Well, my first fanfic! I know it's short, but this is just the introduction to the adventure. More to come next chapter, where we meet some new characters and set sail. ;] All reviews are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks, Skewbald.

The Viridian Isles

"A treasure only heard of in tall tales, does it even exist?"

~Chapter 1~

The Cross Bone Pub had settled down since the late evening, with only a few pirates scattered here and there. In the far corner of the pub, Jack Sparrow sat with his feet on the table and his hat over his eyes, his rum from earlier sending him into a light snooze. He began to stir, hearing the voices of the pirates at a table not far from him. He strained his ears, being nosy and wanting to hear what they were whispering about.

"Aye, the Viridian Isles. I heard she found 'um."

"You be joking mate! Them isles only be heard of in tales, they don't exist."

"Tha's what I thought! But I heard this young lady went 'n found 'um. Heard she didn't step foot on them isles though, she done came back for a better crew."

Jack sat up with a jolt, knocking his rum glasses to the floor. He fixed his hat and jumped to the table full of the whispering pirates.

"Did I hear you say someone found the Viridian Isles?"

"And what be it to you?" snarled a short, fat pirate, his mouth clearly missing several teeth.

"Well mate, we're all pirates here. I'd like to know."

The short pirate nodded and continued on. "Aye, word is some young lass from Espanola found it. Don't know where, but 'er old crew been telling everyone."

Jack stroked one of his braids, thinking. The Viridian Isles was only something he had heard of in tales of the sea. They were a string of three isles that held one of the greatest treasures ever, the treasure of McManus. McManus was said to be a true treasure hunter, finding gold and gems worth more then one could ever wish. When McManus was pursued by the king of Espanola, he hid his treasure in a place where no one could find it and it would be forever lost, the Viridian Isles. When the king of Espanola caught McManus, he stabbed him through the heart and searched his whole ship, the Tesoro Noble, for the treasure, but found nothing. Since that time, pirates had told tales of the Viridian Isles, and of the great sea monsters and monstrous sharks that surround them. No pirate had ever found them, no pirate had ever set foot on them.

"Does she have a name, mate?"

"Evie…..Evie Luna be her name I think."

With a nod of his head, Jack jumped up from the table. "Sorry mates, but I don't believe you." With that, Jack exited the pub and headed towards the docks. The Black Pearl sat at the end, her looming black sails high above those of the other ships. Jack smiled at his ship, which was well worth the money he had to spend on those stupid goats and a trumpet.


Joshamee Gibbs poked his head over the railing as Jack walked up the gangplank.

"Captain! The Pearl be ready to take off."

"Very well! Let us set way to Espanola!"


"Aye. I have someone I need to see about a certain…..treasure. An old friend." Jack smiled, showing his gold teeth.

"Very well, Captain. SET SAIL TO ESPANOLA!" Gibbs yelled to the crew, running to ready the sails. Jack nodded and walked the steps to the helm, taking his position behind the wheel.

"It's a pirates life for me."