chapter 1:a new meeting

alex:this is great i watched the whole series in english version of this show its awsome if you dont know what it is its called bludgeoning angel dokuro chan theres 2 seasons perverted but funny

dokuro:sakura kun you little pervert!

sakura-kun:i didnt mean to i just walked in

dokuro:but you saw me naked!

sakura-kun:i didnt mea- aaahhh!

zakuro:my big sister is really chaotic isnt she

alex:i know but your taller than her and yet shes older than you, i cant believe your nine its messed up but with a nice body ;)

zakuro:*blushes*thank y-you

alex:zakuro disclaimer please

zakuro:aquaslash doesnt own this show so dont sue him


the evening set as zakuro was making dinner for sakura-kun and dokuro-chan

"im hungry"dokuro whined

"just be patient"zakuro mitsukai said

"dinner is almost done so just go see what sakura-kun is doing"

"ok ill check"dokuro said

she stepped upstairs to go check on sakura(not the naruto sakura)she opened the door and blushed and had a nose bleed because what she was very perverted to her ,there stood sakura, naked

"dokuro-chan what are you doing in here im naked"

"aaahh your naked *pulls out excaliberg*"no do-"*blood everywhere*"oh no how did this happened to you ill help *says piru multiple times*

dont do that ever again said sakura

"but you were naked"she said

"because i just finished taking a shower of course im going to be naked just dont tell anyone that you saw me naked ok"
"ok sakura its time for dinner hurry down"dokuro said as she went downstairs
"man she's a pain" sakura said

while finishing dressing himself and went downstairs

."so whats for dinner zaruko"? questioned sakura

"were having cooked salmon with a bit of seasoning"said zakuro.

sakura's dad and mom came down and sat for dinner ,cooked salmon was being passed out as soon as every one took a bite their went faces in smiles and angel music cued in the background. this is amazing zaruko (i decided not to show the dinner scene to get on with the point ok)after everyone was done eating they gave complements to the chef,suddenly there was a knock at the door(this guy and girl are my personal oc's for this story)sakura's dad went to the door and opened it outside there stood a boy and a girl they were 18

(boy:shiny blue hair,yellow eyes,same color skin of dokuro and zaruko white skin there angels so of course they are pale,with the same uniform as zaruko but for a boy,and his weapon was a long sword that could turn on fire but when not using it its a miniture ninja sword.)(as for the girl she has yellow eyes,white skin same thing like boy,and the same uniform as zakuro,and her weapon was gloves that when used the fingers turn into large claws that are on fire)

"hello is dokuro and zaruko mitsukai here" said the boy

"yes they are whats your name"said sakura's dad

"my name is Ryen mitsukai and she's emily figera im zakuro and dokuro's brother"said ryen

"ok ill get them zakuro and dokuro a vistor is here for you come in"said sakura's dad

ryen and emily went inside but before ryen could react dokuro jump and gave him a hug

"i missed you big brother"she said

she got down and then zakuro jumped on him "i missed you big brother"zakuro said

she got off

he could carry his sisters thank god or he would have fell" good to see you sisters any ways look you 3 need a vacation me and my sisters along with my friend will watch your house while you guys are away"

*zoom*when he looked they were gone and a note was there saying they will be in fiji for 7 weeks "wow"ryen said

"so lets get to know each other better"said emily

ryen smiled at her he liked her but he doesnt know how to tell it to her, bad enough his sisters caught on and smiled" time to play cupid" they both thought

"so we'll show you two to your room "said zakuro said

"wait, to our room, were sharing?"emily said blushing

"yep theres one bed so you guys have to share with each other"said zakura

"oh my"emily said blushing a dark shade of red, so was ryen

"you mean share the same b-bed t-together"ryen said blushing and feeling hard in a certain

and ryen blushed this was going to be a long 7 weeks .so zakuro showed them to there room it was a small bed so they would have to hold each other if they're going to sleep"

this was going to be a long day"ryen said .

author's note:review and tune for chapter 2 aqua slash out.