Disclaimer: Only the premise of this story belongs to me – the whole HP universe most obviously belongs to JK Rowling. I just like taking it all out to play with for a little while :-)

Chapter 1

…"What if I'm in Slytherin?"

Harry smiled as he thought of his youngest son. Of his three children, Albus reminded him of himself the most, and not just because he also had Lily's emerald green eyes. He wondered if he was right to tell Albus that you could choose your house, if you feel strongly enough about the Sorting. He thought back to his own Sorting…

…"Not Slytherin! Not Slytherin!" was the thought that he gave to the Sorting Hat… And it had chosen Gryffindor as his house instead…

Would things have been different if he was a Slytherin? Would Snape have hated him so much? Would Dumbledore have died? Would Voldemort?

That last thought shook him. He'd talk to Ginny about it; she'd set his mind at ease. Merlin knew she'd helped him before, when he couldn't get over his grief after the Final Battle. Even now, he still felt responsible for every death. If only he could've done more…

Shaking his head, he walked down from his study to fine Ginny. He headed towards the kitchen, to the sound of familiar voices. Hearing his name spoken, he paused outside the door…

…"I couldn't believe it when Harry said that the Sorting Hat almost put him in Slytherin! I thought that was just a tale Dumbledore told us so we'd watch him better." said Ginny.

Harry was about to walk in at that statement, but stopped as he heard…

"Yes, well, thank Merlin Hagrid got to him first, and you, Ron, otherwise he might've ended up in that den of snakes. And you know how bad Dumbledore said that would have been." said Hermione.

"Well, we don't have to worry about that… Can't change what's already happened," stated a satisfied-sounding Ron.

"Yeah, you're right Ron. I guess I was just shocked to hear him casually admit he was almost a Slytherin!" exclaimed Ginny.

"It's okay", soothed Hermione, "he didn't know, that's all."

"If he did, I would say he's more Slytherin that we think." stated Ron. "Having hid anything from us is a little worrying. But he probably doesn't even realize the significance."

"Speaking of Harry," said Hermione, "where is he?"

"Looking through some work papers in his study, "answered Ginny. "So responsible…"she drawled in sarcasm. "Like he couldn't just live off his savings. But no, we have to 'set an example' says Mr. Good-guy."

"Ginny, you shouldn't say that too loud…"said Hermione, although it sounded to Harry like she was trying not to laugh.

"Well, what's the point of being married to the wealthiest wizard in Britain if we're living like working-class hedge-wizards?"questioned Ginny, venomously.

"I know, Gin, but Harry won't live forever, and you still have access to his vaults, so you shouldn't complain. You knew what you were getting into when you entered that Vow in second year. You'll just have to be patient." stated Ron.

Harry felt like his head was spinning. So many thoughts were running through his mind! So many emotions! Anger, sadness, and wonder kept spiralling! One thing was certain; he was going to get to the bottom of this.

Harry headed back to his study to ponder on what he had just heard. His wife! His best friends! Even Hagrid, his supposed first friend in the wizarding world! How deep did the betrayal run?

All at once, he felt the heat of true anger. Damn that old goat! He had managed to manipulate Harry's life so thoroughly, so deeply, that it was still not his life!

Harry made his decision right then. He needed to know the truth. Not Dumbledore's truth, not Voldemort's truth, but his; the truth of his life. And he knew right where to start…