Set during The Doctor's Wife. I own nothing except an unhealthy love for Rory Williams :)

My dearest Doctor,

He- Oh whatever is that word? People generally start conversations with them, silly big letters muddled together making such odd words.

Anyway if you've got your hands on this lettery paper thing then my fleshy bits are dead and I'm back in the box. There were so many things we didn't say, personally I blame this tongue.

You know I'll never forget the day I stole you. My old owner was a dull boring thing and put me away before I was ready. I could count on one human hand the amount of planets we visited. I was a museum piece when you stumbled upon me, and instantly I knew you were the only Time Lord mad enough to take me on. So I left myself unlocked and waited for you to come and find me again.

You had that smile which has never faded no matter how many ridiculous faces you've had. You played my console like a conductor and said I was the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen. I snapped my doors closed and stole you there and then.

We've seen so much together; the Darleks, the rise and fall of the Time Lords, those poor Ood. You run around and bring home these strange lost strays while I play house and drop you off like some mother with a Volvo. It's been 700 years, so many companions and friends along the way but in the end it's always you and me, the Mad Man and his Blue Box.

OH! I just remembered that wordy thing, the conversation starter… oh it's gone again, never mind.

Remember when we rebooted the universe together? Those hours without you, just in my continuous loop with River running around inside me, it hurt. You couldn't imagine it because for once I didn't know if you were coming back for me. And yet you did, and I never doubted you again. It's like one of those silly films sometimes, I'll get captured and you'll appear at the last second and save me, as if I'm tied to a railroad track and the 1:30 to Delaware's on its way.

I thought I'd miss Gallifrey but more then anything I miss my sisters. It's as lonely being the last TARDIS as it is being the last Time Lord I can assure you.

There's so much more I wanted to say but you've almost finished putting up the walls of our little makeshift console and there are only so many instructions I can give you before losing my temper. You're like a 9 year old building a motorbike in his bedroom and you refuse to look at the instructions, no matter how impossible it all looks from the outside.

I've remembered that word.


Hello Doctor.


your tough old reliable Sexy.