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Maura stirred the creamer into her coffee, watching it swirl in dark contrast with her Sumatra roast. Maybe she was adding too much, but attention to detail certainly wasn't high on her list of priorities this evening. Her office was quiet after the autopsy of Amelia Murray and the whole driving the snake DNA to the zoo. She knew this caffeine would keep her up all night, but it'd be a better reason to toss and turn than the rest of her life's goings on.

But, after a second glance, she could truly do without the racing heart and jitters, so into the trash the cup went.

She hated fighting with Jane like this. Jane was her best friend, the woman that she could go to with anything, the one who kept her grounded. But recently something had clicked and instead of goofy grins and jokes Maura had to think about to understand, she got silence and avoidance. This made Maura feel like she did as a child—arrested in a world that made absolutely no sense. And worse, he wasn't even sure why they were fighting. Not really. She thought the events at Jane's apartment had perhaps caused this tension, but she couldn't be sure. Maura Isles had never tried so hard to understand a living person like this before.

Her attempts to talk to Jane had been futile. This morning she asked her how her finger was doing as the detective leaned down to take a drink from the water fountain. As she got back up she curtly replied "fine," and walked back into her office.

About two hours later, Maura tried calling with the prospect of lunch—greasy submarine sandwiches from the pizza place around the corner. Jane declined, saying she was trying to cut back on calories.

Which was a lie; the woman prided herself on her ability to inhale carbohydrates with no consequences.

And after she'd gone to offer Frost and Korsak the forlorn sandwiches, she spied Jane talking to Officer Richmond from Robbery. Once Jane saw the doc, though, she spun on her heels and walked away. Actually, more of a jog, if Maura was being honest.

The last time they'd fought to such an extent was when Jane had been exposed to the upper echelon of humanity, a world of pretty houses and fast, expensive cars, but the ugliest secrets. A world in which Jane feared Maura comfortably belonged. No wonder the detective was wary. She had every right to be.

This felt different, though.

Bigger than the two of them squabbling like teenagers. Maura didn't want to think about the implications of how much bigger, and pragmatic or not, she could see this from miles away.

Admittedly, Maura wasn't the best with people. She didn't understand the living, breathing ones as much as she did those lying motionless in her morgue. Jane made her feel like all she knew about humanity was one broad generalization that people like the homicide detective didn't fall into. Jane was an enigma, and it bothered Maura and intrigued her all in one blow.

It wouldn't be easy to write Jane off, but Maura could do it. She knew she had it in her to do it. She'd slip into cautious pleasantries over case files and corpses, gradually removing the most complicated portion of her life. It'd be simple to keep to her lab, deliberately avoiding the Jane Rizzoli that lived in a world Maura rarely understood. Then she could go back to her life before Jane Rizzoli; a life of books and solitude and dates with men that were never good enough. A life that felt familiar, maybe even more comfortable than the life she shared with Jane.

But then there was that part of her life that she owed to the detective, the one that let the light shine inside her just a little bit. A light that helped her realize she was not the unaffected machine she'd thought she was.

So that's why she stood at Jane's office door after a full day of work; after Frost had long since gone home; after Robbery shut its doors; after Jane would think that she was alone in the office.

She stood there because she needed that light.

Jane bent over her desk, scribbling the end notes for the finally-closed Harris case. It had been a wonky ride and now she needed a night cap and her bed. She knew her chances of bad dreams were good again tonight, but she was so exhausted that maybe she wouldn't have to worry. Ah, wishful thinking.

The knock on her door startled her. "Uh, who is it?"

"Maura," the voice replied, sounding just as fatigued as she was. "May I come in?"

Jane hesitated a moment, sighing as she got up to unlock her office door, meeting Maura's eyes as soon as she opened it. "You okay? What are you doing here? It's almost midnight, d'ya need a ride?"

The sandy-blonde shook her head. "No, I don't need a ride. I need you to be honest with me. I hate fighting with you. The last time we fought I understood why; you needed reassurance that I had your back. And I do, Jane."

"Maura, it's not that—"

"I know it's not that, but things have been strange between us since that night at your apartment. I… haven't quite been able to shake it, and I'm sorry if I'm overstepping here, but it seems you're reacting similarly."

Jane looked down at the floor because Maura had her pinned. All the brunette could do was shrug.

"I want to make this right. If you need some time I understand, but I'd rather be told that than sit around and watch you scamper around corners in an attempt to elude me."

Lifting her gaze, Jane took hold of Maura's hand, grasping it within her own. Instinctively the doctor moved forward, closing the space between them. "I don't scamper. I just…I never. This is not something I… I'm familiar with."

The hazel-eyed woman eyed her friend carefully, brows furrowing. "This is somewhat new territory for me, too. I've never had this strong of a connection with a co-worker before, let alone one who is such a good friend.

"But I just have to… I have to do this Jane because otherwise, I'm going to drive myself insane."

"Have to do what?"

Maura looked at her for a moment before she shifted fully inside the door, closing it behind her. Her back hit the door just as she grabbed Jane by the lapels of her blazer, pulling her backwards. The kiss surprised Maura more than it did Jane, and the detective gasped at how tightly her friend held her, how soft her mouth was. Fleetingly, Jane hoped Korsak wasn't still here, playing online poker or whatever he did late at the office.

After the initial shock had worn off, Jane pressed her body against the slender one beneath her. Maura pawed at the plum v-neck underneath the detective's black blazer, pulling it out from her low-slung dress pants. Buckling forward, the brunette gasped when she felt soft hands grazing across her abdomen, pulling her closer.

Jane was shocked that her own response seemed to come so naturally. Usually reserved when it came to expressing physical affections, the detective was standing there, kissing Maura Isles like she'd been doing it her whole life.

Jane's fingers fell to Maura's dainty button down, shakily undoing the first three buttons and exposing the lacy white bra underneath. She pulled the fabric of the shirt to either side, nearly tearing it. Cupping those amazing breasts felt just as good—better—as any dream or fantasy Jane had about them; so full and heavy and sexy. Fuck, she could get lost in this woman.

She already was.

Maura's fingers ghosted along the definition in Jane's strong core, following the lines that gave way to womanly (albeit lanky) curvature. It felt so good and so solid, but soft and feminine. It was a dichotomy, just like Jane, just like their relationship. The sandy-blonde pushed her fingers higher, skimming along the undersides of Jane's breasts through the bra, feeling the woman on top arch forward, never breaking their kiss.

Dizzied, Jane was dizzied, as Maura's tongue slid into her mouth, propelling her own forward to playfully battle with the other. The doc's mouth tasted so sweet, and Jane wondered how the rest of her tasted.. She groaned, imagining licking a line up the long length of Maura's inner thigh before devouring her. Long fingers tangled in those styled sandy waves as she tugged the woman closer, simultaneously pressing her narrow hips against the other pair, trapping her to the door.

When Maura's nimble fingers began undoing Jane's belt, the detective pulled back. "Do you really want to do this—here?" Jane panted, watching the devious smirk in her friend's eyes as she began kissing along her neck, teeth ever-so-lightly grazing. "'Cause I want you on my desk, too. But I also want you somewhere people aren't gonna hear us."

Maura visibly shivered at that. "Are you a loud lover, Jane?"

"I have a feeling you are," Jane grinned as Maura started to button her oxford again.

"Wait," Jane croaked, wrapping her arms around that slender waist as she pulled Maura against her, pressing open-mouthed kisses along the swells of her breasts, tugging the fabric of her bra aside to take one of those straining nipples into her mouth. The other hand pawed and squeezed gently at the breast not being laved with attention. She'd been meaning to do that for a while now.

Maura's head hit the door as she tangled her fingers in Jane's unruly waves, gasping. "Jane, we, Oh…"

As Jane sucked on the tender flesh, Maura tugged her closer, feeling those able fingers dig into a lower back that was beginning to perspire from the influx of adrenaline coursing through her body.

"Stop," Maura pleaded. "Stop, or else I'm not going to be able to say no. Let's go back to your apartment."

Jane pulled away, giving one last woeful glance toward Maura's breasts. "Really? You sure?"

"I'm sure." Maura gripped Jane by her shoulders and tugged her closer once more, kissing her fervently, breaking it only to say, "But sirens on, Jane."

Jane groaned into that mouth as she forcibly pulled away, panting.

"Fuck it, let's go," Jane said and she hurried over to her desk, grabbed her keys and flipped the lights off.

As the pair made their way outside of the office, Maura smoothing down her hair and focusing on rebuttoning her shirt while Jane tucked her t-shirt back into her slacks, Korsak froze in place, realizing from his vantage point in the hallway that neither girl could see him. By the looks of it, they weren't really focused on anything else.

"Bout frickin' time," he muttered to himself as he shuffled off to play one more hand of online poker.

Jane unlocked the car with fingers shaking and Maura slipped into the front seat, buckling her seat belt. The detective was having trouble focusing on her task of slipping the key in the ignition because Maura's face was flushed, and her lips were parted and her hastily redone shirt gaped open across a missed button, revealing flashes of pale flesh and white lace.

"Are we really doing this?" Jane asked, even as she punched the siren, listening to the loud whooping sound drown out the sloshing of her heart.

"I'd really like to do this, and I feel as though all of the constant tension between of us could be remedied by a good night or so in the bedroom."

Jane smirked. "We aren't gonna make it to the bedroom."

Maura swallowed as she leaned her head back against the headrest. "Where are we going to make it to?"

"I uh, don't know, but I'm having trouble focusing on driving, let alone getting you past the three doors to my bedroom."

Maura grinned, laughing softly. "What will relax you?"

Jane eyed her knowingly.

"Oh?" Maura smirked. "Well, if I wasn't such a proponent of safe driving I'd certainly have my fingers on your belt while I nibbled on your ear."

"Maura," Jane chided sharply. "I'm gonna pull this car over and do you right in that seat."

"Do me?" the doctor chuckled. "Are you fifteen?"

"No! But you're makin' me feel like it, damnit." Jane growled, her foot jamming the gas pedal harder.

Maura was clearly getting a kick out of this, giggling into her hand.

"I'm just surprised you're like this."

"Like what?"

"Forward," Jane rasped as she pulled the car through a red light, startling the texting driver in the other lane.

"Oh, well, yes. I am."

Jane smirked.

Maura lifted her hips some and sat on her hands, making Jane grin.

"You okay?"

"Trying to keep my hands to myself."

Jane shook her head, pulling up to her building with a screeching halt. She undid her seatbelt just as Maura did and watched as the doc's eyes widened before she hurriedly opened her door. Jane did the same, locked the door, and followed Maura who was walking quickly toward her apartment building. They made it up the few flights of stairs to Jane's building, Maura antsy as ever beside her as she slid the key into the door.

All of a sudden it felt real and the nerves set in for Jane who dropped her keys and took off her blazer, tossing it onto the chair. Maura picked it up instinctively, draping it against the back of that same chair so it wouldn't wrinkle.

Jane smiled, walking the few feet over to Maura and settling her hands on her hips. "Should probably tell you, I've never been with a girl."

"Oh, it's no trouble. Do you masturbate?" Maura murmured as she pressed a kiss against Jane's forehead.

"Uhh, yes," Jane sputtered.

"You'll be fine. Women make wonderful lovers."

As Maura tugged Jane's v-neck over her head, Jane asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, they make wonderful lovers. I had a girlfriend in medical school; very experimental and sexy, if I do say so myself."

Flabbergasted, Jane chuckled slowly, fingers wavering to undo the row of buttons on Maura's shirt, finally parting the fabric enough to get a full glimpse of the body underneath. Sure, she'd seen it at yoga, in tight tank tops and sports bras, but this was different. Right now it was hers.

Slow burn, that's what Maura felt as Jane reached around to undo her bra. When the brunette couldn't get it, the doctor brought her hands up to help, tossing the lacy garment behind her. Jane palmed at her breasts, thumbs running over the nipples as if in awe.

Maura gasped again, then—one handedly—undid Jane's bra, freeing her breasts. She cupped them, feeling their modest weight in her palms while her mouth pressed kisses along that sharply defined collarbone. Jane's breath hitched in her throat as Maura steered her backward toward the kitchen counter.

Jane loved all this exploration Maura was doing, but she wasn't about to be the first one to go ass down on the counter. Just before they got there, she spun the other woman around and hoisted her onto the counter. Maura wrapped her strong legs around Jane's hips, pulling her in. This time when her hand went to Jane's belt, the detective helped her, tugging on the simple leather until it was clanging against the floor. The brunette stepped out of her slacks, wishing she'd opted for something sexier than purple cotton underwear. She was sure Maura had on something lacy and pricey that didn't come in a pack of three.

Maura unzipped her black pencil skirt, lifting her ass to tug it down her hips and thighs leaving her in a black thong with a miniature rosette right on the front of the band.

"Fancy," Jane mumbled as she hooked the forefingers of either hand against the sides of the underwear (mindful of her left hand's still-healing middle) tugging them down to join the skirt on the floor.

And now Maura Isles was naked on her kitchen counter and Jane was at a loss.

Recognizing Jane's hesitation, Maura took the brunette's right, slightly trembling hand and brought it in between her thighs, manipulating it until it cupped her sex, fingertips able to get a handle on just how much the good doctor wanted this. Jane buckled forward upon feeling how wet Maura was, breaths coming out of her in shuddering little gasps. Maura's hands supported her weight behind her, struggling to find solid enough purchase on the slick counter top.

"Please, Jane," Maura said so reverently it sounded like a prayer.

"Oh, fuck, Maura," Jane hissed as she brought some of the woman's wetness to her clit, using it to rub tight circles there.

"Yes," the doctor whimpered.

This was still a little unfamiliar to Jane, but the detective prided herself on adaptibility. She leaned closer, feeling Maura wrap her in her arms, mouth seeking out hers as she tugged none too gently on her lower lip. The detective shuddered before the finger that was rubbing Maura's clit slid down the slippery path inside of her.

"Two," Maura pleaded. "I need two."

Jane's body tensed at the gentle command as a second finger slid inside of Maura. The blonde held her around the shoulders, hips starting to roll in silent indication of what she wanted. Jane picked up the hint, pushing her fingers in to their hilt. Gasping, the doctor's head tipped backward as the brunette picked up a rhythm. Maura was right, this was a lot like masturbating; only infinitely hotter. Instead of choking back moans in her bedroom, she was here with Maura's smooth, tight sex gripping her fingers, holding her captive.

Maura's hips kept up in time with Jane's fingers, making the dull ache that had started in between Jane's legs turn into a throb. Jane discovered she loved watching Maura like this; so elegant even when she was unraveling, so beautiful even when the sweat starting beading at her brow. The blonde kept going, meeting Jane's thrusts, nails digging into the shoulders above her.

They were both sweating now as Jane continued, listening as Maura moaned for her, whimpered against her neck, held her so close with her legs there was barely enough room to fuck her properly. Jane wanted to see her come, wanted to feel her come. And when Maura started rubbing her own clit while Jane watched her fingers slide inside of her, the brunette could only moan.

"God, you're fucking gorgeous," Jane panted as she continued, free hand hooking under Maura's thigh, tugging her closer. She groaned, realizing those shiny black stilettos were somehow still on the blonde's feet. "You know how long I've wanted this to happen?"

Unable to respond with anything besides moaning, Maura tensed around Jane's fingers and her own times spent by her lonesome told the detective her partner was close. She could read it in her face, tell by the way the sandy-blonde clung to her for dear life.

When she finally did come, Jane swore she could have gotten off by how hot it sounded to hear the "Oh, God, Jane"s coming from the other woman's lips The way she gasped, whimpered, and bit back a scream as her hips rolled until she slumped forward.

Slipping her fingers free, Jane held onto Maura, kissing her forehead, down the slender slope of her nose and to the apples of her cheeks. The blonde looked up at her, beaming, hooking arms around the detective's neck, pulling her in for a kiss that Jane happily obliged.

"Mm, I do know how long you've wanted this to happen, probably around the same time I have. After that first time I caught you staring at my breasts, and then again when we went undercover at that lesbian bar…"

Jane smirked. "You noticed?"

"Of course. It, well, it aroused me quite a bit. And at first I thought it was because I respected you a great deal, but then I realized it was something more. I care about you, deeply. It's strange for me to admit this, but right now my body is so hopped up on endorphins I might as well have just snorted a line of benzoylmethylecgonine."

"Uh, what?"


"You're comparing me to cocaine?" Jane smirked.

"Well, yes, sort of."

Jane grinned again as Maura slipped off the counter, starting to take off her shoes. The detective halted her though as she grinned bashfully.

"Leave 'em, they're sexy. Always."

"Really, Jane? I didn't peg you as someone with a shoe fetish."

"No, I just think your legs look good in those shoes," Jane said, blushing some.

Maura took hold of Jane's hand, flicking the lock on the apartment door with an audible finality before leading Jane toward the bedroom.

"No counter?" Jane asked with a curious and smirking grin.

"No. You said you wouldn't be able to get me to your bedroom, but I've wanted to do this in here for a long time now."