Chapter 4: Stopping Huge Head

It seemed like it was sadly going to be the end for Pops as he was cornered by Huge Head, along with his friends Mordecai and Rigby apprehended by DOOM agents.

"Face it, there's no way but down into the shark tanks" laughed Snaptrap.

"Time to finish this where I started with" said Huge Head as he then charged at Pops.

Pops did his best to hold his ground, but once again, Huge Head tossed Pops aside across the platform and again nearly falling into the shark tank.

"Come on, fall!" cried Snaptrap to which he then looked at Larry, "Maybe they need a motivator."

Snaptrap snapped his fingers and had Francisco throw poor Larry right into the shark tank, to which the sharks did enjoy eating parts of Larry as he tried to escape their grasp.

"They indeed look hungry alright" laughed Ollie.

"And you'll be joining them soon enough" said Huge Head as he then charged at Pops once again.

Pops did his best to stop Huge Head, as he was keeping Huge Head from pushing him over into the shark tank.

"Trying to save yourself, but that won't matter" laughed Huge Head.

Huge Head gave another push, to which Pops was hanging onto the platform.

"Oh come on, just fall into the shark tank already!" cried Snaptrap.

Huge Head ended up trying to use his feet to stomp on Pops' fingers that were holding onto the platform. But Pops still had something up his sleeve as he leaped right back up on the platform and gave Huge Head quite a punch right in the face. He then charged at Huge Head, and tried to pin him down, before Huge Head was able to recover from the surprise attack.

"You're going to pay for that" said Huge Head as he then charged at Pops.

Pops did his best again to try to counter Huge Head, but as the two went on fighting, the car that was driven by Kitty had crashed right through the headquarters of DOOM.

"No way!" cried both Mordecai and Rigby who didn't believe it.

Kitty leaped out of her car and took down Francisco and Ollie who charged at her, while Snaptrap was fighting Dudley.

"There are two huge head people?" laughed Dudley as he was laughing at what huge heads both Pops and Huge Head had.

"Dudley, please, get let's get these civilians out of here" said Kitty referring to Mordecai and Rigby.

"Hey, we resent being called that" said Rigby.

"Come on, we better let them handle it" said Mordecai, "Benson's not going to believe this."

But indeed, Benson wasn't going to believe this at all, as Benson woke up to get a glass of water, he noticed the three sleeping bags were empty.

"Great, those three will cost me my job!" cried Benson as he then stormed out of his room.

It only took the amount of time Benson searched for the trio, that the Huge Head was indeed losing the fight against Pops. Kitty, along with Dudley ended up putting handcuffs on Huge Head who tried to attack Pops again.

"Sorry about the confusion" said Kitty, "we'll erase that arrest off your record."

"No problem, I just hope Mordecai and Rigby are okay" said Pops.

As Pops caught up with Mordecai and Rigby, Benson who had to use a taxi to search around town saw the trio, and he wasn't happy at all.

"You three better have a good explanation to why you snuck out!" roared Benson.

"Hey, look it's a talking gumball machine, he beats Huge Head's huge head anytime!" laughed Dudley.

"Dudley!" snapped Kitty as she was putting in Snaptrap in the TUFF van with his DOOM members and also Huge Head himself to which she then headed over to Benson, "I believe we can explain what's going on."

"Well, it better be a better story than what these three will be telling" continued Benson.

Benson soon paused with astonishment as Kitty showed her badge to him.

"We're from TUFF, and thanks to these three, we were able to finally capture Huge Head who was Snaptrap's right-hand man, and Snaptrap himself" continued Kitty.

"Hmm, I guess I will have to buy that since you got a badge" continued Benson to which he turned to the three, "I guess we should just get that package and go on home when morning comes around."

As morning did arrive, Benson indeed picked up the package, and he along with Pops, Mordecai and Rigby road off heading away from Petropolis.

"Just do me a favor and never let me drive in that city again" said Benson.

"Agreed" replied the three.