Almost every teen has felt depression. I have been to that dark place and I still am there. If there are teens like this, know you are not alone! I am willing to listen to your problems and give the best advice I can! PM me at anytime, day or night.


I sit at the dinner table, playing with my food
I don't want to eat, knowing that nothing will please my mother more
She picks on me constantly, my weight and my size

She says that I will end up with so many diseases
I want to argue that it's my life
I listen quietly, knowing full well what it's doing to me inside

Constant depression makes me upset
All I do to stop the pain is eat
It doesn't stop the pain only stops it to becoming numb

Later though, guilt comes back and no matter how I try to push it away
It always comes back to haunt me
I know I have nothing to be guilty for

There are up days and down days
My favorite days come less often now
I feel like they don't like the aura cast around me

My bad days are horrible
I wish to hurt myself and scream
I have no interest in seeing anyone or do anything these days

There are no neutral days
My friends cannot sense my depression
They see my fake smile and think everything is okay

Depression has caused me to view life differently
Every day I know I can't falter in my efforts to be a normal person
If I lose control of my thoughts and feelings, I could seriously hurt myself

I know now there are people to help me
And I have made myself a stronger person because of them

If you are contemplating suicide, call 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-DON'T-CUT. If you are depressed, talk to someone about your feelings. You are never alone! Talk to your parents about your feelings so they could get you help before you do something drastic!