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Kurt and Blaine were lying on Blaine's bed in his dorm room. They were going to watch a movie they both loved, and could both sing along to. Moulin Rouge. It was their favorite, and knew all the words to each and every song.

"I have a brilliant idea Kurt!" Kurt looked at his boyfriend.

"Go on."

"We should sing these songs in random places. We should post it all over facebook, and spontaneously sing them." Blaine smiled.

"Oh my god. We should do it."

For the rest of the night, they talked about what they were going to sing for the week on what days, where they would be going, and just laughing and imagining people's reactions.

They didn't even watch the movie.

"The French are glad to die for love…" Kurt was sitting outside a jewelry store in the mall, and he was extremely excited to be there. He had a full audience, and could see Blaine in that audience. Music started to play, and Kurt continued to sing.

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental but diamonds are a girl's best friend.
A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental on your humble flats or help you feed your Pussycat.
Men grow cold as girls grow old and we all lose our charms in the end.
But square-cut or pear-shaped these rocks don't lose their shape. Diamonds are a girl's best friend." He paused for a moment, standing up, and looking around.

"Tiffanys! Cartiers!" Kurt yelled. He started to walk around, and then sing again.

"Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl." He looked at Blaine, and pointed to him. Blaine walked out of the crowd towards Kurt.

"Ah. Come and get me, boys...
Black Star, Ross Cole,
Talk to me, Blaine Anderson, tell me all about it!
There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer."

"But diamonds are a girl's best friend." Blaine sung, grinning madly.

"There may come a time when a hard-boiled employer." Kurt paused to let Blaine sing.

"Thinks you're awful nice."

"But get that ice or else no dice." He finished. Blaine started to sing again.

"He's your guy when stocks are high
But beware when they start to descend.
Oooo...Diamonds are a girl's best
Diamonds are a girls best
Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

"Cause that's when those louses go back to their spouses!
Diamonds are a girl's best
Diamonds are a girl's best
Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" Kurt and Blaine finished, sitting back down. More music started to play, and people continued to stare at them. Some were people they knew, others were confused as to why they were singing Moulin Rouge in the first place.

"Love is a many splendored thing,
Love lifts us up where we belong; all you need is love." Blaine said, putting his arm around Kurt.

"Please, don't start that again." Kurt sighed, resting his chin on his right palm.

"All you need is love." Blaine sung.

"A girl has got to eat." Kurt said.

"All you need is love."

"Or she'll end up on the streets." Kurt pleaded.

"All you need is love."

"Love is just a game." Kurt sung; standing up, ready to walk away.

"I was made for loving you baby; you were made for loving me." Blaine sung, following after.

"The only way of loving me baby, is to pay a lovely fee." Kurt sung back, turning around, rubbing his fingers together.

"Just one night, give me just one night."

"There's no way, 'cause you can't pay."

"In the name of love, one night in the name of love." Blaine pleaded to Kurt.

"You crazy fool; I won't give in to you." Kurt smirked.

"Don't leave me this way, I can't survive without your sweet love, oh baby
Don't leave me this way." Blaine sung, grabbing Kurt's arm. Kurt sighed, and sung softly.

"You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs."

"I look around me and I see, it isn't so, oh no." Blaine smiled.

"Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs."

"Well what's wrong with that? I'd like to know.
'Cause here I go again!
Love lifts us up where we belong,
where eagles fly, on a mountain high." Blaine sung happily, jumping on top of a bench.

"Love makes us act like we are fools,
Throw our lives away, for one happy day." Kurt sung back, starting to walk away.

"We could be heroes! Just for one day." Kurt stopped, and turned around to face Blaine.

"You, you will be mean." Kurt said, frowning.

"No I won't!"

"And I, I'll drink all the time." Kurt said, throwing his hands up.

"We should be lovers." Blaine said, kneeling down, putting out his hand.

"We can't do that." Kurt walked towards Blaine slowly.

"We should be lovers, and that's a fact." He smiled at Kurt lovingly.

"Though nothing, will keep us together…" Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand, and he lifted Kurt onto the bench.

"We could steal time..." Blaine started, and they both sung in harmony.

"Just for one day. We could be heroes, forever and ever!

We could be heroes, forever and ever.

We could be heroes..."

"Just because I will always love you!" They sang to each other.

"I can't help loving you…" Their hands were intertwined with one another's, and their faces were so close.

"How wonderful life is…" Kurt sang softly, Blaine being the only one to hear it.

"Now you're in the world…" The finished off with a sweet kiss. People started to clap, and they smiled at each other when they pulled away.

"That was so awesome." Kurt smiled at Blaine.

"You're telling me. You're an amazing Santine, you know that?"

"Yeah, but you're an awesome Christian." Kurt complimented back.

They got off the bench, hands still intertwined, and walked through the staring crowd.

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