Rachel sighed sinking into the stool by her kitchen island. She had just put dinner in the oven and could really use a glass of wine but that would have to wait. She looked over the table where her four year old sat in her special chair coloring a picture.

"Ali, what are you coloring?" She asked the small child who was the spitting image of her husband.

"Hump" The little girl said not looking up from her picture. Her two year old sat in their playroom off the kitchen playing with the play kitchen set and was singing to herself. It was quite cute to listen to most days but Rachel had lost all patience after getting home from running errands with her two children. Not to mention the pounding headache she had.

Her husband's car had just pulled into the driveway, she heard the truck's engine turn off and the door shut behind him. Sighing a sigh a relief, her head collapsed into her arms. The kitchen door opened and closed behind her. "Hey."

"Hey babe," Finn responded "What's wrong?" he asked her sitting next to her on the island.

"Just watch," She lifted her head to look at him then turned her head to the table. "Ali bear… Ali… Alianna… Alianna Carolyn Hudson…. See, now you try."

"Hey Ali," their daughter looked up to acknowledge her father. "How come you didn't say hi to Daddy when I got home?"

"I'm mad," she stated pointedly.

"Your other daughter hasn't been much nicer today." Rachel told him as he stood up to go sit next to the little girl.

"When they are being difficult why are they mine." He asked amused.

"You were there weren't you?" Rachel joked.

"Unless if there is anything you want to tell me," He wiggled his eyebrows and turned to address his daughter. "Now why are you mad?" he asked her.

"Mommy gave Lola Charlotte." Alianna sighed putting down her crayon. "She didn't ask, she just handed Charlotte to her, and now Lola will not give her back." Charlotte was Ali's favorite doll; she had carried that doll everywhere since she was one years old. Finn could understand why she'd be upset if Rachel had given it away.

"Well do you know why mommy did that?" Finn and Rachel were trying to get Ali to tell them things rather than going to the other parent.

"Because," she sighed. "We were at the store, and Lola was very fussy because we were at the store past Lola's nap because I wanted to play longer at playgroup. Mommy forgot L's elephant toy and she was crying so mommy just snatched Charlotte out of my hands and gave her to her." Alianna sighed yet again; she had a way of sounding like an adult even through the dying baby talk. "Plus, I was already frustrated because the store was out of the good juice boxes and mommy got grape even though I don't like grape."

"Baby I did not snatch Charlotte from you; you were pouting because of your juice boxes. I picked her up and handed her to Lola, to get her to stop crying. I already apologized to you sweetie, but I'm very sorry and I will get Charlotte back for you after L goes to bed." Rachel told her daughter exasperated, trying to reason with her daughter was like talking in the mirror.

"But you guys always give Lola my stuff. Like yesterday she wore my favorite dress from last year. And she gets to play with my kitchen set now all the time. And you don't even ask me my feelings."

"Ali bear, sometimes people in families have to share things. Like mommy and I share things, like our bedroom, and our money, and when mommy lets me use her computer because daddy did not charge his."

"But you don't just take mommy's computer, or each other's money." Ali pointed out, Finn snorted at the last part.

"Baby I am sorry about Charlotte, it was wrong of me to presume you would not be upset. However, things like your kitchen set Lola likes very much, and you barely play with it. In fact you are such big girl you barely play in the play room now. As for the clothes, it just worked out that Lola wore your dress she is the same size you were last year. I'm sorry I will try to ask you next time, but now you need to put your coloring books away. Wash your hands and come back down to help Daddy set the table for dinner." Rachel told the little girl who nodded a yes and took her stuff and walked down the hall and climbed up the stairs.

"Daddy come get me," Lola babbled from the gate that kept her in the playroom, finally acknowledging her father's return from work. Ali had recently become tall enough and smart enough to use the gates giving her near free reign of the house, Lola being a year and a half younger was not as lucky. Finn went over and swooped his baby girl out of the playroom.

"Hi baby girl," he told her tickling her stomach, causing a fit of giggles. He sat down with her planted in his lap on the loveseat of their family room. Rachel watched them closely as he talked to the two and a half year old about their days. "Daddy got to talk about budgets, all day. He got to listen to greedy coaches tell him why their sport deserves more money than any other sport at my school." Rachel laughed to herself at this, Finn talked to Rachel about this a lot. She thought it was funny when he told their kids silly details about his work.

Ali came back in the room with a new attitude, "Mommy can I do the ice in the cups?" She was very independent and likes to do a lot of things on her own.

"Sure sweetie," Rachel told her handing Alianna the three cups that she Finn and Ali drank out of. Ali set the cups next to the refrigerator. She pulled her pink step stool over to the fridge and filled each cup with ice, and water. Finn put Lola in her highchair, and handed her sippy cup to her. Finn took the silverware from the drawer and set the places; he gave Lola her special fork and spoon and sat down next to her as Rachel made plates. Ali carried the three cups over to the table.

"Look Daddy I can carry all three at once!" Ali exclaimed as Finn took one cup from her and then another to set down at his and Rachel's seats. Ali put her cup at her seat and climbed into her chair. Ali and Lola had highchairs that converted to booster chairs so they could sit at the table comfortably. Lola still had to be strapped into hers but Ali sat at hers like a chair. Rachel put down Finn and Ali's plates followed by her and Lola's. Tonight they were having baked chicken, and macaroni, with green beans. Rachel had opted for a salad and some macaroni, she did not eat vegan anymore rather opting not to eat meat. They were sitting eating; Finn and Rachel were discussing weekend plans, including a birthday party for one of Ali's friends, and a trip into the city to visit Kurt, Blaine and their twins.

"Ali you've barely touched your food." Rachel said from her seat next to her. Finn looked up from assisting Lola with eating.

"I don't wanna eat it." She said crossing her arms. "Mommy doesn't have to." Finn and Rachel sighed as they have had this conversation many nights.

"Ali Bear, mommy doesn't eat her chicken because she does not eat meat." Finn sighed going into this conversation again. "That's what she chose, you me and Lola we do, I do because I like meat a lot, and you and Lola do because it's what we always gave you. If you don't want to, you can be like mommy and not eat meat. But you still have to eat all your vegetables, and mommy will make you a veggie burger." Ali made a face, and took a bite of her chicken.

"I'll just eat this," she said in-between bites of chicken, causing a laugh between Rachel and Finn.

That night the children were in bed, Rachel was sitting cross-legged in the center of her and Finns king-size bed. Finn walked in crawling on the bed next to her, and turning on their two room baby monitor. "Did you take the test yet?" She pulled up the two pregnancy tests resting by her legs. They had been doing this once a month since January after they decided they were ready for a third kid. Ali nor Lola had been particularly planned, Rachel and Finn most certainly did not plan on Rachel getting pregnant before Ali was one. Ali had been a little premature to their plans, but Rachel had been finishing her two year stint in Funny Girl just about the time she got too big to run around on stage. Rachel had not preformed since. She knew it was inevitable. It was fun while it lasted but it was a fear she had the first time she was pregnant and lost the baby. She loves acting, and preforming for people and her role as Fanny got her a tony for best actress two years in a row, something nearly unheard of. She could have had any role she wanted, but when she held Ali for the first time she knew. She knew that she wouldn't return to her stage. She had her fun on Broadway, but she wanted a family and to be that mom that drives her kids back and forth from dance and soccer.

Just before Ali turned one, they moved in to their house in the New York Suburb, a small town in Westchester County. It was a fairly wealthy area, but they used the money Finn's grandmother had left them on the down payment, there was much that their mortgage on the 5 bedroom house was still less than their rent on the two bedroom apartment they had shared in the City. Rachel had barely touched the money she made from Funny Girl, as Finn's job had been more than enough to support the family. Once he was promoted to the Athletic Director shortly after Ali was born his salary was 6 figures.

It was hard doing this for seven months, sitting here waiting to see if it was time to finish the family they started. "I took two, that way we didn't get our hopes completely up by a false positive." Rachel told Finn while she waited for the timer on her phone to beep. They joked about how it was weird that they had managed to get pregnant 3 times before without trying but this was the one that was so difficult. The timer beeped, and Rachel looked at Finn, "Do you want one?" he nodded yes. She handed him a stick, they both looked at theirs. Rachel sucked in her breath "Mine says positive."

"Mine too," the both shared a look that soon turned to wide grins. Finn took Rachel's cheek and pulled her into a kiss.

Once they broke apart Rachel spoke "I have two more tests in the bathroom I can take," Finn nodded as she crawled off the bed, and went into their bathroom shutting the door behind her. "Well we have 15 minutes," she announced coming out of the bathroom.

"I can think of something that requires 15 minutes." Finn mused.

"Really only 15," Rachel giggled.

"Well at least 15" Finn protested, pulling his wife down on the bed crawling on top of her, kissing her. The couple continued for about five or ten minutes, both their shirts had been discarded on the floor, and Rachel was currently working on the button on her husband's pants.

Knock, Knock Finn and Rachel groaned as Rachel rolled off of Finn thankful for the lock on the master bedroom door. "Mommy, Daddy. I wanna come in."

"Baby girl hold on a minute," Rachel called, and turned to Finn. "Are you ok?" She asked while he nodded a yes, he stood up pulling off his pants and got out his sleep pants and a t-shirt. Rachel had pulled on a nightgown and was picking up their clothes off the floor. She put them in the hamper and opened their waiting four year old in.

She had her sippy cup in one hand and Charlotte, whom Rachel had retrieved from Lola. "I cannot sleep, Charlotte and I want to watch the news with you and sleep in here" She announced walking past Rachel to her father because she knew he would lift her up into the bed, which he did. Rachel sighed turning off the light and walking back over to the bed and got in.

"Sweetie no news tonight, we have a busy day tomorrow." Rachel said, Finn and Rachel had this guest in their bed often. Finn would pretty much cave and let her watch the nightly news before they went to sleep. Of course if they did let her watch it that would increase the chances of at least one of the two sleep in.

"Pwease" she whined, letting her baby talk slip through.

"Fine," Rachel sighed rolling over on her side and turning out the lamp on her table. She fell asleep listening to the news anchor talk about a criminal court case that she was pretty sure involved a stabbing, and Finn wondered why he had to the scare away the monsters in Ali's closets so many nights.

"Kurt, this party was insane. Who takes 30, 4 year olds and their families to the Bronx zoo?" Rachel said exasperated. She was sitting in Kurt and Blaine's living room, the same apartment she once lived in actually. Lola was running around the table with her twin cousins, who were two months younger than her. Ali was sitting at the table with her electric alphabet game. "We had lunch at that sit down restaurant in the zoo, we used the whole restaurant. Then we had a tour with 3 zookeepers because the group was so large. Then they had cake with the penguins, like with the penguins. One of the zookeepers kept telling me it was sanitary but I made Finn feed Ali her cake or she could have gotten some gross germs. For Ali's 4th I invited Ali's 3 year old class to her party, and the kids from our mommies group, it was 20 invites, but only 15 kids came with a parent. It was in my backyard. She is four not 16, I just don't see the point."

"Well, we've known Megan's mom over-does everything and her father is like loaded." Kurt pointed out. Megan's mom, Lisa, had ran the mommies group Rachel had joined when she was pregnant with Ali.

"Lisa is very pregnant, like she is due in a month" Rachel gossiped. "I'm not one to judge on looks, but one of the mothers from Megan's pre-school asked her if she was having twins. Another told her she was brave to have a party when she looked like she could pop any second." Finn was helping Blaine with something in the twin's bedroom.

"Well she just gains so much weight when she is pregnant Rachel." Kurt countered, he knew Rachel hated this woman, but Ali was very good friends with Megan. "So tell me how did 'pee-on-a-stick night' go?" Kirk changed the subject. Rachel smiled broadly.

"Let's just say Finn and I will not be worrying about positive pregnancy tests until Ali is 16 and has her first boyfriend." Rachel nearly whispered.

"First, glad to see you have faith in your daughters decision making 12 years from now. Second, so do you think we'll finally have a Liam Christopher Robert?" Kurt asked.

"I hope so, Anna keeps telling me that boys are so much easier than girls to raise." Rachel told Kurt, Anna was one of Rachel's best-friends whom she had met through another friend Lacie because Lacie's son and Anna's went to the same preschool. Anna had another son who was Ali's age, and a baby girl who just turned one. "Who would you say is easier? Liza or Justin."

"That is a horrible question, but I do have to agree Justin is so much easier." Kurt told her while she giggled.

"No I love my girls, but I want a little boy too. And I know Finn does do." Rachel sighed.

"Well you two better, because you guys had my dad's name hijacked since before Ali." Kurt joked. Rachel looked around the tiny apartment she used to live in. Lola was giggling uncontrollably with her cousins while Finn crawled around playing some game with them. Ali was teaching her uncle her game while Blaine feigned stupidity.

"Are you guys moving, this place is getting small and there is an adorable three bedroom down the street from us." Rachel told him.

"Oh no, Blaine and I are not giving into the suburbia lifestyle you and Finn gave into. We are looking at town-homes, near a really nice private school." Kurt told her.

"I like it, ten years ago if you asked me what I would be doing in ten years I would not have answered with stay at home mom in a New York suburb. I would have said something like finding a shelf for my 20th tony, or attacking the paparazzi outside of my lavish Manhattan apartment." Rachel told him.

"Really because I totally would have said, owning my own high-fashion boutique with my husband and coming home every day to my adopted twins from China." Kurt joked. Rachel hit him. "Ok I probably would have said something like sitting front row at Fashion week in Milan or help Marc Jacobs release his Fall line." Rachel leaned her head on Kurt's shoulder as they watched their families.

"You know what the weirdest part is?" Rachel asked.

"What?" Kurt asked.

"Our husbands would have said something like 'with us', and they'd have been right and we would've been wrong." Rachel sighed.

"But you're happy right?" Kurt asked.

"Happiest I've ever been." Kurt nodded in agreement. "Any regrets," Rachel asked.

"Nope, you?" Kurt said.

"Never, well maybe letting Ali get bangs, she has a weird cowlick." Rachel joked.

"I warned you," Kurt told her.

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