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Chapter One - Falling

'I never wanted to admit to myself that you were Kira, Light Yagami. You were my first friend...did you know that? All the evidence points to you, but, something doesn't seem quite right. We've searched every inch of your person, along with all of your house. Raye Penber even followed you. But, he never found anything... but how did him and eleven others wind up dead..? Unless... You're not Kira! Maybe... It's possible...that everything I've been looking at is wrong. Maybe I'm looking at it from the wrong point of view. I should try and see things through your eyes for once. ...I lo-' Something jabbed him, and jolted L from his thoughts.

"Did you hear me?" L looked up and saw a hand about 3 centimeters from his face. He looked up to see who's hand it was. "Hello? Ryuzaki? Are you okay?"

"Yagami-kun?" L's head shook with confusion. "Yes... I'm okay. What did you need?"

Light didn't sound convinced. "You've been staring at a blank screen for the 15 minutes. Something is clearly bugging you."

"Yagami-kun..there is nothing to worry about. I am fine. I was just thinking, is all." He pressed a button on his microphone. "Watari?" He spoke into it.

"Yes, L? What can I do for you?" The voice that answered was that of Watari, L's trusted companion, and the only one who knew his real name, and the past that haunts him.

"I'd like some cake, please. And, bring me some coffee. And..." L hesitated for a moment, and looked over to Light. "Would you like something?" He asked the still un-convinced, and now annoyed, teenager.

"Water. If you don't mind." Light answered, annoyed that L was avoiding the subject at hand,

"Oh, and some water for Light-kun, if you don't mind." L continued into the microphone. There was a slight pause before Watari said he'd be right up. L disconnected the microphone, and looked over at Light. "Okay, now what are you annoyed for? I told you there was nothing wrong, and yet you continue to try and probe into my mind." L's voice was level as he spoke, and he was trying his best to keep it even.

Light gathered his thoughts before speaking. "Do you really want to know what's bothering me, Ryuzaki? Answer me honestly."

L took a long paused before answering. He was just about to open up his mouth, when he heard a slight knock at the door. He arose from his seat, walked to the door, causing Light to get dragged from where he was sitting. The two were still chained, and nothing Light - or Light's father, Soichiro Yagami - said or did would change L's mind. As long as there was slight evidence that linked Light to Kira, the younger man would be chained to L.

"Yo! L?" Light stammered, shocked by L's sudden movements. "When you're going to move, you could at least let me know!" Light was flung from where he was sitting, causing him to trip on his own two feet, and crash into his companion. Luckily, L had already turned around, leading Watari into the room, and he saved Light, although it looked like he was embracing him in a hug.

"Well, well, well. Light, I didn't know you wanted me that much. If you wanted a hug, all you had to do was ask. I'd be more then glad to hug you...Kira." L snickered as he said the last word. It was a name that Light hated with a passion.

Light shoved himself away from L, muttering something about not being Kira, and after regaining his balance, looked L straight in the eyes. "I. Am. Not. Kira."

L grinned, but said nothing. There was a mischievous look in his eyes, as he gazed at Light. 'You never said anything about the hug. Huh. This is going to be interesting, Light Yagami. There is something about you, but, if I were to admit it, it would bring about the end of L, the world's greatest detective.'

Fuming, Light backed away from L, only to be restricted by the chains that bound him. Admitting defeat, something Light didn't do very often, he grabbed a chair, only to have it pulled out by L as he attempted to sit down. He landed on the floor with a thump. And when he got back up, L broke out in a fit obnoxious laughter, "You seem to have taken a fall, Light-kun."

Light glared at the one who took his chair. "Ryuzaki, shut the fuck up."

"Aww, is poor Light-kun mad because I took away his chair? You know, there's always a seat next to me. Or are you that disgusted by my presence?"

Light looked away, not wanting to speak to the man. Something about him didn't make Light feel like a normal teenage boy should. "You never did answer my question." He murmured, just loud enough for L to hear.

In response to Light's snide comment, all he heard was the fumbling of metal, and a loud clang! All of the sudden, Light felt a weight life from his wrist. "I knew all along that the chains were the sole thing bothering you. Consider yourself free to wander the building as you see fit, but, I should clarify that you're still going to be monitored and you will not be allowed to leave the building."

"What does freeing me have to do with what's bothering you?" asked Light, although he was starting to become confused himself. 'Why did he free me all of the sudden?'

L sighed, and walked closer to Light, almost to the point where Light could feel his warm breath on his shoulder. "Of course, I just figured that the main source of your annoyance was being chained to me all of the time. I just wanted to give you some freedom." He paused, and looked Light straight in the eyes. "Light Yagami... Don't make me regret freeing you."

Light flinched at L's closeness. There was something wrong with the other man being this close to him, almost to the point of it being enjoyable. "Ryuzaki..." Stopping himself before it went too far, Light walked away, but not before casting a sidelong glance at Ryuzaki.

Catching Light's sidelong glance, L started to feel his face become hot. 'What's going on with me? I've never felt like this before.' Looking down, he could see his palms shaking. 'Am I scared?' Confused about his recent reactions to Light, L stumbled back to the couch, attempting to sit down. That didn't work, however, because in the next moment, he felt himself meeting the floor with his face.

Dun, dun, dun! I'm evil, aren't I? Leaving you with such a cliffhanger. Oh, and no. LIGHT IS NOT KIRA.