are the chosen consort of Lord Veles. He won't call you it, probably won't refer to you as such, because you're a god in your own right. But all the same, whilst Veles is not down here, but you are, then you are the acting Lord of the Underworld."

"Huh. Kinda scary. What can I do?" Loki asked, moving to sit at the table opposite Julian, who rolled his eyes.

"Everything. Anything. Though, I don't think I'd recommend really doing anything. Beloved Consort or not, Lord Veles will feed you to the Cait Sith if you mess with anything," Julian warned, and Loki looked at him, then huffed and conceded the ankou was probably right.

"Fine, I won't make any changes or order anyone around. You know, the Asgard didn't trust me to make changes either. I feel a little discriminated against."

"You should. Everyone discriminates against you, Lord Loki," Julian muttered, clearly not actually listening to what he was agreeing with as he became absorbed in whatever he was reading.

"Fine, fine. Whatever. Shall we get back to planning our mini-reign of terror on those deserving punishment?" Loki asked, pulling a new magazine towards him and opening it on a random page.

"Would it not be 'divine punishment', given you are a god?"

"Sure, call it that," Loki muttered, then smirked at the story he was reading as an idea began to bloom.