The stage lights came on. The theme song played and Carlene walked out smiling and waving.

"Cut!" The director hollered. Carlene walked off the stage and walked to where Julia, Mary Jo, Allison, and Anthony were standing.

"Carlene, I appreciate you wanting us to be in your life story but I'm a decorator. I'm not an actor!" Mary Jo exclaimed.

"Let me out of here. This is ridiculous." Allison said walking away.

"I'm here for you Carlene." Anthony said.

"Thanks Anthony." Carlene replied smiling. An assistant walked over to her.

"Miss Dobber. They need you over there again." He said. Carlene sighed.

"Carlene, I don't think we have ever told you how proud we are of you that you have your own show." Mary Jo said.

"Thanks." Carlene replied. She smiled and then walked out as the theme song played again.

"Why am I on this show?" Julia asked. "I can't do this." Allison laughed.

"You can't Julia. I don't think so." Allison replied.

"What possessed me to close Sugarbakers to make this show?" Julia questioned.

"Because we all love Carlene." Mary Jo said. "And because Charlene told us to take care of her baby sister. I couldn't let her come out to California all by herself. I had no strings holding me down. Claudia is in college and Quinton lives with his dad until we get home. Anthony walked over.

"Have you guys read this week's script?" Anthony asked.

"No, why?" Julia asked.

"Well you have a dream about Reese, Mary Jo meets her husband and Carlene finds me in bed with Allison!" Anthony exclaimed.

"That's in your dreams Anthony!" Allison laughed. The director walked over.

"Ms. Sugarbaker, Miss Shively, we need you to be ready to go on in five seconds." He said. After if felt like no time the women were instructed to go onto the stage. The bright lights blinded them. Mary Jo was surprised how much the set looked like Julia's house.

"This is amazing Julia. I don't believe how much this resembles the store." Mary Jo said.

"CUT!" The director hollered and rushed over to Mary Jo. "The cameras are rolling. Stick to the script, Ms. Shively!"

"I didn't realize." Mary Jo started.

"Now you do." He responded. "Take two!" The women were pushed into the room again and fed their first two lines. They walked over to Carlene.

"Hi… Hi Car-Carlene. How've you been?" Mary Jo asked stumbling over her words. The assistant director walked over to her.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I'm just nervous." Mary Jo explained.

"Get me Sarandon." The director said into her ear piece. "Come on Ms. Shively." She helped her off the stage and into the audience seats. A few minutes later Julia and Susan Sarandon were talking to Carlene. They recorded the entire scene before they took a break. When they broke for lunch Mary Jo walked over to Julia, Carlene and Susan.

"Hi Julia." Mary Jo said from behind her. She turned around.

"Oh hi." Julia replied. Susan looked at her.

"Carlene here told me that this is your lives that you're acting on this stage. I'm honored to play out your life on television." Susan said.

"Thank you." Mary Jo replied.

"Have you seen Patrick Fabian yet?" Susan asked.

"Who?" Carlene asked.

"He is going to play the man who sweeps down and takes Mary Jo's breath away." Susan replied.

"Oh." Carlene responded quietly. Mary Jo went in search of Anthony. She found him outside the studio.

"Hi Anthony." Mary Jo said.

"Hi Mary Jo." Anthony replied.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked.

"I just wanted some fresh air." Anthony replied.

"I know what you mean. I am considering going home. Back to Atlanta. I miss my kids." Mary Jo crossed her arms.

"I'm sorry Mary Jo. It has to be hard being this far from Quinton and Claudia." Anthony said.

"Yeah, well I just lost my job to Susan Sarandon; so I'm going back to Atlanta for right now. I don't know if they want me back and I don't think I want to come back." Mary Jo replied. She walked away from the studio, got in her car and drove away hastily.