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Different chapter 1

Third person

She was there, hiding amongst the crowd of the Ishvalans. Bella Swan, age sixteen and a half, in a red cloak with a black stripe around the waist. She has brown hair and eyes and is very pale, so she's not Ishvalan. She doesn't know where she came from. She just appeared in to ruins when she was four and the Ishvalans had taken care of her, not seeing her as a threat.

She has been hearing these voices, telling her that someone is coming for her, whether that person knew it or not. She has already notified Madam Shan that she was leaving soon. So this brings us to where she was, watching the blonde headed kid leave. She looked over to Madam Shan and nodded. She nodded back and Bella left run up to the kid. She caught up to him a good distance from the ruins.

"Wait. Hey, blonde kid. Wait." He stopped and looked surprised because she didn't look Ishvalan.

"Who are you, what do you want with me?" he asked.

"My name is Bella Swan, I am not Ishvalan but I was raised by them since I was four. I just want to come back with you. I've been hearing these voices; they say they that I need to go with you, to help you." She tried to explain but wasn't really getting Edward on board.

"Help me with what?"

"You see I am not sure, they wouldn't explain. I just hear voices in head, I've learned to trust them, they've never lead me astray. Please, let me come with you." She pleaded. Edward reluctantly nodded and Bella smiled.

"What is your name, mister?" She asked.

"Edward, Edward Elric. I'm an alchemist." She nodded and then he turned away, motioning Bella to follow him.

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