A/N: This was written a while ago for Fandom Gives Back. It's JPOV of the beginning of the story. Thanks to Mamdi for betaing, as always.


As always, my eyes are drawn to Edward when he enters the classroom. I can't help myself. Even though I try not to stare, my eyes linger on him as he lopes past my desk and folds his tall body into the chair near me.

He sits in front of me, across the aisle. This gives me pretty much the ideal vantage point to gaze at him surreptitiously while I chew on the end of my pen and pretend to mess around with my History books. Fucking hell he's hot. I shift my chair slightly, pushing it further under the desk to hide the semi that's already uncurling in my underwear, pushing uncomfortably against the stiff denim of my jeans.

The lesson begins, but I honestly couldn't tell you what the fuck our teacher's talking about. I angle my body towards the front of the class and doodle in the margin of my notes, trying to look busy. But I allow my hair to flop over my eyes and let my gaze drift back to Edward Cullen.

He's made of contradictions that fascinate me endlessly. In some ways he's almost too fucking perfect to be my type. I don't normally go for pretty boys; I like guys who look like men. And Edward is undeniably beautiful with his flawless features. The high cheekbones, straight nose and sculpted lips are straight out of a magazine shoot. But it's the imperfections that make him even better. His crooked grin is hot as hell; the chaotic mess of sex hair makes my fingers itch with the need to twist into it. And there's something weirdly appealing to me about how awkward he is physically sometimes – as though he'd like to take up less space than he actually does.

I've been watching him ever since I transferred to Forks High back in the fall, and sometimes I worry that he's onto me. I guess it's inevitable that he's going to notice me staring – no matter how hard I try to be subtle. When he catches me watching him I always look away quickly, trying to act normally, but I keep catching that curious flash of green before my eyes drop.

It's awkward, because we're not friends exactly... but we're not total strangers either. We're on the football team together and we share some classes, we have lots of friends in common. Hell, we even share a table in Biology. But despite all that, I don't feel like I know him at all. And now there's this weird vibe between us and I'm not sure whether it's just because of me staring and freaking him out – or if maybe there's something else going on that I'm missing.


I sit next to him in Biology as usual. He flashes me a quick smile as he takes his seat and I grin back, struck dumb by his presence. What the fuck, Jasper? Normally I'm chilled out, sociable, at ease with people but there's something about Edward Cullen that makes my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth.

I can't watch him overtly, not when he's sitting next to me... but I sneak little glances across at him as he's busy making notes. The sun slants in through the window and catches his hair, turning the brownish red to vibrant copper. He squints in the sudden glow and puts a hand up to shield his eyes. The skin on the inside of his wrist is so pale that it's nearly white. His veins are visible, blue beneath the surface.

When the sun goes behind a cloud, he splays his long fingers against his temple and props his head up as he frowns and concentrates on his work. He chews on his bottom lip and I have to look away. I know from painful experience that watching Edward bite his lip will end up with me having a boner that'll last until lunchtime.

As I drive home that day I feel frustrated, restless, and horny. I get home while the house is still empty and head straight up to my room, unfastening my jeans and reaching for my half-hard cock before I even close the door behind me. I throw myself down on the bed and pull at my dick impatiently, my head full of thoughts of Edward Cullen.

I wonder who he thinks about when he jerks off. My cock gets instantly harder in my hand as I imagine Edward doing what I'm doing now. I stroke harder, knowing this won't take long. I wonder how Edward would look spread out, naked, fisting his cock. Would his pale skin flush pink when he came? I come with a grunt, shooting up onto my chest, decorating my t-shirt. Oops. I lie there for a while, breathing hard, teasing out the last thick drops and smearing them around the head of my dick with my thumb as I begin to soften.

I pull my clothes off, crumpling my jizz stained t-shirt into a ball and making a mental note to put that one in the wash myself. I head for the shower and turn the water on hot. My orgasm doesn't seem to have improved my mood any. Being gay in high school sucks ass. I snort at the irony of my thoughts. Being gay in high school involves a serious lack of ass sucking, or any kind of sucking in fact.

I step under the water and my thoughts drift to Garrett. I miss having someone to fool around with. Since moving to Forks, I've been so careful to keep my sexuality under wraps that I've been living like a monk. Back in Texas I'd kept it a secret at school too, but I'd known Garrett from surfing and hanging out on the beach. His gaydar had been spot on and he'd gently broken down my defenses, encouraging me to experiment with him. He was a good guy; I'd trusted him and had been eager to learn. My dick starts to fill again at the memories.

I can't wait for high school to be over. I feel as though I'm stuck in limbo, waiting for my real life to begin. But I just don't want to have to deal with all the shit that coming out in high school would inevitably bring. Once I get to college I figure I'll be ready to come out to my folks and be more open about my sexuality. I can't fucking wait, I really need to get laid again – man can't live on porn alone.


It's the last football game of the season and it's cold and damp. By the time we get off the field we're covered in mud and soaking wet. We pile into the showers, elated by victory. The testosterone level is pretty fucking high in the locker room. I try hard to keep my thoughts under control and my eyes to myself but it's too fucking tempting.

Edward ends up standing next to me and I'm achingly aware of his proximity as we shower. The lean lines of his hard body and the width of his shoulders taunt me. He bends to pick up a bottle of shampoo and the shape of his ass is fucking perfection. I start reciting the dates of civil war battles in my head to try and keep my dick from reacting as he tilts his head back to rinse the shampoo from his hair, water streaming over his face and chest. The soap suds hardly show on his pale body. He lifts his arms and the dark hair in his armpits catches my eye. It matches the line below his navel that twists down to his groin and spreads out around his cock. As I rinse the soap from my own pubes I realize that I'm fighting a losing battle with my libido, so I hastily finish up and wrap my towel tightly around my waist as I head through to find my clothes.

As we pile onto the bus for the drive home, we jostle each other noisily. Coach yells for us to keep it down and get seated. I end up right at the back in the corner and Edward ends up sitting next to me with McCarty and Newton across the aisle.

We've been planning a bit of a party on the bus, as is usual after the last game of the season, and as soon as the bus pulls away Emmett and Mike are already getting out the beers and handing them around. I take one, glad that Rose has agreed to meet Emmett and me off the bus and drive us both back. My parents know that I drink alcohol sometimes, but don't like to be reminded of it too obviously.

After a couple of beers we're all getting pretty buzzed, still high on adrenaline and the excitement of the game. Edward's being fairly quiet as usual, but he's drinking too and starts to chill out a bit once he gets towards the end of his second beer. I reach into my bag and pull out the bottle of bourbon that I'd stashed in there this morning.

"So… anyone up for something a little stronger?" I wiggle my eyebrows as Emmett whoops and tries to grab for the bottle before I've even got the cap off.

"Not so fast, McCarty," I smirk at him. "I think we should make this a little more interesting. To earn your shot, you have to do a dare first. So, who's in?"

There's general laughter and approval and Emmett asks to be challenged first. Mike chips in right away with an old favorite. Getting someone to flash their ass out of the back window of the bus never gets old. Emmett is more than happy to oblige, giving an eyeful to the lady in the car behind.

"Fuck man!" Mike giggles like a girl as Emmett sits back down. "She nearly drove off the fucking road! She's smiling though."

Emmett turns to blow a kiss at the lady in the car behind. I hand him the bottle with a grin and he takes his shot.

"OK... Mr Newton," I challenge Mike who grins back at me. "You next – suggestions from the floor?"

Emmett butts in with a totally weak effort, asking Mike to down a beer in one. It's hardly a challenge for Newton, although I'm amused that he nearly chokes on it anyway – the dick.

"Easy," he smirks, wiping beer off his chin. "Now who's up next? Eddie? Jasper?"

Edward snaps his head around. "Don't call me Eddie!" It's practically a growl and is disturbingly sexy coming from the usually mild-mannered Edward.

Mike isn't daunted; he just carries on babbling. I sit back and have another swig of beer, wondering when it'll be my turn. It's my fucking bourbon.

"I dare you to flash your dick out the back," Mike's saying. "I think the lady was enjoying the show, we should give her a little more to go home and flick one off to."

Jesus, I roll my eyes to myself. Mike's so sleazy.

Edward squirms uncomfortably in the seat next to me. "Get the fuck out of here Newton, flash your own dick."

He's not getting out of it that easily; we all laugh and tell him he's a chicken. I look at him, noticing the flush rising on his cheeks. Is it wrong that embarrassed Edward turns me the fuck on?

"Oh screw you all," he grumbles and stands up awkwardly in the confined space, unbuttoning his fly and sliding his zipper down. He climbs up on the seat and manages to contort himself so that his crotch is facing the window and shoves his pants and underwear down below his junk for a few seconds. Then he turns towards me, ignoring Mike who's yelling at him to give the lady a show, and scrambles back into his seat. For a fleeting moment his dick is practically in my face as he tucks himself away.

My eyes drop to Edward's groin as he buttons himself back up. I suddenly realize that I'm staring really inappropriately and look up quickly to see that he's staring at me too. Shit, dude. Staring at another guy's crotch is just not cool. I look away quickly, my cheeks flaming.

"Well it must be your turn next then, Jas." Emmett's loud voice distracts me from my cringing. "What's it gonna be?"

"I challenge you to jerk off... right now, here on the bus." Edward's voice rings out, unnaturally loud beside me. What the ever-loving fuck?

I just stare at him and he meets my gaze, shocked and slightly flushed but he doesn't look away. The guys on the other side of him are falling over laughing at his challenge to me. The color in his face deepens but he sets his jaw and frowns a little.

"So? You started this stupid game... but if you won't accept the dare..." his voice trails off and he shrugs. What the fuck is he playing at – does he seriously expect me to do this?

I hear Emmett snickering behind me. "Yeah, c'mon Hale. You can totally rub one out, we won't watch."

Well that's reassuring. But then Mike sticks his oar in.

"Someone has to watch," he points out. He's irritatingly logical for someone who's slurring his words. "Otherwise he can cheat, if there's no jizz it doesn't count."

"Well, Edward can watch then," Emmett says decisively. "He was the sick fuck who came up with the idea."

They settle back in their seats and start talking among themselves. Edward turns back to look at me again and his pupils suddenly dilate, blowing huge and eclipsing the pale green of his eyes. Suddenly I decide that maybe this dare could be interesting after all.

"Hey man, forget it..." He starts to speak, but I ignore him. My hands are already moving to the fly of my jeans. He wants a show from me? I'll give him a fucking show.

I lean back in my seat, making myself comfortable and palm my cock through my jeans. It takes an interest immediately. So, apparently my dick is an exhibitionist, getting hard isn't going to be a problem then. I know that Edward's watching me and that's a serious fucking turn on. Feeling bold and horny, I glance up at him and grin, teasing him as I undo my belt and set to work on the buttons of my fly. Edward breaks his gaze as he takes a long swig from his beer. I watch his throat move as he swallows and it sends my mind to all kinds of dirty places.

"Has he got it out yet, Ed?" Newton's annoying voice reminds me that there are other people here apart from me and Edward. But at that moment I couldn't give a shit. My dick is hard and aching and I can't wait to get my hand on it. "Come on man, we haven't got all day." Fucking shut up, Newton.

"Just getting there Newton," I drawl in my sexiest voice. "I wouldn't wanna rush it. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well." I catch Edward's eye as I speak and smirk at him. He looks at me and his face flickers as though he's conflicted for a moment. But then his eyes drop back to my crotch and he watches as I trace the shape of my dick with my fingers.

I push my boxer briefs down now, tucking the elastic below my balls, displaying myself to Edward. I look pretty damn fine if I don't say so myself. My cock is fully erect, hard and thick as it curves against my belly. My balls are drawn up tight below. I watch Edward's face as I curl my hand around myself and grip tight, sliding my hand up and down. He's staring, his lips parted slightly. He looks as though he likes what he sees.

The look on his face makes me even more shameless. My hand is too dry so I raise it to my lips, noticing that his eyes follow the movement. I lick my palm until it's wet and slick and meet his eyes as I do it. His cheeks are pink now and his eyes are intense.

I put my hand back firmly around my cock and let my legs drop open. The heat of Edward's thigh where it touches mine sends an extra rush of blood to my groin. I wonder how he's coping. If my instincts are right and he's affected by this, he must be getting uncomfortable by now. I want to look to see if there's a bulge in his jeans but I don't want to freak him out and break the mood.

I stroke myself harder now, moving my hand more quickly and I start to pant a little. This isn't going to take long, but I guess maybe that's a good thing given the situation. Fuck I'm getting close already.

Fucking Mike interrupts again, ruining my concentration. "Do you want some visuals man? I think I have a photo of Lauren's rack on my phone?"

Eww, no thank you.

"Nope, I'm fine," I snap back without stopping. "I have a good imagination."

Plus I have Edward Fucking Cullen sitting right next to me, watching me while I jack off. It doesn't get much better than this.

It's like some kinky fantasy come true, apart from Mike and the rest of the guys on the bus – I could do without them in my fantasy. There's pre-cum gathering in my slit and I smear it around with my thumb and move my hand even faster. I look at Edward and his eyes are fixed on the hand that's working my cock. Having him watching me is so fucking hot. He licks his lips, a small unconscious movement that goes straight to my dick and nearly makes me moan aloud. I can feel my orgasm starting to build now. The tension's gathering in my groin and belly and I chase it, my hips jerking up, pushing my cock into the grip of my fist. Edward looks up again, meeting my eyes.

That look is what does it. I bite my lip to suppress a groan and my hips jerk, my knee knocking against his as I cum hard, spurting hot and sticky on my hand. Edward's eyes drop back to my cock, watching as I stroke myself through it. My hand moves slower now, teasing out the last drops and when I'm done he meets my eyes again. I smile at him, lazy now, and glance deliberately at the noticeable outline of his dick in his pants. He's obviously as hard as a rock. He flushes as I grin at him again; the poor dude looks as if he's about to cum in his pants. I should fucking hope so, I think I put on a pretty hot performance.

"I'm a bit sticky now, Ed," my voice catches in my throat. "Got a tissue I can have?"

He just shakes his head, still staring at me as I lick the jizz of my fingers and wipe them dry with my t-shirt. I tuck my junk away and button up, feeling pretty fucking pleased with myself. If Edward Cullen wasn't bi-curious before, I have a feeling he might be up for some experimentation now. I certainly hope so, that would make the last few months of high school a lot more fun.

"Pass the fucking bourbon," I yell across to Mike who's definitely had more than his share. "I feel like I need a cigarette after that, but I know Coach has limits to the shit he'll put up with."

I grin and lean back as I drink. Edward shifts uncomfortably in his seat next to me. I have a feeling that I know exactly what he'll be doing as soon as he gets home.

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