He glanced over his handmade text. It was incomplete...and infuriating.

"Hey Donny! What'cha doin'?"

Donatello swiftly closed the book and peered over his shoulder to see his little brother Michelangelo bounding towards him, "Nothing Mikey, just reading. Please try not to make a mess if you're gonna hang out in my lab."

Michelangelo laughed and started rummaging through a nearby desk.

Donatello flinched as he heard a crash behind him and rolled his eyes.

"Sorry bro!" Mikey shouted and continued to dig through boxes.

"What are you looking for anyways?"

"I lost a game controller. Can't play Halo without it!"

Donatello got up from his chair and wandered over to his brother, "I doubt your controller found its way in here."

Seconds later Mikey literally pulled an Xbox controller out of an overstuffed tote, "Aha! Got it!" In excitement, Mikey jumped up and down a few times and sped out of the lab, leaving a stunned Donatello.

Donatello shrugged and returned to his work desk, reopening the book. He peered at his handwriting and the clipped images he attached on each page. It was an anatomy book. A third of the book was dedicated to turtle anatomy, another third to himself and his brother's body structures and the last section covered humans. It was this last section that was missing a lot of information. The problem was that he needed this book in case he or his brothers are ever injured in battle or if he needed to research anything. Their bodies were similar to a human's. He flipped a few more pages to internal structures. It was easy to get that sort of data from medical records and the Internet. But there were some questions that he still needed answers to…

He pored over the last few pages…female human anatomy. Muscles, organs, nervous system, reproductive system…it was all here. He did a once over of the reproductive system, which led him to one of his many questions on the following page, 'Is it possible for humans to be sexually compatible with us?' He knew it was impossible to reproduce with a human due to dna and a difference in species, but still... He had done enough research on himself and made several comparisons to a male human body. He and his brothers were nearly identical. Donatello was certain his brothers have probably thought about this at some point but were too shy or reserved to ever consider acting on it. He himself was shy about it, but he needed to know. At their age, they were in their sexual prime.

A month ago he began his study within the privacy of his room, reading through several medical books and he moved a television into his room to watch documentaries he borrowed from the library. A few times…he pay-per-viewed a few adult movies…those were interesting, severely unrealistic, yet satisfying…so to speak. If he was going to get answers, he would need to go out and get them himself.

Mikey was still bouncing around on the couch, screeching at the screen about dying ten times over on 'legendary mode'. Donatello left his lab, carrying his book and headed over to the entrance of the lair.

"Where ya going bro?" Mikey asked between killing aliens.

"Out. I have research to conduct," Donatello replied carelessly.

"Oooooh, what kind of research? Can I come?"

"You would put down your video game to come with me on a scientific expedition?" he lied.

Mikey's grin faded and he made a face, as if he was thinking really hard.

"Don't hurt yourself Mikey, I'll be back in a couple of hours." Donatello then grabbed a jacket from the coat rack and slipped it on, along with an oversized hat. This disguise always fooled the humans…for reasons unknown. "When Leo and Raph get home, let them know okay?" he said. All he received was a nod from his little brother.

Good thing it was nighttime and a weekday for that matter. There won't be too many humans out on the streets. Donatello managed to make it to the library before it closed and borrowed another dvd. It was now nine thirty. He could go home if he wanted to but his thirst for more knowledge was greater than his desire for going home and crashing in his room. He decided to 'watch' a few women tonight from a distance and see how they interact with males. What kind of signals do they give off? Perhaps he would see it in action if he went into a human establishment such as a restaurant or club. He opted for the quieter of the two, a restaurant. Carefully keeping his face hidden he entered a bar and grill where it was dimly lit and the only noise was the chattering of the humans and the televisions playing sports reruns. He settled himself in the bar area and waited until a waitress approached him for a drink order. A glass of cherry coke sounded good. As soon as the waitress returned with the drink, he opened his book and pulled a pen out from his coat pocket and watched the humans around him.

Two women were standing together up at the bar, purses dangling from their shoulders and each had a large glass in hand, most likely filled with a margarita concoction or the like. Donatello's eyes traced the women's bodies. One of them wore a simple outfit of denims with a black tank top and the other had a skintight black cocktail dress that just touched above her knees. He could see their curves easily and mentally complemented them on their feminine physiques.

On the other side of the bar, there was a group of what looked like friends or couples out on a date. All of them were standing and chattering. One of the men in the group had his hand resting on the hip of a blonde woman and that hand was slowly wandering down, coming close to her rear. Apparently it didn't bother the woman, as she was busy laughing at her friends.

Donatello began scribbling small notations in his book, not really having to do with anatomy…more like what places on a woman's body could be considered a 'turn on'. He had to laugh at himself. He felt like a high school student who was looking for advice to get laid. Usually it was trial and error for most humans. He was starting to get a little uncomfortable watching this guy grope his girl so he looked in a different direction.

In the corner of the restaurant, there seemed to be one other couple that did not look like they were having a good time at all. In fact the guy was giving the girl a stern look and then said something to her, it must have been nasty because the girl looked like she had tears in her eyes. The guy then got up and left the table, the girl now crying.

"Poor thing," Donatello said, feeling sorry for her. He picked up his coke and sipped some of the sweet liquid down and continued writing. Every now and again he would look up at the crying woman. She wasn't leaving nor ordering anything. The guy never came back; he must have ditched her.

Another ten minutes passed…

She was still sitting there. Didn't she want to leave by now? Her date left her and she wasn't ordering anything. The wait staff was going to start getting irritated. Donatello was growing even more curious about this girl and her hesitation, so he folded up his book and got up from his table, leaving a couple of bills under his empty glass. He casually strolled over to the woman's table. At first he was a little nervous to say anything but he managed to force out, "Are you all right miss?"

For a brief moment she didn't say anything and Donatello was beginning to feel a bit silly. She kept her head hanging, face staring at the table. Then she finally responded, "Not really…"

"Did you need any help?" he asked gently.

"I do…actually," she said, almost inaudibly.

"I would certainly be happy to assist you ma'am. What can I do for you?"

"Can you contact my sister for me, tell her where I am and have her come pick me up?" she asked.

A little confused, "Why can't you do this miss?" he asked.

"Because…" she started, "I can't see," she continued and she lifted her head to look at Donatello.

He was stunned, this woman was blind, "Who was that man who left your table and why would he leave you like this?"

"He was my boyfriend…or so I thought he was. We've been arguing a lot lately and I guess he just wanted out of the relationship so he could find someone normal," she stated, a hint of anger in her voice. "He's tired of my clumsiness and medical needs. He thinks I'm ugly."

Donatello never could understand humans and their strange logic. This guy was a total asshole. How could he ditch this girl? Don glanced over the woman; she was very pretty in his eyes. She had very long red hair, pale skin, a decent figure and a heart shaped face, the looks of an Irish woman. Her eyes had a distinctive pale blue coloring but the pupils were lightly grayed out.

"I don't understand why he would leave you in this situation. I can call your sister for you, do you have a phone?"

"No, not with me. I accidentally left it home. I was hoping you did."

He had a phone, but it was the shell cell and was only good for contacting other shell cells. "I don't, sorry. Why don't you come with me and we'll find a pay phone." He then placed his hand over hers and lifted it.

"Thanks so much," she said graciously and let him take her arm. She kept her purse close and in her free hand she held a 'hoover cane'. She didn't need to use it if she had a guide. "You're so kind to me."

"By the way, I didn't get your name," Don said with great interest.

"It's Natalie," she replied and smiled, "What about you?"


It had been three weeks since Donatello met Natalie. For his help the first time they met, she invited him to a late night dinner. At first Don was a little skeptical and tried to tell her that he was busy but he caved and agreed to meet her at the very same restaurant.

That very night, Donatello for once was really nervous about something other than what technological device was going to blow up in his face next. He was going to bring his unfinished book along as well. Dinner was going to be another study session on the opposite sex. He wondered what kind of information he could gather…perhaps an inside look at the…

"Stop thinking that way!" Don screamed at himself internally. He knew that Natalie would never go for that. Plus he barely knew the girl! Quickly he opened his book and grabbed a pen off his lab desk and scribbled 'Note to self, study hormone release and the connection with a different species'. It was a quick reminder; he'd go into detail later when he could focus on his book. He gathered up the book and went outside the lab. His brothers were each doing their own thing. Mikey was playing video games as usual; this time online with his World of Warcraft account. Raph was shredding up a practice dummy and Leo was meditating while listening to music.

Donatello felt safe enough to leave. He already had his overcoat and hat on and his book in his pocket with a spare pen. He managed to save some additional money by not spending any on more tech stuff or new parts. She'd said she wanted to cover the cost of dinner but he felt that he should pitch in anyways or at least buy her a drink, something of the sort. Just seconds before he stepped out, a hand touched his shoulder. Donatello turned around to the face of his oldest brother.

"Where are you going this evening? It's not like you to leave your lab before ten pm," Leo said.

"Just out. Nowhere special," Don lied.

"Have you told father?"

"Well…no. I'd rather he didn't know Leo." Don zipped up his coat; "I'd appreciate it if you also didn't say anything."

"I can't lie to father for you, you need to let him know."

"C'mon Leo. Can't you just do this one favor for me…as a brother?"

An argument almost ensued between the two of them, which was very rare. Don's luck suddenly changed when his next older brother stepped in.

"Leo, do you gotta give everyone a hard time!" Raph shouted from the other side of the room. "Give the guy a break!"

"Stay out of this Raph…" Leo said, irritation setting in.

Raphael stopped beating up on the dummy and strapped his pair of sai away, "Why? Can't handle the fact that Donny may have something he'd like to do without you bein' involved?"

"Don't push it Raph," Leo warned.

"What are you gonna do about it? Teacher's pet!"

That did it. Leo hated when Raph called him that and he took off towards Raph in hand-to-hand combat. Raph managed to toss Leo overhead into a wall, not hard but enough to give him some trouble getting up.

Raph glanced over to Don and gestured for him to escape before Leo tries to stop him again. Don mouthed 'I owe you' before taking off in a run out the lair entrance leaving his brothers to fight it out. When he reached the first manhole, he raced up the ladder and made sure nobody was around before climbing out. He then jogged over to the nearest bus stop and waited.

Don reached the restaurant relatively fast; he was a few minutes early so he waited. He quickly glanced at his shell cell; it was almost eight pm. She would be there any second. Only a few moments had passed before a black Nissan pulled up to the curb and the driver side door opened. A woman probably in her mid twenties got out and went around to the other side of the car, opening the door.

There she was. Natalie. She wore a beautiful sleeveless black dress that just touched the ground and a matching pair of dress shoes, no heels. That was surprising, most ladies loved heels. She carried a small silver clutch. Her hair was pulled back in a twist and clipped with a silver barrette.

That other woman must be her sister. Looks like red hair is a family trait. Natalie allowed her sister to guide her to the curb and helped her step up.

"Are you sure you'll be all right sis?"

"Jessie, I'll be fine, really. He's a nice guy," Natalie replied. "I'll call if anything changes. I didn't forget my phone this time. I'm just going to wait outside for him."

"Okay, I just don't want you to get hurt again. I'll see you later," Jessie said and she returned to the car and drove away.

Once Jessie left, Don made his move. He called out to Natalie and approached her, gently touching her shoulder.

"Don, you made it! I'm so happy," she said with a broad smile.

"Me too." Don then offered her his arm and escorted her inside. The restaurant was still very dim and there were more people inside than the last time he was here so people won't be able to hear their conversation.

The hostess sat the two of them in the corner of the restaurant as requested by Don. It was the darkest there as well.

"Your waitress' name is Chelsea, she'll be right with you," the hostess said before heading back to her post.

At first the two of them were silent, but Natalie broke the ice, "Thanks for not being like my previous dates. I can't tell you how many men have either ditched me or stood me up. It really hurts when people do that after they find out I have a handicap."

"I'm not like that," Don replied softly, "I have some similar issues with people as well. They tend to judge me before they get to know me."

"Well aren't we a pair!" she said through giggles.

Don smiled.

Moments later a young blonde woman made her way to the table, "Hi I'm Chelsea, I'll be your server tonight. Would you like to start out with something to drink?"

"I'll have an Arnold Palmer to start and a glass of Red Burgundy," Natalie said.

"I didn't know you liked wine," Don said.

"That's because you've only known me a short time. I love wine." Natalie grinned, "Have some with me?"

"I'm not really a drinker…"

"Oh come on Donny, just one?" she pleaded.

"Oh all right…just one glass and I'll have a cherry coke along with it please."

Chelsea wrote down the order, "Okay I'll be right back with your drinks and we'll get your food orders in," she said happily.

"Thank you," Don and Natalie said simultaneously.

"So, that was your sister outside. Do you have any other family?" Don asked.

"No, my parents were killed. It was a botched bank robbery and they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The good thing is their murderer is now in jail awaiting the electric chair."

Don felt as if he asked the wrong question. "Oh…um…I'm sorry. I hope I didn't bring up any bad memories or the like."

"No, you didn't. It happened when I was ten. My sister and I were sent into foster care until she turned eighteen and then she worked hard to become my legal guardian so we could stay together. The foster family we stayed with helped the two of us in court and now we're probably set for the rest of our lives. It's not really a positive though…money can't replace my parents."

"That's terrible, I'm sorry for the loss."

"Thanks, but don't be sad for me. I'm using some of the funds to do good. I sponsor children overseas. They receive an education, medical care, and food. I feel it's what my parents would have wanted. Anyways, what about you? Have any siblings?"

"Yes I have three brothers and my father. My father is also a guardian to me. I never knew my parents."

She seemed very interested in his life, "Well, what are their names?"

"My oldest brother is Leonardo, the second oldest is Raphael, I'm the third child, and my little brother Michelangelo. My father's name…is Hamato Yoshi," he lied. He wasn't quite ready to reveal the truth yet and a name like 'Splinter' might bring up questions.

"Oh your father is from Asia?" she asked.

"Yes, he emigrated to New York before I was born."

Chelsea returned to their table with the drinks as Don explained a little bit of his father's history and training under a martial arts master. Natalie seemed to find it fascinating.

They ordered their meals and continued to chat. Natalie's hand wandered slowly along the table to pick up her wine glass after Don had finished his story and she made a small toast, "To a new friendship."

Don picked up his wineglass as well and repeated, "To a new friendship."

They both sipped a little of the wine and Natalie decided it was time for a new topic. "What do you do for a living? I already told you about myself and my charity work."

"I suppose you can call me a science geek and mathematician. I love to disassemble and reassemble things. When I was five, I took apart all of my toys and made them into a toaster."

Natalie laughed hard, "That's great. Working?"

"Yeah, surprisingly…however the toast caught fire the first time I tried it."

"That is hilarious! All I ever did was torture my dolls when I was little."

Don picked up his wine glass again and finished it off. He had one personal question for her…he hesitated…but he saw no harm in asking, "If you don't mind my asking, how did you lose your sight?"

"Oh, it was when I turned seven I think. I had a severe vitamin A deficiency and it caused corneal scarring. We didn't know why my eyes were itchy all the time, my parents thought it was allergies and didn't take me to a doctor until it was too late. The damage was done and irreversible. I don't blame my parents, they didn't know."

"Oh I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I've learned to live with it." She finished off her wine as well, "How about another glass!" she stated cheerfully.

"I really shouldn't…." Don said.

"You can't get tipsy off a tiny bit of wine," she laughed.

Another hour passed…

The two of them were laughing and sharing funny stories. Two empty bottles of Red Burgundy sat on the table. Natalie wasn't being as careful as she had been earlier and accidentally knocked over her Arnold Palmer, which she apologized to Chelsea and promised a large tip. It didn't stop the two of them from exchanging more funny stories.

"When I was in eleventh grade, my friends and I stole underwear from Victoria's Secret. We almost got caught, but we used my handicap as an advantage and somehow got out of that one…so yeah…" she slurred a little through the story. "The following day we planted those underwear in the principal's office and he hasn't lived down the rumors that he wears ladies underwear since!"

Don cracked up and trough one back at her, "Last year I re-wired my brother Mikey's Xbox to replay pornographic images every time he tried to turn it on. I've never admitted this to anyone and poor Mikey was labeled a mini-pervert for a week following that."

"Oh you're so bad Donny," she said between sips of her freshly poured wineglass compliments of Chelsea. "Since we're getting to those sorts of topic…wanna hear something about me that my sister doesn't even know?"

Don raised an eyebrow with curiosity, "Sure."

She almost dropped her glass, but Don caught it, "Thanks. Now for the story…and don't you laugh!" she chuckled through her drunken words, "Promise?"

"You have my word." Don raised his hand up to the side of his head to gesture a promise kept.

"Okay, when I was in college…I was dared by a classmate to pose for an art class."

He waited for her to finish but she stopped right there, "That's it?"

"Okay I admit it," she continued, "It was a human anatomy class…the models were naked."

"You were one of those type of models?" Don confirmed.

"Yes," she replied dreamily.

The alcohol was affecting them both. Don had never been drunk before, it was affecting his way of thinking.

Chelsea came around once again, "Would you like more wine or perhaps a dessert tonight?"

Don spoke very slowly, "I think we're ready for the check, thanks."

"Yeah, no more drinks…I'm set…" Natalie said in agreement, "I'm already out on a limb."

Chelsea then pulled out a leather check case with their bill from her apron and placed it on the table, "I'll be back to pick this up."

"Can you read the damage to me Donny?" Natalie asked.

After a teeny tiny argument of who was going to pay the bill, Natalie won because she stated it was her treat for his kindness weeks ago and she wouldn't have any other way. The two of them staggered outside the restaurant, Donatello leading the way with her arm in his. They walked along the streets, chitchatting and occasionally one or the other would lose their balance. For thirty minutes they wandered until they came across a hotel.

"I'm tired of walking, I think I want to rest a bit. Is there a place we can go to stay for a bit? The wine is making me walk all weird," she stated.

"There's a hotel here, but I'm not sure if…" he started.

"That works! Let's go in."

Don swallowed hard, he would have to be extremely careful when walking around in here. He guided Natalie inside and he did his best to keep his hat low and the collar of his jacket up to hide his features. He brought her up to the front desk to speak with the clerk.

Natalie opened her clutch and pulled out her wallet and touched the stacked of cards inside. She seemed to be counting the number of cards until she pulled out a visa, "I'd like to check into a room with two beds please."

Don's eyes widened, what was she doing? Did she really think he was…did she really mean…what the… His thoughts jumbled.

The clerk handed back the credit card and handed Natalie a set of card keys, "Your room number is three-forty-two. Enjoy your stay with us."

After checking in, Don felt his nerves going into meltdown, "Um…Natalie, should we really be staying at a place like this?"

"Sure. It's just until we sober up," she replied.

They took the elevator up to the third floor and they continued walking arm in arm until they reached their room. Don took one of the card keys and slipped it into the doors card lock until a little green light flashed on the door, letting them in. He switched on the light by the door. It was a very nice room…by the looks of it, a suite. There were two queen-sized beds, a large LCD television sitting on a gorgeous dresser, and there was a kitchenette connected to their room. Natalie let go of Don's arm and slowly wandered her way around, one arm slightly out ahead of her. She touched both beds and carefully turned around to find the dresser and television. Her fingers traveled along the walls until she reached the kitchenette.

Don watched as she worked her way around the room. She appeared to have been counting footsteps to help with memorizing the area. Last she found a doorknob and turned it, pushing it forward, and then going inside. He stayed put and waited for her to reappear. Then he heard a splashing sound and her calling out.

"Oh I found the toilet…gross." Then the sound of a faucet being turned on sounded in the room and Natalie cursing.

Don laughed to himself. That was pretty funny of her.

"Donny, come in here for a sec. This bathtub is humungous!"

He walked across the room and into the bathroom as asked to find her kneeling down next to an oversized tub. It was very nice…there were recliners and water jets lining the sides. It was large enough to fit four people! As nice as this room was…Don was getting more and more uncomfortable. His brain was scrambling and his adrenaline was slowly sending signals up his spine to flee before he did something questionable. He fought the urge to leave. He couldn't just abandon her; he would be no different than that asshole from three weeks ago. Don then stumbled out of the bathroom, still shaky from the wine. He found the nearest bed and sat on it to regain his bearings. Shortly after, Natalie came out of the bathroom and relocated the dresser. She plopped down her clutch and spun around towards the bed, she then reached out an arm and touched the comforter. She then climbed onto the bed next to him.

"You've gotten so quiet Don, are you okay?"

"Yeah, just…uh…"

"You're still tipsy aren't you? Well so am I. We can just relax here for a while until it goes away." She leaned over sideways and lay across the mattress making poor Donatello even more nervous.

In order to calm himself, Don pulled his book out of his coat pocket and flipped it open, trying desperately to get his mind off her.

"It sounds like you're flipping through pages. What are you reading?" she asked innocently.

"It's a book that I'm currently writing, I have a lot of empty pages that need filling."

She smiled at him, "Oh you're an author too?"

"Oh no, it's just for my personal use. I'm keeping…um…records."

"Like medical records?"

"Yeah…it's for my family's use really." He opened the pages in the back and pulled a pen out of his pocket. He began writing down things about his emotions and how they were having an affect on his body and to remind himself to look up 'oxytocin' and 'dopamine' when he got home.

"So what are the empty pages? Anything I can help with?" she asked.

Don squeezed his eyes shut and spoke internally, "Oh there's so much you could help me with Natalie." Then he stated, "Um…well…I…"

She giggled, "Are you sure you're okay? You seem to be struggling with something." She then crawled up behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders, gently squeezing through the jacket. She tried to snuggle up close to him but was stopped by something hard. "Um Donny, are you wearing a backpack underneath your coat?"

"Um…" That didn't help at all…in fact it made things worse for him. Not knowing how to react, he just let her continue while he scribbled away even faster in his notes.

"You know, you're the first guy who has treated me like a person and not like a broken toy in a while," she said calmly into his ear. Her hands moved down along his arms and back up, brushing alongside his neck. She then bent down the collar of his coat and her fingers met bare skin. His skin was cool to the touch and she reached her hands even further towards his chest, her hands sliding beneath the thick material. She was literally centimeters above his plastron. Just seconds before she reached it, Don's hand shot up and stopped hers. He dropped his book to the floor and the pen along with it.

"What's wrong?" she asked, slightly taken aback.

Don got up from the bed, a twinge of guilt washed over him for not telling her the truth sooner. "Natalie, I haven't been completely honest with you…" He turned to face her. She was on her knees, her hands now at her sides.

"What do you mean?"

Don took in a breath, "It's really difficult…for me to…"he started.

"It's me, isn't it…" she stated, sadness starting to lace through her voice.

He closed his eyes, "No. Natalie, please understand when I tell you this. This has nothing to do with your blindness. In fact, I think you're a fascinating person. It's just…well…I'm not sure how to put this without frightening you." Don than began, "I'm a mutant…"

"What?" There was so much confusion in her voice.

Donatello began telling her his life story of how he came to be and about his father. Throughout the entire story, Natalie said nothing, but listened very carefully. When it was finally over, Don waited for her response. He expected her to either scream or call for help or hide in the bathroom and try contacting her sister.

She then opened her mouth.

Don flinched, "here it comes."

But the scream never came…

"Is that why you wear such a heavy jacket and that hat? To hide yourself from the world?"

"Yes. Listen Natalie, I know you're probably very frightened of me and even want me gone, but I just…"

He never finished that sentence because Natalie had grasped hold of his hand for the first time. It took her less than a second to find it and she was exploring his hand with her fingertips, carefully winding her fingers around his. "You only have three fingers."

"Yes." Don allowed her to gently pull him back down onto the bed.

She released his fingers and her hands slowly made their way to his chest where she found the zipper to his coat, "Can I?" she asked breathlessly.

Don nodded, stupidly forgetting that she couldn't see that, so he quickly spoke up, "Yes."

She tugged down the coat zipper and with a little assistance from him; she pushed off the jacket, over the carapace and down his arms until it sat in a pool around him on the bed. He then tossed the coat aside. She hesitated at first, but regained her confidence when Donny took one of her hands and placed it against his chest so she could feel the softer part of his shell.

"It's warmer than I thought it would be," she said.

He watched her face as she explored his upper body, her fingers running through every nook and cranny that was his plastron. She traced along his belt and shoulder strap. Her eyes were beginning to appear glazed over. He studied her every move, how her body reacted to his. Every touch, every caress played a role in his arousal. His heart was starting to race. He was itching to pick up his book again and begin writing everything he was experiencing, but eroticism prevented him from doing so…

Natalie let her hands fall and she crawled around to the back of him. It was harder for Don to tell, but she was now checking out his carapace. He glanced over his shoulder at her, but said nothing. She was taking in a lot of information and he knew better than to interrupt a person who's thought process was running full speed. She didn't stay back there too long. Afterwards, she scooted off the bed and stepped around to the front of him. She closed the distance between them. He still remained seated and now felt her arms encircling his shoulders. Her small stature was perfect. His face came just over the top of her chest and she now let her cheek lay against his forehead. It was a welcome embrace for the two of them. Without even realizing it, his arms snaked his way up to her waist and wrapped tightly around her. They stayed that way for a few minutes.

"Don, you're telling the truth…yet it still seems unbelievable."

"I know it seems farfetched…I just hope that you're not afraid to be around me now."

"You may be a mutant turtle, but you treated me more like a person than any other man I've ever been with. I don't care what you look like on the outside."

It was barely audible what she just said, but he heard it. This woman saw past his exterior and found the real Donatello inside. He appreciated hearing that from a human…and a female in particular. That meant there was hope for him and his brothers to find happiness.

Just as he was getting comfortable in this position, Don felt the material of Natalie's dress loosen by his face. He lifted his head and found black material sliding down. She had undone the tie in the back and managed to partially pull down the zipper. His nervousness skyrocketed as he was now face to face with her bare skin, nothing but a bra between him and her breasts.

He tried to calm his fears, "Natalie I'm not…certain…we've been drinking. This isn't appropriate."

Natalie did not listen to his pleas and she then used both of her hands to reach behind her back to unclasp the black strap of her bra. Then she let the lingerie slide down her arms and to the floor.

Don literally could feel the heat spreading across his face. He'd seen breasts before, but on television…this was different…more personal. He was far too shy to do anything at first. Natalie took both of his hands and slip them up her waist so that they cupped her soft mounds. He felt as though he should be doing something else, so he pressed his face into her chest and kissed along her breastbone while he slowly moved his hands. He gently squeezed and caressed with his hands.

Her breathing was starting to speed up a little, a sheer sign of her lust. Her fingers toyed with his bandana and moved along the back of his neck, her fingernails gently running along the skin. She sighed when she felt him move his lips closer to her left mound and then held her breath briefly as he took the nipple into his mouth.

This was torture. All of his instinct derived from the human half of his being…his drive rivaled that of a human's. Maybe he truly was more homo sapien than reptile. He senses were going insane and thoughts raced. There was so much information he wanted to write down later. At this time, her pleasure meant more to him than anything.

Small noises started to escape her lips as he began licking and sucking at her. The nipple was becoming more erect. Don let one of his hands fall back to her waist and he started tugging down the black dress to reveal more of her. Her belly was now visible as the material continued sliding down her skin. The dress now lay on the floor at her feet. Only one article of clothing remained on her, a black lace thong.

It was getting harder and harder for Don to control himself. He eventually found himself taking the lead and stopped his affections on her breasts in favor of standing up and wrapping his arms around her waist. He lifted her up, her legs automatically separated and wrapped around his waist. He carried her closer to the head of the bed and laid her down on her back. He climbed in after and continued his caresses. He began leaving a trail of warm kisses down her belly. The further down he went, the tighter his stomach became. Eventually he reached the lacey top of her panties. This scared him more than anything…he still had time to turn back but when he looked back up at her face and saw the euphoria written all over her face, he knew he had to continue. He then clasped his fingers around the garment and slowly slid it down her hips so carefully as if he were revealing a great treasure. She lifted her hips slightly to make things easier and the small bit of fabric was completely off. So here was this incredible woman lying beneath him, nude and under his erotic spell. Her legs were still cinched together. Don could tell she was just as nervous as he was.

He gave her body a once over, his eyes lingered the longest on her breasts and then they stopped once again at the junction of her legs. She still had her legs together so it was difficult to see her sex, a situation that could be easily remedied with the right touch. He then removed his belt before leaning forward and resting himself just to her side. He looked into her cloudy blue eyes and she gave him the confirmation he needed to continue. He then lowered his face to hers and let his lips brush against hers. She followed his advances and returned the kiss.

It was a pleasant new experience for him. The softness of her mouth was hypnotizing and he was able to coax her into parting her lips to allow his tongue to wander in. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. While he kept her mouth busy, he slid his hand down towards her stomach and passed over a hipbone. He was inches from her sex. Don then closed his eyes and let his fingers run over the soft curls that lay before the goal. Natalie relaxed her legs and Don was able to separate them. Happy with her reaction, he began tracing circles just above her delicate jewel and she started releasing tiny mewls into her kisses.

She could feel the heat swirling around in her stomach and she wanted to beg him to continue. It seemed he was purposely taking his time.

Those pay-per-view movies he watched on TV at home were at least good for giving him ideas and he knew that the slower he went, the more it would drive her crazy. He wanted to make her squirm and beg him for more. He sent one digit right over the top of her clitoris and touched the sensitive hood that covered it.

Natalie gasped into his mouth and squeezed her eyes shut.

It was a better reaction than he'd expected and he wondered how much farther he could take her still. He rubbed along the length of the small organ before settling directly on it. He applied a small amount of pressure to it and watched her face contort with pleasure.

Something was also happening with him, beneath his shell. He could feel a lot of pressure around his groin from his growing erection. It would be best for him to 'let down' in order to relieve it. Sure enough, solid as a rock…

She broke away from his mouth and went straight for his neck, nibbling and licking at the taut skin. Her breaths grew even more ragged.

Don felt it was time to explore a little more and he pressed his fingers even lower until they met with moisture and then a vortex of molten heat as he inserted a single digit into her. His fingers were a lot larger than a normal person's so she should be feeling extreme pleasure. He started out pumping his fingers in and out of her slowly and then increased the pace when he got a favorable response from her.

Her body jolted over and over. Signals scrambled from her brain and sped down her spine and into her toes, causing them to curl. She was going to reach her breaking point soon if he continued like this. On top of his ministrations, Don lowered his face to her chest again and reattached his mouth to one breast, teasing and gently nipping the skin. It was so much to take in all at once. But…he wasn't finished with her yet. Don released her breast and sunk down even lower, placing new kisses down her belly. He removed his finger from her center and briefly glanced at the hot fluid dripping down his digit. He then adjusted her legs so that he was between them. It was the perfect view of her feminine folds. He couldn't help but reach down to his member and began stroking himself with one hand while the other held on to one of her thighs. He wanted to inflict an entirely new form of torture on her and he delved towards her, sending white-hot passion inside. His tongue traced and slipped along her soft petals, jotted in and out of her cavern, and seared across her delicate pearl.

She was in ecstasy. Her hands flew up to her breasts, squeezing them and massaging until they were pink. She cried out a few times and now she felt that she needed him more than ever. He was pushing her towards the brink…

"D…D…Donny…please…if you don't st-op…I'm gonna…gonna…" she stuttered through her sentence.

Right on cue, Don stopped. He was smirking, so she was getting really close. He backed away from her, fluids now dripping down his chin. He quickly wiped away her essence with the back of his free hand. He continued to stroke himself as he prepared to take her.

Natalie waited patiently for him but he was not so patient and he quickly settled himself on his knees, his erection near her core. He then grasped onto one of her wrists and raised it over her head. His other hand kept him balanced above her.

She was temporarily stunned by his bold actions and he asked her…

"Do you accept me?"

She blinked, "What?" her voiced laden with desire.

"Do you accept me?" he repeated.

She responded breathlessly, "Yes."

Then she felt him squeeze her wrist and he rushed in for the kill, raising one of her thighs up slightly so his erection could meet with her entrance. He pushed himself forward and into her folds. She enveloped him entirely. Her insides felt like hot velvety pillows. So soft…

Don began to thrust in and out of her, picking up his pace rather quickly. He still held her wrist up.

The fiery pits of hell couldn't compare to the heat she gave off. It was breathtaking…in the back of his mind, Don was astonished that he was compatible with a human and that he knew as much as he did about sex. He chalked it all up to instinct.

At one point, they rolled over to where she was on top and she was in control. She glided up and down along his member, increasing the amount of friction. He held her tightly by the hips as she moved. Her hands were all over her breasts, violently squeezing to the point where it almost hurt. She had lost herself ages ago and her release was building up.

Don adjusted their position so that he was now sitting up against the headboard with her still seated on his lap. He was getting so damn close…

There was a calm before the storm sort of feeling in the room. Natalie could sense her orgasm bubbling up, ready to spill over the edge. Her breaths were scattered and reckless and her voice started to crack as she felt a pile of pressure in her lower belly spiral out of control.

He could feel her insides squeezing him, almost sucking the life from him. It was so wonderful. Her body started to arch back and he felt her torso begin to vibrate. Just a little further he thought…and he had done it. Her body went entirely rigid and she drew in a huge breath before erupting into fits of passion. Her orgasm lasted for several seconds…then she started to calm down out of exhaustion. He on the other hand, continued thrusting until he too could feel his release nearing. She clung on to him, wanting to meet his thrusts with her body until he finally had it happen…

Don gritted his teeth and groaned as he rode out his orgasm, emptying himself inside. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped before withdrawing from her.

The two of them slid down on the bed and lay entwined in each other's arms, too tired to do anything else.

The following morning, Donatello escorted Natalie out of the hotel and waited with her until her sister arrived to pick her up. Don said his goodbyes to her and watched as the black Nissan pulled away. Natalie was kind enough to leave him her phone number should they want to meet again in the future. He smiled when he looked at the tiny piece of paper torn from his book, her cell number written upon it.

Now it was time to head home. Leo was going to kill him…but it was all worth it. Don's mind was loaded with information for his book and he couldn't wait to get started on it all.

End Part 1.

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