It wasn't the colorless walls that made the hospitals eerie and unlikeable. It was the memories that flooded the floors and embedded themselves in the walls. He didn't need to be there but he had to be there. It was his job to open this hospital and give the key to the Governor of New York. Only the Governor of New York wasn't going to be there, so he was giving it to the Dean of Medicine since it was their hospital. There was going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony, then a tour of the hospital, a interview in the Children's Wing and then a lunch in the enormous garden lobby that could be seen from every hospital room.

"Mr. Truman," A young woman, no older than twenty-five, approached him with a folder. "This is for you. Mrs. Truman wanted to let you know that Aurora will not be going on the tour of the Children's wing."

"Thank you Elizabeth." The woman nodded and turned to leave. Flipping open the manila folder, his eyes went over it quickly and he flipped it shut. "Elizabeth!"

"Yes sir?" She stopped, facing him.

"Ask Mrs. Truman if Aurora is coming at all." She nodded and began to walk away. "Oh and Elizabeth. Nice Job."

The woman smiled and disappeared around the corner. And before he knew it he watched her appear on the lower level in the courtyard where chairs had been set up and a small stage with a podium in the middle. Elizabeth approached a dark haired woman who was dressed in a navy blue suit matching the color scheme Will was wearing. As Elizabeth delivered the message, the dark haired woman looked up and locked eyes with Will as he stood at the window.

There was a small smirk playing at her lips as she answered Elizabeth's question. She turned and was met with another worker of the event. It was a man who Will had seen before and wasn't threatened by the hand he had put at the small of the dark haired woman's back. She was teasing him and she did it well. It's just too bad he wouldn't be able to say a word to her in a long time.

"Mr. Truman. Mrs. Walker… I mean Mrs. Truman said Aurora should be driving in with your mother."

"Did you call Mrs. Truman Mrs. Walker?" He asked Elizabeth, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"No. But Mr. Truman if the two of you aren't married, then why does she have your last name?"

"Elizabeth. I am married to Karen. I have been married to Karen for nearly thirty years. Actually that's how long I've known her. I've been married to her for nearly fifteen." He corrected. "You are the only one who knows that besides my parents, Grace and Jack."

"Then why?"

"My parents have enough money to own New York. Karen has enough money to own her own island. It came with her divorce from Stanley Walker."

"The business mogul, right?"

"Yes. And because of her marriage to Mr. Walker we have decided to keep our marriage under wraps you could say." Will offered. "And we wouldn't want the people of New York to think that-"

"She's married to you for your parents money." Will looked at her with surprise. "What? I live in New York and I do have parents that talk. I've heard things. And before you ask, no I don't think Karen would have married you for your parents money."

"Elizabeth you've been in my family long enough to know how right that is." Will smiled. With a quick glance at the clock he saw that it was nearing nine. Aurora and his mother should be arriving soon. Karen should be changing into a pair of navy blue pants because it suddenly was too cold. "Not to mention you're Aurora's best friend."

"And you wouldn't have it any other way." She smiled. "You have ten minutes until the thing with Karen."

"Thanks." Elizabeth nodded and smiled as she exited the room, closing the door behind her.

Going back to the window overlooking the courtyard, people starting to fill the seats. There were people with cameras and press credentials hanging around their necks. Women with purses sitting in their lap and their husbands were standing chatting with each other, their hands in their pockets. He saw the guest's heads turn and that's when his attention was brought to his mother and the brunette woman standing next to her. He hadn't seen Aurora since the night before and he mentioned that he and Karen were wearing blue. But the navy blue and white she wore would end up going well together when they had to take pictures later on.

The door behind him opened and he smiled. Not only because of his mother and Aurora arriving, but also because of the woman who was standing behind him with a smug smile. Turning around he saw Karen leaning against the doorjamb with her feet crossed at the ankles. Her dark hair was swept up with a few tendrils falling around her face. And she had indeed changed her skirt into a pair of navy blue slacks. Her feet were encased in a pair of black sling backs, which later she would complain about.

"Aurora is here with Marilyn," Karen stated. She walked into the room and stood toe to toe with Will, her fingers dancing up to the knot of his tie. "Your speech is going to be about three minutes long. Don't forget to look up every so often and don't forget to wait for applause."

"Anything else I shouldn't forget?"

"When were we married?"

"Twenty five years ago"

"What day?" She asked, undoing his tie and re-doing it to her liking.

"A Friday." Will said. He didn't miss the flicker in her eyes. "A Thursday." She shook her head. "A Saturday?"

"It was a Sunday afternoon in the backyard of your parents." She said, flipping the part of the tie over. "Grace was my maid of honor, Jack was your best man and the person who married us was one of your mother's friends."

"No flower girl or bridesmaids?"

"We didn't want a big church wedding." She said, tightening the knot. "We wanted it small."

"Sorry. I should know this. It should be engrained into my memory, but my memory-"

"Is going to make its way back to you. Don't worry." Karen patted his cheek. "Come on. We need to go listen to John Prodder make a speech about The Dash."

Will and Karen walked out of the building and into the crowd of people and immediately the flashes of cameras went off. They group of people followed them as they made their way to their seats. There were three people in front of Will who were making a speech. He had to take in what they were saying to make amendments to his own speech. As the first man got up to speak, Karen slipped her hand into his and squeezed it. It was a reassuring squeeze that made him feel comfortable.

Listening to the man explain that a person's life happened during the two years, the one which they were born in and the one in which the passed away, Will took a look around at the crowd which has gathered. He caught Aurora's eye and smiled at the curly haired brunette. She smiled in returned and mouthed 'Pay Attention.' Nodding, Will turned back around and smiled at Karen who was asking him what was he doing with that raised eyebrow. Smiling he shook his head and leaned back into his seat.

With Karen at his side, Will listened to the other two speeches. After a momentous round of applause, Will made his way up to the stage. The audience once again started to applause. As if bracing himself from the New York cold, Will took a deep breath and smiled. He opened his mouth getting ready to speak, but the crowd erupted once again. Waving his hands, getting the crowd to quiet down. He began.

"It was a summer years ago when I met the real Karen Walker….." Looking up at Will, with a smile she knew. She knew his memory was coming back.