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About last chapter:

There was some confusion at the end of the last chapter, about what happened with the portal. I'm sorry it wasn't to clear, but I couldn't really figure out how to make it understandable without ruining what I was trying to do. It was supposed to be confusing, but I think I made it a little more confusing for the readers than the characters in the story.

Anyways, basically what happened is Will lost it because of emotional overload, distracting and alarming everyone into action, including Magnus, who was unfortunately trying to concentrate on holding the portal open. So when Magnus got distracted, the portal spun out of control and exploded.

As you'll find out in this chapter, when the portal exploded, it completely engulfed the Institute, sending everyone inside to the New York Institute (including Sophie, Thomas and Agatha). But, since it was wildly out of control, they were all accidentally sent to the New York Institute in the Mortal Instruments time. The beginning of this might be a little confusing for awhile, too, so I'm just going to tell you that they've all literally landed in a pitch black closet, all tangled up. They basically fell out of the portal and onto each other, in the closet. The closet is in the Institute in New York, MI time.

Warning: A little bit of mild smut in this chapter.

Chapter 4—Where the Hell Are We?

"Ooph!" The wind left Tessa's lungs.

"Ow!" Will exclaimed, rubbing his head.

"Excuse me!" Jessamine shrieked.

"Pardon me!" Henry said.

"Henry!" Charlotte cried.

"Father?" Gabriel called out uncertainly.

"Yes, yes, I'm here boy," the older Lightwood spat, wriggling about. "What is this, Charlotte?"

"Er—I'm not entirely sure," her voice came uncertainly.

"Well, someone really botched this up," Jem said.

"There is no room for negativity here, my dear James," Will spoke cheerily.

"Do you often find yourself suffering from wild mood swings, William?" Jem inquired. "Because of you, I, for one, am suffering from severe whiplash, thank you very much.

"Yes, very often," Will answered.

"If someone could please light a candle!" Jessamine said furiously. "I would like to be able to see my feet, if that isn't too much to ask."

"Oh, yes!" Will exclaimed sarcastically. "Let me pull out my pocket candle! I take it with me everywhere, don't you know."


"I can practically hear you wrinkling your nose, Jessie," Will said, feigning fatigue. "Please, do try not to be so predictable. It's so tiring."

"Excuse me, gentlemen don't—"

"Yes, yes, no one cares," Magnus cut her off.

"I think we could be very good friends," Will said, directing his voice in roughly the direction Magnus' had come from. "If our regard for the lovely Jessamine is anything to go by."

"Really, William," Jem said.

"Henry, will you please do something?" Charlotte said. "Don't you have some sort of light…thingy."

"Er—well, I do—"

"Wonderful!" Jem said exuberantly.

"Oh, well, er, I might have left it on my workshop table when we came to see Tessa off."

"It figures," Will groaned. Charlotte sighed.

"Father? Does this mean we won't be at the Enclave meeting this afternoon?"

"Yes, Gabriel, it does looks that way, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Father…bugger."

"Enclave meeting? What Enclave meeting?"

"Hush, Henry."

"Daddy's boy," Will muttered.

"Gabriel? Father?"

"Elias, is that you? What are you doing here?" Gabriel exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes, it's me. I was waiting for you and Father in the foyer, like you told me too," Elias said to the darkness.

"Who is Elias?" Tessa whispered to whoever's lap she was sitting on in the pitch black. She couldn't say she was very surprised when Will answered her. He leaned down into her neck, his breath tickling her ear. She shivered.

"Elias is Gabriel's older brother, nasty bugger. Wonder what he's doing here."

The person with their legs tangled with Tessa's said, "Gracious, this is truly turning into a complete disaster."

"James, is that you right there? I didn't realize you were so close."

"Yes, it's me Will." Jem said. "Where do you suppose we are?"

"Somewhere dark." Henry answered from somewhere to the left.

"Well done, Henry." Will said.

"Er…Mr. Herondale, is that you?"

"Why, it's Sophie! How utterly delightful! It's truely a party now."

"I'm here too, Mrs. Branwell, and Thomas as well," Agatha's voice said. Thomas grunted.

"Ooh, Agatha, did you bring any pie with you?" Will asked, rubbing his stomach.

"Really, Will."

"What kind of parties do you attend, now William?" Magnus pondered aloud. "Have I ever introduced you to Six Fingered Nigel?"

"Oh, you know, the usual, and no, but I have had the almost imponderable joy of meeting him myself."

"Say, isn't that the little girl who thinks you're getting married?" Henry said.

"Gracious, you move fast."

"Well you know, you never can stop love," Will said.

"I don't think any of us want to know any more of your love affair with Six Fingered Nigel, thank you," Jem said.

"That is a safe assumption," Tessa quipped. She wriggled about, looking for a way out of Will's lap. It wasn't working. "How do we get out of here?" Tessa groaned, thoroughly exasperated.

"First we need to figure out where we are, love," Will said tenderly, running a hand through Tessa's hair.

Gabriel snorted.

"Shut your mouth, Gabriel," Will drawled smugly. "Do you have a lady of your own here?"


"No, you don't, so your opinion isn't welcome."

"What a thing to say!" Jessamine scolded Will.

"No one cares, Jessamine."


"Will," Charlotte scolded.

Tessa shook Will's hand out of her hair. "You can hardly say youhave a lady here," she whispered furiously to him. Their voices were lost behind the arguing of the others. She wrenched herself out of his grip and tried shifting, but she was pinned under Jem's legs. Then she felt something firm rise stiffly against her lower back; Will groaned so quietly it was like a whisper. DearLord!She shot up rigidly.

Will chuckled darkly in her ear. "I suggest you quit moving about like that, Tessa dear," he whispered. She felt his eyelashes brush her cheek. Her heart quickened. "I won't be able to control myself if you keep tempting me." His voice was rough.

Tessa felt something pool in her stomach. She hadn't ever felt it before, but she wasn't naïve, she new what it was. She couldn't help herself; she wanted, no, needed relief. She wanted him, so, so bad. "Will," she whispered, warning him that she couldn't stop herself, not when he was there surrounding her in every way, with his member pressing hard into her bum. Slowly, she moved again. She ground herself onto him, careful not to jostle Jem's legs.

"Tessa!" he growled quietly, enraged. She moved again. "Tessa, stop right now!" Again. "I won't be able to stop!" Again. "I don't want to take advantage of you!" Again. Will cursed.

Suddenly, his mouth descended on her neck. Her head tilted back reflexively, opening to him. Then his tongue was there—everywhere, all over, and he was biting and sucking and licking, and—DearLord!She had never felt anything like this before. It was ecstasy; in it's truest form. He fisted his hands in the skirt of her dress, against her thighs, his thumbs making sensual circles. One hand drifted up to her—DearLord!! His hand flitted against her breasts! How dare he! But—oh—she'd be lying if she said it didn't feel mind-blowing. His lithe hand held up her left breast, his fingers moving in tighter and tighter circles, until they came around her nipple. She involuntarily pressed herself back into him harder, and felt his length dig into the crevice of her buttocks.

"Bloody hell!" he cursed huskily.

"Hey, I think I've found a door!"

Will groaned, his head dropping to Tessa's shoulder.

"Gabriel, dear boy, was that you who just spoke?" Henry said. "Lucky you! Since you've done such a splendid job of finding a solution to this mess, I think it would be a wonderful idea for you to give me a hand with one of my new inventions! I call it the Branswell-Solutionator. "

Gabriel groaned in horror. "Father, get me the hell out of here!"

"By the angel, boy, hold still! I can't reach the knob!"

"I think I'm closer, sir, let me have a go," Thomas' voice said.

"Very well, just hurry up."

"I…can't…get it," Thomas' voice strained as he leaned over bodies from his space on the floor. "Miss Jessamine, you're closest. If you could…"

"Absolutely not! I refuse, after the way I've been treated! The audacity of some people!"

"Now you listen to me, Jessamine Lovelace—" Charlotte started, but Elias cut her off.

"I swear on the Angel that if you don't open that door right this instant I'll be forced to take action against your person," he growled.

"How dare you!" Jessamine shrieked.

"Just open the damn door, Jessamine!" Will exploded.

"Humph! Fine! If I must—"

"You must. You most definitely must."

Jessamine sniffed, offended, but obediently swung the door open, letting in the soft lamplight from the carpeted hall.

Everyone was silent, until: "So where the hell do you think we are?"

"Ah, William, always the one to break the silence."

"Just saving us all from awkward silences-"

"Or from peace, depending on your point of view."

"I can always count on you for a good verbal joust, James, my friend."

"Can we please just get ourselves out of this closet!"

"Why Charlotte, dear, that's an absolutely ingenious observation you've made! We are, in fact, in a coat closet. A rather large one, don't you think—"

"Hush, Henry."

Henry sighed, looking like a kicked puppy in the dim light. "Yes, Charlotte."

"Excuse me," came a small voice from the door of the closet. A shadow fell over the tangled Shadowhunters once again.

Their heads swiveled to a small boy, no more than nine years old, standing with his hand on the knob, a thin book tucked under his arm. A bushy cat wound its way around the boy's legs, it's yellow eyes glowing eerily.

"…Who are you?"


Yes, the little boy is Max, and the cat is Church. I love Max so much! He's too cute for words!

I love Henry. He's such a child...I just want to give him a big hug. But at the same time, I can't stand him because in the book Charlotte obviously cares about him and he just married him so he could take advantage of being the head of the institute to help him with his inventions. I feel like that's one couple that just needs a little love.