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PDM2: A Novelization

Prologue: "Human and Partner"

Two figures charged their way down the pathway laid before them. It was a pair that wasn't seen frequently in a world like this.

A human and a pokemon running side-by-side…
The human was a boy, barely in his teens but with an appearance that told of his hardships in this world. He wore a shirt that had once been yellow in color but tumbles and damage from time and action had smeared and faded the bright colors, the shirt was now more a drab brown. He wore a pair of jeans that were more like shorts now, being that he had been forced to tear away the lower legs of the pants. What was left was also the color of dust and dirt rather than the dark blue they had once been.
The boy himself was pale and covered in dirt but strong with a head covered in golden-blonde hair. A lock of his hair seemed to hang down in front of his face and though he blew on it to get it out of the way, it persistently hung there. Another clump on his head stuck up in a cowlick that he never had the time (or luxury) to flatten down. His soft brown eyes had a certain shine to them… something that seemed to declare his determination.

The pokemon meanwhile, was a bright green almost entirely though with a red underbelly and yellow, slitted eyes: a Grovyle. His appearance was largely reptilian, he stood on two legs, long leaves hung from his wrists, flapping in the wind as he ran. What might have been a very long slender leaf appeared to be growing back on his head, like an extremely long strand of hair; it also whipped about in the wind. If there was any similarities between the human and the pokemon, it was that light within their eyes that they appeared to share. Both were clearly on a mission.

"Almost there… almost there…" the boy was chanting to himself, apparently trying to keep himself going forward. His partner, unable to speak (not in a language his friend would understand anyways), just motioned for him to keep going. The human proceeded to push himself. He couldn't stop, not now.

Grovyle had been with this human for several weeks now. Not that he could tell given that they hadn't seen the sun rise nor set in well over 200 hours… then again, time was stopped so no hours had passed at all technically. Grovyle trusted few beings more than the one he was running alongside. Over that period, he had lost track of the times the human had attempted to shield him from one attack or another. He seriously wondered about the human's instinct for self-preservation at times but the boy continually took and bore the hits with a smile and Grovyle did all he could to return the favors.

"That's far enough!" a cold voice echoed as they charged into a clearing. Both halted and there before them was a figure as gray as the landscape around them but with one singular eye that glowed red: Dusknoir.

"You're not stopping us now Dusknoir! We're getting through one way or another." Grovyle declared and, tossing a glass ball to the boy, charged at Dusknoir. The grass-type lashed out with Leaf Blade and the ghost caught the attack in one hand and the two wrestled with each other right there. The human meanwhile, raced on by, having faith that Grovyle would be following him shortly. Though Dusknoir momentarily attempted to strike at the boy and stop him from rushing onwards, his opponent halted his attempts and their stalemate continued. After several moments, Dusknoir chuckled darkly.

"You sadly underestimate me, Grovyle. Your friend will be ambushed shortly up ahead by my servants." The ghost said and then attempted to overpower his smaller opponent.

"You're the one underestimating both of us." Grovyle said smugly as he jumped backward out of the fight and pulled out another glass ball from a bag at his side. He hurled the orb at Dusknoir's feet where it exploded into cloud of smoke. Dusknoir suddenly found himself facing the wrong way and realized in seconds that Grovyle had used a Switcher Orb on him. He turned in time to see his quarry escaping after his partner.

Up ahead, the human had indeed run into trouble, surrounded by dark, jewel-eyed pokemon on all sides: Sableye.

Great, just great… wanted to save this Wonder Orb for a better time but we don't have time to waste right now. He thought, huffing out a breath that attempted to blow his facial lock of hair out his sight.

He brandished the orb similar to his companion's and hurled it at the ground. A flash and the snickering pokemon surrounding him found themselves petrified and unable to move. It wasn't long before Grovyle rejoined him. They exchanged glances and the human grinned, congratulating their escapes; Grovyle returned the grin with a smile of his own but then poured on the speed.

"Right!" the boy grunted and ran after him. Privately, the human felt he was being less than useful, being able to merely stun their pursuers and little more. He did wish he could fight them more directly than this… more than just being a shield… but he had nothing to defend himself with but his own hands. He shoved these thoughts aside though.

No time to be moping over my limited use. Got to move now!

They soon arrived at the portal they had been working towards. He had only heard of the Passage of Time before in texts that he had managed to scavenge up from various ruins. It would allow them to get centuries into the past so they could stop this disaster from happening. Now, with the help of the pink fairy-like pokemon waiting for them, he would be going through it. Yes, he had been taken aback by the shocking coloration of the legendary pokemon but he'd just learned to ignore this as Celebi didn't seem to like any comment that questioned its appearance. The one time he had, the little pokemon had gotten snippy with him and Grovyle had given him a look that clearly said "Nice going".

Grovyle approached the other pokemon. Celebi was smaller than Grovyle in size and looked like she might've been made of grass tyed together. Two "strands" stuck up on her head like antenna and her wings were small and also looked a little like blades of grass on her back. Grovyle had heard that she was normally green but the little fairy had explained her... ostentatious appearance as her being "shiny". Not that he understood what that meant... all he knew was that it amazed him she hadn't been caught yet, standing out so brightly. Then again, given that she could travel through time, her claims that she would never be caught might've had some weight to them.

"Everything ready then Celebi?" Grovyle said, only somewhat winded from their long run.

"Quite, my dear Grovyle." Celebi said with a slight giggle. He could never figure her out sometimes but so long as she was on their side, he was grateful for her help in everything. Celebi couldn't take them as far back as they needed to by herself but the Passage could, and she was the only one they knew who could open it.

The human was over by a statue hurriedly repacking the bag Grovyle had been carrying. He finished in seconds and stood up with a cry of "Done!" He was, needless to say, tired from the forced sprint he had just gone through but he'd been doing plenty of it lately, and tired or not, he wasn't about to complain as he'd found it didn't help anything.

Handing the bag back to his partner, they gave their pink friend a final nod "good-bye" and ran into the portal which closed behind them seconds later… but not before something else followed them in.

The boy felt it when something went wrong…

One moment, they were shooting down a tunnel. The next moment, things went dark and in an attempt to keep from being separated, the boy found Grovyle's hand and gripped it tight.

"Just in hang in there…" Grovyle said under his breath, gently squeezing his hand to make sure they were securely together.

Then the human looked back and a moment of terror struck at his heart right then. In a flash of light in the chaos, he thought he saw some figure in the distance behind them… that wasn't what had his attention though. What he was looking at was clearly a dark ball of malicious energy headed straight for his partner's back. The shielding attempts of the last few weeks came back to mind at this point and he did as previously so many other times: releasing Grovyle's hand, he instinctively moved and placed himself in front of the deadly projectile.

It hit him with a force he had never encountered before and he knew almost immediately that he would be dead in minutes if his injury wasn't treated.

"W-Whoa!" he gasped, the attack having knocked the wind out of him and more.

Grovyle felt his partner's body hit his and realized the boy had shielded him from yet another hazard, whether it was someone's last-ditch attack or an incoming hazard of the tunnel, he didn't know. Another flash of light and he saw just how severely his partner had been wounded this time.

Damnit! I let my guard down! Grovyle thought, cursing his carelessness.

Then they started to fly off into different directions. Desperate not to lose him here of all places, Grovyle reached out and quickly grabbed his partner's hand again.

"Just a little longer! Hold on!" He called out over the noise. Another flash as the dark tunnel seemed to attack them now.

"C-Can't hold on…" the boy groaned, pain overwhelming his mind, his hand slipping. Then they lost hold and the boy went spinning away into the dark.

"Waaaaaaaah!" The scream was the last either heard before darkness set in.