Extended Summary: Four very different young women navigate through life, love, work, and drama while on the road with the WWE. One is returning from a year-long hiatus and she has a secret she's been hiding from her friends. Another has been on a career high for some time but the return of an icon could threaten to derail her if she doesn't make the right impression. The third has been unlucky in love for some time but may find it when she finally stops looking. And the fourth just wants to have fun after her last relationship went down in flames but she finds that fun may not be all she wants. Read, Enjoy, and Review!

Disclaimer: I own Adrienne, Emerson, Cassandra, and Lilah. That is all. well not all in life but all in this story. Pairings will be revealed as the story goes on.

The Lonely Hearts Club


Chicago, IL

June 2011

"Welcome back!"

Adrienne Nixon jumped, covering her eyes quickly to shield herself from the blinding sunlight behind her friends.

Lilah Copeland and Cassandra Palmer stood on her stoop, smiling from ear to ear. Lilah was holding a bouquet of tulips, already in a gorgeous purple vase. Cassandra was holding a balloon shaped like a penis.

"Really, Cass?" Adrienne laughed.

"It was leftover from Gail's bachelorette party," Cassandra shrugged. "Besides, I knew if anyone would appreciate it, it would be you."

Adrienne shook her head, taking the balloon from her friend and turning to walk back into the house, "You guys do realize it's 8:30 in the morning, right?"

"We do," Lilah said as she and Cassandra followed. "I figured you and Emme might be up."

"You thought Emme would be up?" Cassandra stared. Adrienne gave Lilah the same incredulous look.

Emerson Lane, Adrienne's roommate and the fourth member of their little group, was not what anyone would call a morning person. Once she was awake, she could be the bubbliest of all of them but it took a solid hour and an almost alarming amount of coffee to wake her up once she got out of bed.

"Okay I thought you would be up," Lilah corrected, walking into the kitchen and sitting on a bar stool.

"I was, barely," Adrienne answered. She hadn't been able to get to sleep until sometime around 5 o'clock that morning. This was to be her first day back on the road after being sidelined for almost a year with a broken leg. Trying to sleep the night before had taken her back to the days when she couldn't sleep the night before the first day of school. She'd had this half scared/half excited feeling that was manifesting itself in the pit of her stomach and all she could do was sit up and watch The Golden Girls, occasionally staring at the clock for a few minutes, trying to speed it up with her mind.

She wasn't surprised that Lilah and Cassandra had come to her and Emme's house straight from the airport. The four of them were best friends and had been for years. They'd met when Andy, Emme, and Cass were all starting out in the company and Lilah was just being promoted. Originally, they seemed to have banded together out of necessity but soon they were practically inseparable.

Lilah was Adam Copeland's cousin and a member of the writing staff. She was 28, born and raised in Georgia and though she often denied it, she could be very much the southern belle. She was very elegant and classy but she definitely had her feisty side if the right buttons were pushed.

Cassandra was a backstage interviewer and was probably the outspoken of the group. The 26 year old former model was sometimes as brash as she was beautiful and fiercely loyal to her friends.

Emerson, 25, was a wardrobe stylist and she had a hand in designing some of the company's merchandise. She was described by many as the most kind hearted person in the world. She was very quick witted and usually the life of the party.

Adrienne, or Andy as she was often called, was somewhat of a wild card. She was the youngest of the group at 24. She'd signed her contract three years earlier, spent a year in development, a very impressive year on TV, and then almost a year rehabbing her leg. Outgoing and funny, she was the youngest, and often wildest of the group. But she had a serious side as well, especially when it came to her work.

Adrienne and Emme were like two peas in a pod and moved in together about four months after they met. Lilah and Cass were attached at the hip more often than not. And all four considered themselves a family. One drunken night, at Adrienne's urging, they'd all gotten tattoos to solidify their bond. They each had three hearts on the inside of their left index finger to represent the other girls. Adrienne's were hot pink and barely noticeable amongst a host of tattoos. Lilah had small, very thin red outlines, her only tattoo. The rest of the girls had to ply her with alcohol to even get her to consider the idea. Cassandra's were the same as Adrienne's but in purple and Emerson's were red with black outlines.

Adrienne tied her balloon to the back of her chair and walked over to the refrigerator, pulling out a pitcher of orange juice. The sound of feet padding down the hall echoed in the room and Cassandra motioned for everyone to be quiet. Adrienne rolled her eyes, turning on the combination coffee/espresso machine, as her friend crept over to the doorway. When Emerson rounded the corner Cassandra wrapped her in a tight hug, "Boo!"

"Jesus Christ Cass!" Emerson yelled, her eyes going wide.

"Morning Em," Cassandra giggled as the other woman playfully pushed her away.

"What are you two doing here so early?" Emerson asked as Adrienne handed her a glass of orange juice.

"Starting Andy's welcome back party early," Lilah explained. "We're going to breakfast and shopping before we head to the Allstate."

"Why don't we just make breakfast here?" Emerson asked.

"Because I'm hungry now and I don't cook," Cass smiled, plucking a grape out of the bowl Adrienne was pulling out of the refrigerator.

"We want to take Andy to her favorite place for breakfast her first day back," Lilah gave a better explanation, walking over and putting her arm around Adrienne.

"You guys act like you haven't seen me," Adrienne laughed.

Emerson usually came home once a week or so and Lilah and Cass usually spent at least a few off days a month in Chicago.

"This is different, you're back, we're gonna get to see you every day again," Lilah smiled. "Just let us have our fun."

"Fine, fine," Adrienne laughed, sitting on her chair, grabbing the bottom of her lewd balloon and pointing it at them. "But one of you is paying for breakfast."

So this was just a quick intro to get to know the characters. Chapter 1 is where the fun starts...And to those of you wondering, I swear, I'm not gonna go forever without updating Truth in Deceit again. I plan to update both stories as much as I can. TID is not on hold. It just has company.