"Booth, our child will not be wearing that. It's hardly appropriate for a baby."

He sighed and put the little white shirt with "demolition expert" written across it in a red scrawl down. "Why Bones? Babies are very destructive!"

"But they are not experts Booth- that would require years of training with highly volatile chemicals. I like this one better." She held up yellow shirt with ducks on it.

"Ducks? Bones, I hate birds!"

"No." She corrected him, placing the shirt in the basket. "You're afraid of them, there is a difference."

He took the shirt out of the basket and put it back on the shelf. "No ducks."

"Booth! The ducks are the only things scientifically correct in this store!" She waved her hand at the racks of pink elephants and blue bears.

"Not true!" He wagged his finger at her and produced a shirt with a green frog on it.

"Is that meant to represent how infants sleep?" She frowned at it.

"I don't think so." His eyebrows went up. "They do kind of look like little frogs though now that you mention it, their butts up in the air."

"The latest research recommends infants sleep on their bellies, unless supervised, at which time they are supposed to be strengthening their neck and arm muscles."

"Tummy tiiiiiiime..." Booth nodded. "So its a yes? Green frog, in the basket?"


"Great." He added it and then clapped his hands together. "Whats next? Sleepers? Jolly Jumper?"

Brennan sniffed the air. "French fries."

"But Bones, the baby will be here in a few months and all we've bought is a frog shirt and this is our third trip!"

She nodded and handed the basket to him. "French Fries. With ketchup. And gravy. Maybe they have poutine here. Do you think they have Poutine Booth?" She started heading for the restaurant at the edge of the store. "Buy everything with green frogs on it Booth."

He nodded and turned to the hovering salesgirl, passing her the basket. "Load'er up! Green frogs, on the double!" Then he sniffed the air. "Do you know if that place sells pie?"