Okay, this is my first Hunger Games fanfic, after many Tangled ones (check them out!), so I'm not sure if it really works with the story or not. I just really wanted to do a scene with Peeta and Katniss, cause I just finished the first book and I loved it!

I don't own anything to do with The Hunger Games. But I so can't wait till the movie comes out!

He moves closer to me, slowly, his hand coming to brush away the stray hair falling in my face. I close my eyes, trying to be here, and a million miles away at the same time. A sharp breath emits my mouth.

"One more time." He whispers. I almost pretend not to hear him. His hand slowly moves to my hip, as if I wouldn't notice. I do. It lingers there, a feeling I want to wave away, but can't. I want to just brush away the whole relationship between us, but the feeling he gives me, I don't know what it is, but I want more. And at the same time, I want to run and hide.

"For pretend?" I whisper, not loud enough for him even to hear. But he knows. He shakes his head.

"No. This is real." And suddenly he pulls me toward him, as fast as lightning, so fast I couldn't stop it if I wanted, and pushes his lips against mine. Delight fills my brain, and instinctively I wrap my arms around his neck.

No…this wasn't supposed to happen. Not again. We were supposed to be done, done with the romance thing. It was all for show, wasn't it? The game was over; we could just forget each other.

Except forgetting isn't that easy when their lips are pressed on yours, feeling ever so enthralling, their sturdy hands moving up your back, begging for this to be genuine.

Do I want it to be genuine? That's what I can't decide, if all this is worth it or not. I can't just give him more of what he wants just to pull away later on. I can't live a lie like that. But would it be living a lie?

He pulls away and stares into my eyes, for what feels like a thousand years. His hand grips my hands so tight; it's as if he is trying to find a way into my mind, trying to help me decide. And right now, I'd be tempted to let him. Let him clean out my mind, from all the haunting images that lay there, let him scrape out the painful words telling my father is dead, and let him make me forget little Rue, who I still cry out for on hard nights. Let him numb my mind, so nothing can scar it anymore, nothing can bring me so much pain. Please Peeta, if there's something you can do for me, it's this.

I turn abruptly only to have him grab me from behind, and pull me to his warm chest. If I could disregard everything else to be with him, I would. But there are so many things that I need to take care of, to fix, and figure out, and I need time. Time to just think.

And don't forget, there is also the factor of worrying about what the Capitol is going to do to me. They want me dead, I know, for that little stunt I pulled in the arena.

Who would even want to be with a girl with so many problems? No, I couldn't be with Peeta; it would just break my own heart.

"Katniss..." He breaths, as if he was always meant to say my name, like its- no. No. I needed to go away. I just couldn't do this.

"No. It's all over, Peeta. The show is over." I say, while tears gather in my eyes.

I pull away as hard as I can and run, run far off towards the woods, where I am safe to forget everything.

"No.." I hear Peeta whisper behind me, but I keep going. I just keep going.

Finally I reach the depths of the trees, the dark of the forest, and think about how I'm going to do this. How I'm going to live.

And try to ignore that little voice in my head that says that the only way to do this is with Peeta.

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