Falling Rain


His name was Edmund Pevensie and that was not always his name. Ever since he was a young child he could tell he was different then the rest of his family. When ever he was overly stressed, angry, sad, or really any extreme emotion things happened around him.

His parents told him it wasn't his fault. He didn't believe them.

So for the first dozen or so years of his life he believed himself different then his siblings. But then they found it. It being Narnia of course. While there he had betrayed his family for a witch and even till this day he still had nightmares about her and oddly enough a green light and a women screaming. When ever he had confronted his parents about it they would tell him it was just a nightmare and that it never happened.

And so he just stopped confronting them about it. He had taken it to Peter and Lucy and they tried comforting him and it helped a lot. It truly did. With Susan ignoring them and trying to forget about Narnia, the country they had been the Sovereigns over, he only had those two and it still hurt him a lot that she would ignore them, and deny Narnia.

He could not take not knowing anymore and so he went digging in their attic hoping to find something out. If it was something that happened when he was a child if not… He just needed to know. And he dug and he dug and finally came across a paper. A paper so important that his hands shook while he read.

And when he was done he let it fall to the attic floor. Because even he could not deny what he saw.

Adoption papers of one Edmund Pevensie…

He was confused and started lashing out on his siblings on his parents… He cried himself to sleep at night. They weren't his parents.. They weren't his siblings. If they were not who were his parents did he have any blood siblings?

It was rainy April afternoon when he left his house his eye blotchy, his nose still sniffling. His brother and sister were trying to keep him in. But he wouldn't he needed to find out… He had gotten a letter the previous night telling him to meet someone at a place called the Leaky Cauldron. They had said they knew his parents, and all about them and…

And he knew he couldn't really get his hopes up.

And before he knew it he was crossing a busy road, it was still raining, and then he heard the squeal of the tires on asphalt, he looked up and saw the car rushing towards him. His eye widened but what he saw in the head lights of the car stopped him in his tracks. If he had not seen anything he would have had enough time to race to the sidewalk and get away with no injures. But he had.

There in the headlights of the car was a great large Lion.

And he knew what he had to do.

Everything went black and he felt the breath of the Great Lion.

His name was Edmund Pevensie and that was not always his name. Once upon a time, his name was Harry Potter.

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