AN: Hi! I'm the author. Welcome to my metafictional (and quite possibly crazy awesome) Internet culture and anime crossover. TV Tropes ate my life, so TV Tropes will also crossover. Enjoy! Spoilers for Mahou Sensei Negima, so be warned.

Hello reader! I'm your friendly fourth-wall-breaking narrator! I'm here to tell you the story of an organization called IGOR (Internet Grubby Object Removal). In this case 'grubby' means 'dishonest and immoral', there are probably better words than 'grubby' out there that can describe something as being malicious and vile, but the author liked having fun with acronyms. Oops! I've gotten sidetracked. Anyway, IGOR was formed when the Goddess of the Internet, Lain, decided that there were far too many stupid comments, bizarre and scarring items of rule 34, trolls and Mary Sues and stuff plaguing our beloved series of tubes. So she formed IGOR. Honesty, why 'IGOR', this fic has nothing to do with any Igors. Is our author trying to be postmodern, or is she just stupid? You decide!

AN: Narrator, I'm going to fire you if you keep badmouthing me.

Fine. I'll try not to insult you. Do you how tricky it is being a narrator? Yeah, narrators are omniscient, but we're trapped. It's worse if you can break the Fourth Wall, I'm fully aware that I'm just a load of text. I'm not real. You all should be really glad that I didn't go all emo when I realized that. Oh, it's fine; I'll just go and cry in a corner…

Anyway, now for some more lazy-expo-speak! IGOR started as a small group fictional characters that were famous on the Internet being rounded up by Lain to go slaying trolls, exorcising stupid comments, etc. They'd go to the IGOR HQ when they had some spare time (i.e. when they weren't on screen/panel/etc.), where they'd sign in and get ready to patrol the Internet. Those were they the days where you could see Batman team up with Suiseiseki and Captain Picard, but nowadays IGOR is divided by genre. This story focuses on the Manga and Anime faction of IGOR. This faction is called MAD IGOR (Manga [and] Anime Department [of] IGOR). Again, having fun with acronyms is to blame here.

Other factor for the Great Genre Divide was the huge influx of new members, because Lain decided that any character, no matter who how obscure they are or how small their role is, should be allowed to work for IGOR. Many characters that were sadly demoted to extra now had a place to shine. Agent Satsuki of Tsukihime still doesn't have a major role in anything, though. Isn't it sad, Sacchin? Anyway, IGOR became huge and many characters were taking an interest. Characters realized that they had the opportunity to do something amazing, they could enlist and fight truly terrible foes, totally NOT because IGOR is an excuse for awesome crossovers (If you always wanted to see Jack Rakan and Major Kusanagi team up, this is the place).

In the Manga and Anime Department, groups have to have 5 members, as decried by Haruhi Suzumiya (one of the leaders of MAD IGOR). One member of the team must be very powerful; they must also be able lead the team. The second member must be a foil to the leader; he or she is basically the First Mate to the Captain, i.e. the second in command or the right-hand-man. The third member should be weak physically in power, but be especially intelligent. The fourth member must be the strongman of the team; they may also be a foil to the third member. The fifth member should be the peacekeeper, they aren't very powerful, but they take care of the team and encourage teamwork and loyalty. Sometimes the fifth member has no powers at all and is a normal person, but they still have the mighty power of friendship and encouragement. How cheesy. A team can get a sixth member if they do well enough. The sixth member can be a mascot, a child, a pet, an ally, or just another member.

Anyone can join, even villains, just as long as the villains are liked enough and aren't huge douches. Characters use their abilities (for example magic or time travel etc.) to fight, or they can use the all-powerful 'tropes', which are fictional concepts. They can yell the name of a trope, for example "COSPLAY OTAKU GIRL POWER!", and then some creative metaphor for the trope would happen, like summoning a cosplay disguise (don't ask me what "RULE 34 BEAM!" does, trust me you DON'T want to know (or do you, you perv (yay! I love brackets!))). Characters can only use tropes that they are examples of though. Wow, I've done A LOT of expo-speak, let's finally get round to introducing the characters!

In this story will be following the adventures of Team We Need a Better Name. It's members are:

1: Chao Lingshen, from Mahou Sensei Negima. She is a talented martial artist, time-traveller, powerful mage, genius, mad scientist, alien from mars, and a really good chef. Joined MAD IGOR due to having no appearances in Negima for quite some time. She's one of MAD IGOR's best members, meaning that she is forced to take medicine to stop her getting too Sue-ish.

2: Faraway Skies, an original character. She has basic magic powers and a gun… that's it. Mainly an experiment to see if the author can write an OC that has importance to the plot without having her becoming a Mary Sue. The author would like people to give their views on her, and tell the author if Faraway is turning into a Sue. Faraway is cynical, but also not very smart, in contrast to Chao.

3: Daichi Misawa, from Yu Gi Oh GX. He is a brilliant genius, a mad scientist and he's really good at card games. He was sadly demoted to extra, but Haruhi took pity on him and let him join MAD IGOR and be in the same team as his good friend Chao.

4: Kurogane, from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. He is a ninja, excellent sword-fighter, and has experience in dimension hopping and crossovers, he's also REALLY badass. He works for MAD IGOR when not jumping from world to world. He works for MAD IGOR because likes the fighting and slaying aspects of IGOR, and also because he needs to escape the horrendously complex aspects of Tsubasa from time to time.

5: Nami Hito, from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. She's …normal. She joined MAD IGOR in a desperate bid to be special. It didn't work. She has no powers apart from her extreme normality. She originally named the team, but everyone else thought that her idea for the name was dull and run-of-the-mill, so 'We Need a Better Name' became the official team name.

So yeah, that's our first team of protagonists. The Major and Jack Rakan might appear later! I won't spoil anything. God help us if that's the only good point of this fic. So far it looks AWFUL. I mean, the premise is stupid (our favourite anime characters fight stupid YouTube comments… with TROPES!), and the fact that involves TV Tropes means readers who've never heard of it will be totally lost. I just hope stuff will go okay.

That's all for now, guys! Tune in next time for actual plot!