Sakura shoved Naruto into Sasuke's arms as she stormed inside.

It took him off guard but he manged to balance the now crying baby.

Her quickly formed plan was to avoid him at all costs.

To lock herself inside of the shared bedroom and hide out there.

Sasuke, of course, realizing where she was headed to the moment he had to soothe a baby.

Since she was running, all he had to do was run faster.

The two were now racing down a long hallway in the Uchiha home.

Sasuke was taking the lead but Sakura was increasing her speed.

Once catching up to him, she began to push him away, being careful enough to not hurt Naruto.

In the end, the raven haired boy beat the pinkette by a few seconds.

All of this had calmed Naruto and he was giggling at the end.

"Let me go in, Sasuke." Sakura stated, placing her thin hands on her hips.

Sasuke scoffed and chuckled, "Not until you admit you're still in love with me."

He spoke with a clear, cool, calm and collected voice despite the teasing words he was speaking.

She took a sharp tone with him, "Go put Naruto in his room. He must be tired."

Obviously he wasn't tired.

If she could get him to sleep before the worst part of the storm began, Sasuke might not have to deal with two crying ninjas that night.

Sasuke groaned and reached for her wrist, taking the small one into his large hand.

The two walked together towards the make shift baby room.

Sakura walked in before him and moved the blankets around a bit.

Once making sure it looked comfortable, the two put the blonde down together, making sure his head didn't bounce.

Once he was silent and seemed to be asleep, Sasuke left about a moment before his 'wife' did.

They both reached the Master bedroom at the same time.

Sasuke had slowed down so she could catch up with him even though she didn't want to.

He smirked and held open the door for her, being a gentleman.

Well, as much of one as he could be.

She slapped his hands off the door and they quickly snapped back to his sides.

He let an ow sound slip his mouth to humor her as the door hit her back and she stepped inside, followed by him.

Sakura scoffed at the man attempting to make her feel better but humor himself more than her.

She crashed onto the bed and looked up at the plain white ceiling.

Blinking a few times, she stood up as he went down and made her way to get something to change into for sleep.

She pulled together a large shirt and shorts as a clap of thunder was heard.

It made her jump a bit but she settled on not being weak in front of him.

The pinkette went into the bathroom and slipped into the pajamas.

The walked out and placed her worn clothes in the laundry hamper that she would clean tomorrow.

The Raven haired man was completely capable of doing the laundry, as he was with most of the house hold chores.

He just always liked when she did it.

Sakura settled on because that was the way it was in the Uchiha manor before the massacre.

She vaguely remembered his mother always staying home and his father heading the clan.

It had been over a decade ago when she was younger and was hard to think about.

If the massacre hadn't occurred, she would go on and ask him.

Except she didn't want some speech or maybe even an emo Sasuke.

The one she had was hard enough to deal with already.

As she sat down, Sasuke stood up and did the same thing she just had.

He pulled out a pair of shorts and simply changed into that.

He didn't bother going into the bathroom like she had, he didn't care if she looked.

Even though she wouldn't to keep up her pride.

She would have loved to look at his tone body if she weren't made at him and this changing thing wasn't almost like a game between the two.

She would be less confident in the way she looked but he wouldn't care if she watched at all.

He new he had a nice body and would never flaunt it in public.

They both knew if Sakura would run off to tell anybody over how this male was teasing her, she wouldn't be believed.

Sasuke had the persona where he was to cold to do anything of the sort so quickly enough everyone believed his smart lie.

Once he was changed, he walked over and fell on top of her.

She struggled underneath his weight and she could feel his stomach going up in down with laughter.

Even though no sound was audible.

"Get off!" she exclaimed loudly and then pressed her lips together.

She forgot that if she screamed too loud she would awake Naruto.

Hearing her struggles, he moved over her until coming up next to her.

He was an inch away from her and didn't plan on moving.

"Go to your side."

"We have sides now?" Sasuke chuckled a low one, "What if I want that side?"

"Well, it's mine."

"We can always share."

"That's not how sides work!"

Sasuke broke into a body laughter at her frustration.

Once calming himself and seeing how red she was from being mad, he propped himself onto he elbows.

She looked over at him and was confused,

Obviously she knew what he was trying to do and was shaking from the fear of the storm to attempt to stop him.

Maybe it would calm her down.

Maybe it would make her forget about the doom she build up in her mind to happen.

His face came within seconds of hers and all she did was stare.

He looked her face over with his roaming eyes for a moment to take it in.

He could tell she was scared and he only wanted to help.

Sasuke placed a soft kiss on her lips and pulled away, going onto his side.

Sakura didn't say anything, knowing he would deny it.

The whole swift motion sent a shrill feeling through out her body.

His lips were softer than she would have thought.

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