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Edward's POV

Something about Jasper Hale always makes me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy – laid back, fun, good-natured – but there's just something about him that sets me on edge.

He and his sister Rose transferred to Forks High at the start of our senior year. They moved from Texas, and arrived at the end of what passes for summer here. They looked ridiculously out of place; all tanned skin and sun-bleached blonde hair.

They fitted in straight away. Rose is a bit intimidating and doesn't take any shit from anyone. The resident dominant females quickly realized that it was going to be easier to accept her rather than cut her out. She's also drop-dead gorgeous. My friend and neighbor, Emmett McCarthy, took one look at her and was lost. They've been the hottest couple at Forks High ever since. Rose has him wrapped around her perfectly-manicured little finger, but he's happy, I think he really loves her.

And Jasper slotted right in too. He made the football team at try-outs and quickly established himself as a valuable player. He gets on with everyone; his easy humor and laid-back attitude make him popular with guys and girls alike.

The girls swoon over his surfer-dude looks. With his chin length blonde curls and piercing blue eyes he's undeniably striking. His chiseled features and wide smile are pretty easy on the eye too, I guess… but his tall frame and muscular build stop him from looking too girly. This is according to my little sister Alice, who has a serious crush on him. She's constantly babbling on about him to anyone who will listen.

Jasper doesn't have a regular girlfriend but has caused quite a stir with the cheerleaders. Most of them have had his tongue down their throat at some party or other, but he doesn't fuck and tell. I've not heard of anything much more serious happening with any of them. Lauren Mallory claims she sucked his dick at a Halloween party but she's the type of girl who just makes shit up, so who knows if that's even true? Sometimes I wonder why I care what he has, or hasn't done with Lauren. I decide it's because of Alice and her interest in him.

I don't have a current girlfriend either, since Bella there hasn't been anyone who interests me. Most of the girls at school are so fake and irritating. I liked Bella because she was more natural than the rest of them, and her quirky humor appealed to me. We dated for a few months but it never quite felt quite right. When we fooled around it was okay... we'd get each other off, but I always felt that I should have been more into her than I was. Eventually I broke it off and she was pretty cool about it. She's dating a guy from La Push now, and seems happy.

Like I say... there isn't anyone who interests me, so I'm happy as things are. My right hand is my best friend and the internet always helps. I focus on my school work and sports, and hang out with the guys between times.

Life is pretty good, the only thing that bugs me is Jasper, and I can't for the life of me work out what my problem is with him. As I said, he's a great guy, fun to be around, everyone likes him. He's part of the group that I hang out with, because we're all on the football team, and socialize together a lot. Occasionally I catch him staring at me in an odd, intense way, but then his eyes slide away when he sees me looking. He sometimes seems on edge around me, and that makes me nervous too.

No one else seems to notice anything, but I often wonder whether Jasper dislikes me for some reason. Then I feel stupid and paranoid, because he grins at me and includes me in the conversation, and the moment of weirdness passes.


Every Saturday during football season we have games scheduled against other schools in the district. For away games we travel by bus with Coach Banner driving us. On the return journey when we're all high after the game, it's become traditional for us to have a bit of a party on the bus. The coach turns a blind eye to what goes on up the back, as long as we're not too rowdy he puts up with what he calls our 'youthful high-spirits'.

Today it was the last game of the season and we ended on a high note by winning a decisive victory against Port Townsend High School. It's a long drive back, a good couple of hours and Emmett and Mike Newton both snuck on a case of beer for the journey. Jasper is right in the back next to the window and I've ended up next to him. Emmett and Mike are across the aisle from us. After a couple of beers each the noise level's getting pretty high, and we whoop our approval as Jasper pulls out a bottle of bourbon from his bag and wiggles his eyebrows.

"Oh yeah, baby!" Emmett hollers, reaching out one of his huge hands for the bottle.

"Not so fast McCarty," drawls Jasper with a glint in his eye. "I think we should make it a little more interesting." He grins then continues. "To earn your shot, you have to do a dare first. So, who's in?"

"Bring it on!" Emmett replies, "So what's it going to be then? Come on guys, challenge me!"

"OK dude," Mike cuts in. "You have to flash your ass at that MILF who's been following us for the last twenty miles."

Emmett grins, "No problem man. I'll probably make her day!"

We all snigger as he stands on the back seat and drops his pants and boxer briefs. He presses his ass up against the window and wiggles his hips.

"Fuck man!" Mike is helpless with giggles. "She nearly drove off the fucking road! She's smiling though."

Emmett rearranges his clothes and sits back down, turning to blow a kiss at the lady in the car behind, then takes the proffered bottle and has a large swig.

"OK... Mr Newton," Jasper narrows his eyes and looks at Mike appraisingly. "You next – suggestions from the floor?"

"Down this beer in one... then you get a shot." Emmett challenges Mike, handing him a bottle of Bud. "No spilling allowed, Newton – we're watching."

Mike makes short work of the bottle, and then reaches triumphantly for the bourbon. "Easy – now who's up next? Eddie? Jasper?"

"Don't call me Eddie," I growl at him.

"OK, OK... Edward… Cullen... what-the-fuck-ever you wanna be called..." Mike is getting drunk now. He's always an annoying asshole when he's loaded. "I dare you to flash your dick out the back. I think the lady was enjoying the show, we should give her a little more to go home and flick one off to."

"Get the fuck out of here Newton, flash your own dick." I protest, but my complaints are drowned out by the others egging me on to do it.

"C'mon Ed, don't be a chicken," Emmett pokes me in the arm and I roll my eyes at him. "Unless of course you think my ass is just too hard an act to follow."

Jasper is looking at me intently, but he doesn't say anything. He just watches to see my reactions.

"Oh screw you all," I huff, getting to my feet and starting to unbutton my fly. I awkwardly squeeze my tall frame into a position where my groin is somehow pointing towards the rear window and push my pants and briefs below my dick for a brief moment.

"Wiggle it Eddie, come on!... give her a show," Mike catcalls but I'm already sliding back into my seat, cheeks flaming as I tuck my junk back into my pants and start to button them up.

"She's giving you a thumbs up Ed," Mike hoots. "I think you impressed her."

Something makes me glance at Jasper, and his eyes are fixed on my crotch. As I look at him his gaze flicks up to my face and he turns away quickly, his cheeks flushed. I notice that my dick is filling and convince myself that it's just because I've been manhandling it. What other explanation could there possibly be? I grab the bottle from Mike and take a large swallow, the fiery trail burns down my throat.

"Well it must be your turn next then Jas," Emmett crinkles his brow thoughtfully. "What's it gonna be?"

The words blurt out of my mouth before I can stop them. "I challenge you to jerk off... right now, here on the bus."

What the fuck has happened to my verbal filter? I didn't even know that thought was in my head, but it's out of my mouth now, and the guys are pissing themselves with laughter and Jasper's looking at me as if I've grown two heads. Shit. Well it's too late now, so I decide to run with it.

"So? You started this stupid game... but if you won't accept the dare..." I trail off, shrugging my shoulders and wait.

"Yeah, c'mon Hale," Emmett chuckles. "You can totally rub one out, we won't watch."

"Someone has to watch," Mike is slurring now, "otherwise he can cheat, if there's no jizz it doesn't count."

"Well Edward can watch then, he was the sick fuck who came up with the idea." Emmett grabs another beer and passes one to Mike. They settle back in their seats and start talking about the game earlier as they drink, and I look back at Jasper.

He stares back defiantly and the air seems to thicken between us. My mouth goes dry.

"Hey man, forget it..." I start to mumble but his hands are already moving to his groin.

He sinks back in his seat and I watch his hand cup his dick through the denim of his jeans. He rubs it lazily and I can see his erection swell and grow. I swallow, and I know I should look away but I can't. My eyes dart up to his face and his eyelids are lowered, just a sliver of lazy blue is still visible. He grins at me, unembarrassed, and I hear the clink of a belt buckle. I grip my beer tighter and take a swig, needing the distraction.

"Has he got it out yet Ed?" Mike snickers, "come on man, we haven't got all day."

"Just getting there Newton," Jasper replies. "I wouldn't wanna rush it. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well," he smirks at me and my eyes are pulled back down to his crotch.

His jeans are open now and there is an impressive bulge, still hidden by dark gray boxer briefs. My throat tightens as he pushes the elastic down below his balls, and his junk is on display. I feel a sudden, shocking rush of blood to my own dick as I take in the sight of his hard length and the perfect balls beneath. He wraps his hand around his shaft and squeezes, as he slides his hand slowly up and down a few times. Fuck me, why am I so turned on by the sight of another dude playing with his dick?

Then he moves his hand upwards. I follow it with my eyes, as he brings it to his mouth and licks with long, wet strokes until his palm is glistening with saliva. He meets my eyes as he does it, and I feel my face flush with heat.

His hand is back on his cock now and he lets his thighs fall open a little. The warm pressure of his left thigh against my right one makes my dick fill a little more, it's trapped uncomfortably and I long to adjust it, but am afraid of attracting his attention to my predicament.

His hand is moving faster now and I can hear his breathing getting faster. I grit my teeth, horrified by how much he is affecting me. His hand slides up and down and I can see that there is pre-cum oozing from the head of his dick. My mouth waters as I wonder what it tastes like. What the fuck? I'm torn from my confusion as Mike interrupts again.

"Do you want some visuals man? I think I have a photo of Lauren's rack on my phone..."

"Nope I'm fine," Jasper panted, the movement of his hand continued. "I have a good imagination."

He draws a thumb over his slit, smearing the wetness around the head, and my own dick jumps in response. I nearly laugh hysterically, fearing that I might actually come in my pants, just from watching Jasper Fucking Hale spanking the monkey – in public – at my request. I am so fucked.

I can tell that he's getting close now because he starts to jerk his hips upwards, fucking his hand as his grip tightens. Something makes me look up and our eyes lock, his pupils are huge and he bites his lip. I feel his thigh twitch against mine. I look down and his hips are bucking, and he's coming in thick, pale streams onto his hand. The sight of his orgasm nearly makes me come undone, and I curl the fingers of my free hand into a fist, my nails digging painfully into the palm of my hand.

I watch as his hand slows, squeezing out the last drops of his release, then my eyes find their way back up to his. His lips curve in a slow, knowing smile and his eyes flick down to the visible bulge in my pants and back to meet my mortified gaze.

"I'm a bit sticky now Ed," his voice is husky. "Got a tissue I can have?"

I shake my head, and watch entranced as he calmly licks what he can off his fingers and then wipes the rest off with the bottom of his T-shirt. He tucks his dick back in his pants and buttons up, then grins at me, satisfied, like the cat that got the cream.

"Pass the fucking bourbon," he hollers to Mike who now appears to be the guardian of the bottle. "I feel like a need a cigarette after that, but I know Coach Banner has limits to the shit he'll put up with."

He grins, and leans back to take a slug of bourbon, his throat bobs and my cock twitches. We're still half an hour from home, and I know it will be sweet fucking torture to get through.

I console myself with the thought that I know exactly what will be going through my head when I jerk off later tonight, and that I will come in approximately thirty seconds flat to the memory of Jasper tossing off in front of me.

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