OK well... *hides behind a cardboard box* This is my first ever Supernatural story. I don't watch it that often, and the main reason I do is because of Castiel. He's so adorable and funny while still being completely badass. And there aren't a lot of Cas/OC stories out there. So I was sad about that.

So I got an idea, and did a bit of research on the angels of the week. Castiel is the angel of Thursday, as a lot of you probably know. As for the others, most are already in the series - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Lucifer. One of the only ones left was the angel of Friday, and for her name I decided to go with an older version of that angel's name: Jophiel. Basically I just picked the one that sounded the most feminine. I know in religion Jophiel's probably not a woman, but I needed an actual angel since all the others are. There's another form of her name, Jhudiel, but I didn't like that one as much.

I hope I didn't get Dean and Sam's characters too wrong. If I did, please tell me and I'm super sorry!

Well, I really hope you like the first chapter! ^^

Watch Your Halo

by A'isha Ishtar

"Angels can never just walk up and say 'hey, how ya been?', can they, Cas?"

This lovely sentiment came from Dean, who was joining both his younger brother and his angel, Castiel, in looking at the young lady who'd just appeared before them. Of course there had been a burst of light and the smell of fire before she popped in. Of course. Angels always went for the theatrics.

The girl appeared to be about twenty-six or so, several years younger than Castiel's vessel Jimmy. It seemed that the woman's body was simply a vessel for the angel who was here now; no human's eyes possessed that faraway, all-knowing quality.

Her hair was stark white, and had garish black streaks running through it; above that, it was long, reaching at least to her waist. The sharp green eyes of her host contrasted with the red leather of the skimpy outfit she was wearing, complete with silver high heels and a black choker. She was staring straight at Castiel, with a look of familiarity and... fondness, maybe. She blinked a few times before she finally spoke to them - well, more to the other angel.

"It's been a while, Castiel. How nice to see you again."

Castiel took in her appearance and at last, he gave a slow, deliberate nod. A sort of recognition gleamed in his blue eyes, though he looked somewhat taken aback by her clothing. "Good evening. Why are you wearing the very embodiment of iniquity?"

Both Dean and Sam gave Castiel a wide-eyed look meant to tell him, You basically just called her a slut, moron!, but the woman showed no signs of being offended. "Do forgive me, Castiel." She gestured to her top and miniskirt, along with the tight choker adorned with a huge tacky cross. "This woman, her name is Elizabeth - Libby Priest - and she is very... liberal indeed. I did not have time to find her home and change out of these clothes. I could either have found that or you, and you were of more import to me."

"Dude," Dean commented. "Your hair looks like a piano."

Sam elbowed his brother in the ribs. "Dean!"

"Whaaat? I think she looks hot! Girls with multicolored hair are always hot."

At this, the woman's face formed a snarl. "You will not refer to me in such a manner, Dean Winchester. If you continue to do so, I will snap your tongue off with a flick of my fingers. Do you like your tongue, Dean?"

He held up his hands in surrender. "Hey. I get it... and yes, I'm in love with my tongue. Wow... I seriously could have said that better. So please let me keep it, will you?" He lowered his hands and cast a glance over at Castiel. "A friend of yours, I'm guessing?"

"I suppose... you could say that."

Dean grinned. "I knew it! You do so get up to stuff!" He elbowed the angel in the ribs. "Cas, you dog!"

Castiel's expression didn't change, but there was definitely a warning look in his eyes. "Unlike your many relationships with women that usually end in failure, Dean, my relationship with her is not like that. It is not even close to that."

"Then please, kindly explain to us who the chick is."

"And what did I say about your tongue, Dean?" the woman reminded him, quite calmly but with an apparent undertone of danger. "If you knew who I am you would obviously show far more respect to me. I am not a 'chick', I am an all-powerful angel who has already warned you about your ignorant human slang."

"I'm sorry, it slipped!" Dean took a step back, and he was contemplating hiding behind Castiel. "So, uh... who is she, Cas?"

Castiel looked from the Winchesters to the woman, and then didn't break eye contact with her after that as he introduced her. "Dean, Sam, this is my... acquaintance... she is also an angel, as she already stated. Her name is Jophiel, the angel of Friday."

Dean held up his thumb and forefinger just an inch apart. "So you guys only have, like, this much space between you, huh?"

Castiel decided to ignore Dean... for now. "She is entrusted to protect those born on Friday, those who need her help on Friday, and she is also a warrior of God, like myself. She represents divine mercy."

"Are you serious?" Dean remarked. "Mercy? Her? She said she was going to rip my tongue out!"

Castiel shrugged. "She doesn't always see humans the way I do. You must prove yourself to gain her trust. And so far, I really don't think you're doing that well. I do not blame her, you kept referring to her vessel's body in quite the derogatory manner."

"And hey, what's that supposed to mean?"

"Enough of this." Jophiel walked forward so that she was not a foot from Castiel, and she was staring right into his eyes. "I sought you out, Castiel, and this is not simply chance."

He nodded. "I could guess that much... Jo."

"And stop calling me that!" She regained her composure immediately, passing a hand in front of her face. Immediately she was calmed down. "Castiel, I have asked you not to give me a nickname. It is a pathetic human habit, and it only serves to get us attached to others."

Castiel looked back at Dean. "This one has a nickname for me."

"Yes... Cas." Her face scrunched up as though she'd just drunk something awful, and she refused to look at Dean. "Like I said, pathetic. Human. Habit. Address me by my full name or I shall take my business elsewhere."

Castiel raised an eyebrow. "Jophiel, what possible business could you have that I would benefit from helping you with?"

"Maybe her host is a whore and she needs a pimp angel," Dean muttered under his breath to Sam, thinking Jophiel couldn't hear him.

Immediately Castiel reached over and smacked him in the chest, a glaring look in his eyes. "Inappropriate. Have I taught you nothing about decency?"

Jophiel's emerald eyes flashed dangerously. "Dean Winchester. I'll remember you. When your time comes I will make sure that even though I can't do anything, that Death shows no mercy."

"A bit late for that, aren't you? I've already been to hell and back, literally."

"Like I said, enough of this nonsense. I can feel my intelligence waning away by the second." She reached over and grabbed both of Castiel's hands. She then began to promptly drag him away. "You must come with me."

Castiel made no protest, though he did glanced back at the brothers.

Sam just stared, while Dean nudged his brother's shoulder. "Dude, what the hell is she doing? She's kidnapping our angel!"

"Your angel," Sam corrected.

"It's not kidnapping if he's coming with me willingly," Jophiel pointed out. She paused for a moment. "Kidnapping would be if I lured him in with these first." She pulled a few pieces of candy out of her host's pocket and held them out in Castiel's direction. "You can have it, if you want."

Castiel looked from her face to the candy for a moment, as if contemplating whether or not to take it. His hand shot out, grabbed the candy, and stashed it in his coat pocket. "Much thanks, Jophiel. I shall thoroughly enjoy it later."

Jophiel shot the Winchesters a smirk before continuing to schlep Castiel off to God-knew-where. "I win."

Dean resisted the urge to smack his forehead. "Like I said, she's kidnapping our angel."

"Your angel," Sam repeated simply.

"Dude, would you knock it off and be serious?"

When they looked up, they saw Castiel struggling to get away from Jophiel, and in fact he was dragging her back the other way toward Dean and Sam. "I cannot leave, Jophiel. I must stay with are you so weak?"

She yanked her arm away from him, revealing the bluish purple beginning of a bruise where his hand had been. "Is this how you treat your own comrade, Castiel? Do you see this?" She pointed to the bruise. "I joined your rebellion. My powers are fading just like yours, probably faster, and I rebelled so that I could help you with whatever you were doing, no matter how dumb it may be. I've been looking for you for hours, and this is how you're going to repay me?"

Castiel shrugged. "I never asked you to rebel for me, Jophiel. You shouldn't have done it, you should have just kept your powers. You knew there was a good chance you'd lose them if you rebelled. I wasn't trying to start a war."

"Well, it's started. It's started and I joined your side, so where's your respect and gratitude?"

"You seem to forget who's more powerful, Jophiel. Here's a hint: it's not you."

"Cas, you are so not handling this well," Dean told him, tugging on the angel's coat. "Just apologize and help her or whatever. It's not like it'll take that long, right?"

"Knowing Jophiel," Castiel replied, "it may be quite demanding indeed."

"Demanding, yes," Jophiel admitted. "But worth it, Castiel. Completely worth it, I assure you."

"You know, now I'm not sure I even wish to know what you need my assistance with, Jophiel."

The other angel gave him a hard look, setting her jaw. "You will be most disappointed if you do not help me, Castiel. I promise you, the work I have for you... it is... how the humans say... a team effort. And if we succeed..." Her chest heaved for a minute, and a slight smile crept up onto her lips. "Castiel, this could save us. We don't have to fall."

The two angels just stared into each other's eyes. Neither knew what to say, it seemed. Castiel was thinking about what she had said, considering whether he might join her or not and what would become of Dean and Sam if he did. Jophiel was still giving him that stern look, a look that basically told him he would regret it if he didn't agree. The brothers didn't know what to think, and they were just gawking at the two angels having a staring contest in the middle of the alley.

"Well." Dean stepped forward, between Castiel and Jophiel, and looked to each of them before taking a breath. "Look, guys... why don't we head over to the nearest fast food joint, and we can talk about this a little more?"

"Done." Castiel immediately began to follow Dean out of the alley, toward a brightly glowing McDonalds sign. He cast a glance over his shoulder at the other angel. "Jophiel, are you coming? You really must try a hamburger." And he continued walking.

Jophiel gave Sam a look, and he hurried after the other two. She muttered something under her breath and began stalking after her friend and his monster-hunting companions. "Human food... I truly despise you right now, Castiel..."

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