Chapter 26

"Mommy, what are you and Daddy doing?"
"We're going to take my belly shots."
"You know, pictures of my belly. You've seen yours."
"Can I be in one?"
"Well, sure, honey. You wanna?"
"Uh-huh! I wanna be in a picture with you and little Stevie!"
"Well, honey, you've been in a bunch of pictures with me and little Stevie-you know what? Of course you can."
"Yay! Do I have to wear my bathing suit too?"
"No, sweetie. I'm only wearing mine 'cause your daddy wants to get some nice pictures of my bare belly, that's all. You look fine."
"'Kay! Mommy?"
"You're getting really big! How big is Stevie?"
"He's still got a lot more growing to do, princess. It's still September, after all."
"He's due December 20th! Daddy said!"
"I know. And as my due date gets closer we get to have a couple more ultrasounds, okay, sweetie? And I scheduled one of my appointments for after you and Jeanette are done with school so you two can get to see him again."
"Really? Thanks Mommy! You're the best!"

Billie grinned as Alison buried her face against her abdomen and Steven took the picture. She hadn't been planning on inviting her to join them, she did still feel sort of exposed with her belly completely visible, but she was really glad she had. The baby seemed to be, too, as he was happily kicking away. Stevie seemed to love his big sister. And his mother. And his father. And his Aunt Jeanette. But there did seem to be something special between her two children. Something that had been there at least since they'd felt the baby move. And that made her so happy.

"Ally, do you want to take a couple pictures?"
"Of you and Mommy?"
"Sure, Daddy! I won't break your camera, I promise. Bye for now, baby brother."

She smiled at her as she pulled away, and she felt Steven wrap his arms around her. Ally held the camera, looking confused.

"Honey, just point it at us and hit the big button."
"'Kay, Mommy!"

She got the hand of it pretty quickly, and she seemed very proud of herself when their photo session was done. She gave her a bear hug, squeezing her belly, and that sent the baby into a frenzy of activity. She pulled away, confused, and she got on her level, seeing her eyes fill with tears.

"You just surprised your brother, sweetie."
"I didn't mean to hurt him!"
"Oh, honey, you didn't! You were just giving him a hug!"
"I didn't hurt him?"
"No, honey. Come here."

She took her hand and laid it on her abdomen, where the baby eagerly kicked at it.

"He's not mad at me?"
"No, honey. He was probably just surprised."
"I'm glad you're okay, Stevie. I am! I love you."

She was glad that she was glad, she really was, but she was a bit uncomfortable in her current position.

"How about we go cuddle on my bed?"
"'Kay, Mommy!"
"Then when Daddy finishes up what he's doing with the photos he'll come get us, okay?"

Alison climbed on the bed and she followed, not even caring that she was still wearing her bikini. She rubbed her abdomen-Stevie had this habit of constantly moving which was occasionally a bit annoying-settling in beside her daughter.

"You're right, princess. I am getting big."
"I think you're beautiful!"
"Thank you, sweetie. Do you want to help me out?"
"Okay. See that tube of cocoa butter on my nightstand? Do you want to get it and rub it all over my belly for me?"
"What's it do?"
"Stops me from getting stretch marks. Or a lot of them, anyways. Besides, the baby likes when people massage my belly with it."
"'Kay! It's chilly, Mommy!"
"I know. Now make sure you get it all over my whole belly, okay?"
"Thank you for helping me."
"You're welcome."

She felt her rub the cream all over her belly and she felt the baby kick in response and she smiled happily. It was moments like this that made it all worth it-no matter how poorly she felt at times-seeing her daughter interact with her son was the best thing in the world.

"Hey, babe. Hey, Ally."
"Daddy you gotta say hi to the baby!"
"Sorry, princess. I was gonna after I gave you and your mother kisses."
"'Kay! I was helpful to Mommy like I said I'd be!"
"I knew you would be."

Steven got into bed beside her, and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"You look beautiful, babe. Can I touch?"
"Yeah, go ahead. The cream is dry now."
"Hey, little guy. I missed you. I was just downstairs putting the pictures we took on the computer but I'm back now."

She smiled as he decided to kiss her belly instead. Little Stevie approved of the decision, kicking as his lips met her belly-hard. She couldn't help but giggle.

"You okay, honey?"
"Yeah. He's a strong baby."
"Just like his daddy."
"Yeah. Hey, pretty girl. Thanks for asking if you could be in the pictures. They came out really well."

Alison had sat on his lap and she looked excited.

"They did?"
"Yeah. They did."
"Can I see them?"
"Later, honey. I'm gonna get some of them developed tomorrow, okay?"


"Huh? What was that?"

Steven Wakefield found himself suddenly awakened by a sudden, intense, kick against his back from his unborn son. He rolled over, actually glad to be awake, and he gave his alarm clock a friendly pat. Like clockwork, every day, the baby kicked to wake him up. It was almost a tradition. And every day he was stunned to be awoken by him. That was also a tradition. He leaned over and gave Billie a kiss on the cheek, trying to gently wake her. He didn't understand how she could sleep through all the movement, but she did. He supposed it was a skill all expectant mothers had.

"Hey, Steven. Did he wake you up again?"
"Yeah. I like it, though. He's my alarm clock."
"He's being a smartass. Is Ally up?"
"I dunno. He just kicked me. I haven't even been out of bed yet."

She smiled at him.

"Well, lucky you. I have to pee. Again. I'll be back."

He couldn't believe she was six-and-a-half months pregnant already. It was so amazing to him. However, he could believe that she needed to use the bathroom. She'd had the exact thing happen to her once she'd reached six-and-a-half months with Ally, too.

"Honey, what? I really have to go to the bathroom."

He leaned over and pressed a kiss to her abdomen.

"I wanted to say good morning to our Steven. You can go to the bathroom now."
"Thank you."

He watched her walk into their master bathroom, wondering if they'd have enough time for a shower together that morning. He really wanted to shower with her-her belly had done some more growing and he wanted to see it up close and personal. She finished up, sitting on the edge of their bed. He moved closer to her and gave her a hug.

"You wanna take a shower together?"
"Now? What time is it?"
"It's early enough."
"Well, okay. That sounds like fun."

He watched her undress, which consisted of taking off the shorts and tank top she'd slept in, and he slipped off his boxers, actually stunned she'd agreed. He gave her a hug, getting more than slightly turned on, and she gave him a kiss.

"Don't be. You're turned on by me. It makes me feel sexy."
"You are sexy. Come on, let's get in the shower before I accidentally stain the rug."
"Well, you might be right. Come on, let's get in the shower. Maybe I'll even get your growing Steven Jr. sorted for you."

She pressed herself closely against him-oh, yes, he wanted that. He really really wanted that. He really really really wanted that.

She took him by the hand and lead him to the bathroom, where she'd already turned on the water. He was more than slightly turned on and confused.

"I wanted to shower together too. But I wanted you to ask me first. The water's nice and hot, just like the two of us."

He followed her into the shower and she wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him to enter her. He was surprised that she was having sex with him in the morning, knowing that Alison and Jeanette would soon be awake, but the pleasurable sighs she was letting out told him she didn't care. He pressed a trail of kisses down her neck, paying special attention to her breasts, and she let out a series of quiet, pleasured moans. He really didn't need much encouragement to climax, and they came together, only five minutes after they started. He gave her another kiss as she sank against him.

"That was great, babe."
"You think so?"
"Yeah. Thanks for that quickie. We've gotta do this more often."
"No, thank you. You make me feel sexy."
"You are sexy."

He caressed her sides, and she smiled at him.

"Thanks. We should probably get clean, shouldn't we?"

He scrubbed himself as she washed her hair, unabashedly admiring her body. She handed him a washcloth and her body wash, looking at him shyly.

"Can you wash my belly?"
"Thanks. It's getting a bit awkward for me to do it."
"Turn around."

She did, and he held her with one arm, using his other hand to gently wash her swelling belly. He was amazed at how perfect she looked.

"He's kicking, you can feel it, right?"

He stopped rubbing her abdomen with the washcloth and pressed his hand to her belly. Indeed, their son was kicking.

"Yeah. It's awesome, babe."
"I think so too. You ready to get out?"
"Do we have to?"
"Yes! I have to get Ally ready for school and you have to get ready for work."

She shut off the shower and he helped her out, not wanting her to slip and fall. She clutched his hand, giggling, and he grinned. He wrapped a towel around his waist and she slipped on her bathrobe, which was silk and he could clearly see the baby moving through. He laid his hands on her abdomen and continued to speak.

"Do you want anything special for breakfast?"
"Yes! Bacon and scrambled eggs with chocolate milk. Will you make it for me?"
"Of course."

He got dressed quickly and went to wake Alison, who was thankfully still sound asleep.

"Ally? It's time to get up. Why don't you get dressed and then we'll go downstairs and make your mommy a special breakfast."
"Like what?"
"Well, she wants bacon and scrambled eggs. And chocolate milk. Sound good?"
"Uh-huh! Did you wake little Stevie up?"
"Well, he's very much awake. But he was awake when I got up."

She grinned widely.

"I wanna feel him!"
"Well, your mother's getting dressed right now. You can feel him when she comes down for breakfast. Do you need any help?"
"No, Daddy!"
"Is labor gonna hurt Mommy?"
"It probably will."
"Is Mommy gonna say bad words?"
"She might."
"When's Mommy gonna have the baby?"

She'd gotten dressed and sat on his lap.

"Well, probably around her due date. She'll probably be a couple weeks overdue, though."
"'Cause that's what the midwives think will happen, princess. You were late, too."
"I know! Mommy told me!"
"It was an exciting day."
"'Cause you got to meet me!"
"Yes. Exactly. And when your brother's born it will be exciting too because we'll get to meet him."
"I can't wait!"