Excuse me, I meant was my Merlin now he's just Merlin to me. How that was a lie, one I had to tell myself. He hadn't noticed me yet and nor had Arthur or any of his guards which gave me a chance to hear their convocation, if Merlin had indeed told the truth about me then I wouldn't be around Kay for much longer. "You came back for her!" Arthur spat at Merlin. "But not for you King." He continued, I stopped in my tracks with Kay had I made a enemy of the king before even knowing him. I didn't know what my face looked like but it must have been full of sorrow because Kay coughed, loud enough for everyone to hear – for it to echo in Camelot. Merlin's eyes were full of anger and frustration as they shot over to myself and Kay but soon his gaze left me and Arthur's came, all he did was roll his eyes and force himself over to me. "Are you alright?" He asked with every bit of anger gone in his voice, I guess being the King and all you can't really hate anyone without knowing them, I gave one nod and one forced smile. "I am thank you for looking after me. A complete stranger dyeing on Camelot's door step calling for a man who very clearly wants to stay away." My voice got louder in my last words, so Merlin could hear, moments after I threw my gaze towards the bulky Gawain. "And thank you for being the only one to listen to me and also murdered me." Gawain smirked, a very cocky childish smirk. "You asked." He replied changing his posture to a more relaxed one. I removed my arm away from Kay as I gave him a 'thank you' smile and tighten the cloth that stopped from my blood bath showing to Camelot's watching eye.

All that seemed to happen in the rest of the painfully miserable day was being spoiled my Guinevere, a warm bath, pampered hair and dress that would take me a life time to buy – trust me – It was the lightest shade of blue the world could give to us. It matched my sea eyes – so Gwen says. With the most amazing floral design a human hand could stitch with a sliver thread as bright as the moon. "Beautiful." Gwen said, taking a few steps back. I hadn't been called that in a very long time, though she was probably talking about the dress I'd like to think it was about me. In the silence that fell after her statement I knew she wanted to ask me something just too afraid to. "How do you know Merlin?" Okay...Maybe not that afraid. How to I know Merlin, where do I begin? The very beginning or our beginning.

"You do not control me." I screeched at Merlin with rage rippling through my body, but sorrow in my voice and beginning in my eyes. "How dare you think you can just waltz in to my life and think you own me?" I yelled louder, a more bitter tone in my voice. He wouldn't even look at me after what he did? Ruin my life, tell my secret... get me chased out only because he didn't know where I was when I was meant to be with him. "Look at me!" I screamed so loud, it hurt my voice. What it this? A tear down my check – impossible – why would I be crying for this man..no, this monster. "You ruined my lif-" "You asked for this!" He snapped back, turning to me in a violent manner but as always he composed himself but made me feel like I had been slapped. "You asked for my help and I gave you it.""Help? You call this help? It's imprisonment Merlin!" And yet away he looked away. He wasn't anger nor frustrated or anything to do with them words. More...Like he was hiding something. "Goodbye Merlin." Whatever he was hiding, I didn't care I loathed this man and he felt nothing for me. My tears stopped, my sorrow stopped and as I took that first step to the door – I regretted it.

"I do not know Merlin." I answered her as I turned my head over my shoulder to look at her. "Only the man I made him in to." I added and a flood on confusion ran over her face. Taking in a deep breath I moved from my position to sit beside her on a poor excuse for a bed. I knew she had loads of questions and I needed to tell someone in Camelot and who better then Guinevere, a woman who saw me in my worst. "What did he do to you?" Question number two. She turned her body towards me and asked my wanting eyes. Was I to tell the truth?...Like I said, I needed to tell someone. "He-"

"-was very impulsive a long time ago." Oh look, Merlin's hear. "Always butting in." I said with a sigh, looking away from him. But the jitteriness of Guinevere she wanted to leave us to alone, but she didn't either."Meg." How dare he speak my nickname, stupid swine. "I was hoping I could speak with you." I turned my head away from Gwen and to Merlin – My Merlin. No. Shut up. "Thank you for the dress Guinevere." I said, quickly but caringly because I did mean it. I then pushed myself up from the bed and stormed pasted Merlin, bumping his shoulder as I did, and stopped storming when I reached the railing which gave a beautiful view of Camelot. "You're welcome by the way, for saving you." He said, standing beside me by the railing. My arms were stretched along them and my hands gripped them tight as I gritted my teeth. My heart was pounding and my breath was deep as I pushed words out to me. "And I forgive you, by the way for giving that curse me to." I turned my head towards him with a sarcastic look, my teeth still gritted. He let one, single chuckle out before saying the words I longed to hear more than the morning birds sweet song. "I missed you."