This is in the ponit of view of a Non-Canon character, she is not real at all - more will be told of her as the story progresses.

The pain was too much, the steps too far and Camelot too far away. This was his fault, Merlin's, if I had not agreed to have been his 'gin pig' all those years ago I would feel like this every hundred years are so. This was the first time I has come across this side affect, so give or take 263 years apart. But I had a feeling this one, the only one would be the death of me. My hand clutched my stomach it felt like a thousand strong men were stabbing there freshly sharpen sword in to my stomach and any moment now that would move on from my stomach and let me die – I wished. As my pain filled eyes looked up from my hand Camelot's gates were already opened and I had the eyes and silence of Camelot. My eyes quickly explored the ruins I spotted Arthur within a second as all the 'warrior' looking men were crowded around him defensively and friendly – he wasn't what I expected – he was skinny, didn't look very strong and extremely blonde. He was not what I pictured. As I took the breath in to plead for help from anyone it felt like the iciness of the autumn wind cut my voice box in half and left me to drown in my silence but, in hoping it was pass, I took another breath just for the same pain to happen all over again – I had to ignore it – "W-Where's Merl-in?" The words barely escaped my lips for the swords began stabbing again but this time it was millions, too much for me to bear. A loud high pitched scream of pain escaped my lips as my legs gave out and crashed against the cold stone on the doors of Camelot, letting darkness grasp me in its murky arms.

The fluttering wings of a group birds awoke my conciseness to remember that I had passed out in front of a kings yelling out a wizard's name. The blurry vision my eyes first brought showed a lot of light, had I been asleep for a couple of minutes or hours, as I focused on my surroundings I realised I was in a bed in the ruins, the roof was open so the blaze of the sunlight made the dust particles seem like diamonds. Even thought I shouldn't of I was pushing myself up, I wanted to see more of his memorizing place. My eyes gleamed with fascination and wanting but my child-like face disappeared when I realised I was not alone, a man sat in the corner. The shadow of the wardrobe with barely stood there was hiding everything about it, it was not the King as I this man was more bulker than that skinny blonde but from where I could make out from the outline of his shadow he was carrying two swords on his back – I remember this man, next to Arthur when I came in. "Beautiful isn't it." The stranger said. His voice was deep but it had a hit of sarcastic in it, this man was sent to watch over me. "Indeed, it is." I said forgetting what had placed me in this man's company in the first place. A single pain smacked me, only for a second, but enough pain for me to jolt forward causing the man to come to my aid, before I could open my eyes from the flush of pain he was knelt down in front of me with his eyes full of false concern. "I'm fine." I lied as I finally had a look at the man. His face told a lot of his past- beaten bruised but happy – "What is your name?" He asked through my scan of him. I was not ready to reveal myself yet in case Merlin had spoke of me before. "It is rude for a man to ask of a woman's name before he himself introduces first." A small hiccup of a chuckle left my lips, not to trying t and seem nice to the man but because I had just made such a smart saying on the spot. He only gave me a blank expression, one that was not amusing but I was going to stick with that accusation at least until the King came. "Gawain." He stated as my mind left the matter , a polite nod was my answering before I realised he now wanted my name.

But it was like the stars wrote it- The opening of the door separated mine and his mind away from the matter. It was the king. Gawain was on his feet straight away and (a force of habit) I attempted to stand up to but I didn't get very far before that sharp pain returning that caused me to fall back to my sitting position on the bed but like Gawain before him and the King was knelt but my side. When I noticed the King's hand was on my shoulder and staring at me directly at me with concerned yet confused eyes. "Forgive your Highness- I would have stood but..." At least I got those words out before the next wave of pain hit me like the stone I fell upon. The King's reply was only a sniff of laugher. Oh great, our King finds pain funny. I think my disgusted thoughts reflected on my face because his grin quickly left his face but as my eyes returned to my good friend Gawain, his face to be looking at me with a blank expression. Then I felt it, a cool run of liquid across the bumps of my lips and from a humanly reaction I placed my hand upon it see what it was – I was really hoping it was just bird poo. But like my first fear thought, it was blood. Taking one look at it I could feel my body weaken, it was like it was not my body anymore – I was stranger in my own body - "Get Merlin." I forced those words out of my mouth like they were the last things I was going to say. "He's not here, he left." Arthur told me. I tried to focus my eyes on him but I had no control. I was like before I took the breath in to plead for help from anyone but this time the wind did not let me drown in my silence but my own blood. My hole throat filled with it, the only way to get it out was it thrown it all out – which I did, barely missing the king. Then they were back, the million warriors had come to stab me with their swords again. I jolted back, arching my back in the pain. My screams echoed in the once peaceful Camelot, this pain was too much – I needed Merlin! Another pool of blood ran from my body, if the men didn't know better they would of said that was all my blood. "Send for Merlin!" I yelled like a mad woman to the king. "Tell him-" Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab. "Tell him Megara needs him."