chapter 2 of playing cupid

alex:sorry i havent update in a while ive forgotten about this site but that will change!

ryen:yeah ri-*bonked on the head*

alex:that serves him,disclaimer please!

emily: alex doesnt own this show so dont arrest him


( )=thought

it was 5:00 am on a saturday and ryen was fast asleep,snoring,loudly and emily couldn't stand it anymore.

"WAKE YOUR ASS UP RYEN!"she yelled angrily.

"IM TRYING TO SLEEP YOU CRAZY BAKA!"ryen yelled back in reply.

her eye twitched(did he just call me...BAKA!)

ryen gulped he did it this time and so he got up and hauled ass with a pissed off emily after him "zakuro,dokuro!help me!"he yelled but soon emily caught him and he was beaten into a pulp."ow i cant feel my body or anything in this matter"soon he fell in a sleeping state,yet again.

"hmm what happened?"said dokuro waking up sleepily with her sleeping wear of just a big shirt that was owned by sakura-kun.

"where are you going dokuro?"said zakuro sleepily while wearing her nightgown.

"i heard a noise and it sounded like ryen"dokuro said rubbing her eyes.

"ok just take a shower dokuro"zakuro said smiling,"i'll find ryen".

"fine zakuro" dokuro replied once again and left the room to the bathroom.

*zakuro walks down the stairs to discover the beaten up ryen along with emily sweatdropping.

(a/n:emily was sweatdropping when she saw zakuro)

she gasped and had shadows over her eyes as she pulled out her weapon "run emily,because after this you wont see daylight anymore".

emily took this as a warning (a/n:DUH!) and hauled ass out of there it was a 3 hour chase but emily was finally caught and beaten and dragged back home with ryen and dokuro waiting at the dinner table.

"so i see you two had fun"ryen said smirking and secretly giving a thumbs up to zakuro.

zakuro blushed and look away giving a thumbs up back.

emily twitched,her eyes still wide and she barely said the word help.

at night...

ryen got in his bed with emily blushing hard about this as he got naughty thoughts in his head and quickly slapped those thoughts away.

emily blushed she was wearing a see through night gown showing her undergarments.

ryen had a major nosebleed at seeing this and he instantly got turned on.

emily's eyes went wide when she saw his hardness and blushed"r-r-ryen y-your t-thing is s-showing"she blushed bright red.

ryen blushed hard"i k-know emily its a little hard to control"he blushed harder.

zakuro and dokuro smirked outside the door knewing what they planned in ryen's food worked


zakuro:*cooking everyones food but with ryen she added liquid from a vile which was a hormone increase*

ryen:*starts eating his food unaware of the liquid on the food*

*flashback ends*

"zakuro your a genius"dokuro said while hugging her younger sister.

"i-i guess i am"she blushed,zakuro wasn't used to being praised "maybe i should try it on sakura-kun and see what happens between you and him" she smirked

dokuro blushed,"little sister your perverted!" but she clamped her mouth as they heard the door open.

ryen stood there mad but his thing was still poking at his pants.

"ah!"dokuro hits ryen with her weapon but he caught it with his gauntlet arm.

"don't start with me dokuro-chan!"he said loudly knewing they were scared.

emily came out with her claws ready to kill them as she raised the claws she swunged.


ryen:dumba-*bonked on the head*

alex: anyways till next time!