This is from Sebbby's POV. I wrote one chapter in Ciel's... I may write that and edit it after I'm done with this. I've got writer's block again, so I'm editing, instead of writing NIGHTMARE... enjoy.

Chapter One-

Sebastian breathed deeply. He liked being this close with Ciel. He wished they could stay like this, but he knew Ciel was still somewhat uncomfortable with the relationship between them.

"So after all these years, you're still here. Why? The contract has been completed for almost two years, now. You should have left." Why did he always ask so many questions? Sebastian began to wonder if Ciel wanted him to be gone.

"I'm here because, I love you." He wanted to finally show him how much me meant to him. The three years they had been in love seemed to be hard for Ciel and lady Elizabeth as well.

"You-you've never said that to me before..." He felt Ciel bury his face deeper into his chest. He tightened his arms around Ciel. He never wanted to let go.

"Yes, but it's true. I never told you because I thought you knew."

"Well I had always hoped, but I was never sure." Sebastian couldn't seem to breathe correctly. He slowly stroked Ciel's midnight blue hair. He really should cut it. It was becoming longer than his own.

"I love you." Had he heard him right? Had he just said he loved him?

"What was that, my lord?"

"You heard me! Don't make me repeat myself!" he felt sudden heat coming from Ciel. He was so cute when he blushed. He almost couldn't control himself when his face flushed with such rich color. Why did he feel this way? He'd served many people before Ciel, so how could he have fallen so hard for this one man? Ciel suddenly pushed away from Sebastian.

"What's wrong, my lord?" He couldn't hide his worry and hurt as he reached a gloved hand to touch Ciel's face. He instantly slapped it away.

"I'm fine!" Ciel got up and crossed to the large window on the other end of the room, obviously thinking hard. What had he done? He'd been so careful not to upset him. He sat in silence. Regaining his composure, he awaited an order from his master.

Why had he gotten so upset?

They had been together for almost three years, but he'd been loyally by his side for ten. He has loved Ciel for five years, but he did not dare tell the young master. Master.

Ha! He's not so young anymore.

Ciel finally turned to look at him. His red/brown eyes meeting those dark sapphire blue of the man he loved so deeply.

"Come here." Sebastian obediently rose and slowly crossed the room careful not to anger his master, once again.

"Yes, my lord?" He bowed slightly, longing burning inside him. Longing to hold him. To touch him. To kiss him...

"I apologize for my rude behavior. It was not at all how I should have acted. I'm sorry."

"I understand, my lord."

"You don't have to be so formal." Ciel turned away. So it wasn't his fault. Why was he still distant with him? Ciel's voice broke through his thoughts. "Sebastian?"

"Yes?" Ciel seemed hesitant.

"Kiss me." Sebastian smirked. Yes!

"Is that an order, Sir?"

"Of course it is!" Ciel look away, flushing bright red.

"As you wish." Sebastian closed the distance between them in two long strides. Ciel backed into the wall.

Was he sure about this?

Sebastian didn't care. He finally got to have Ciel. He'd been wanting to do this for years. Their lips met with force from Sebastian. Ciel gasped and grabbed Sebastian's face to pull him closer. He took hold of the boys waist. Ciel suddenly grew still and let go of his butler's face. Sebastian pulled back, breathless. He knew his eyes were glowing a demonic ruby red.

"Is something wrong?" He asked cautiously.

"N-no. I- I uh... Just- um?" He cleared his throat. "Wow." Sebastian sighed with relief and smiled his classic smirk.

"So you were pleased?" Ciel was silent.

"Wait a moment! I though you couldn't love in the way us humans do!" his face began to turn red with anger.

Sebastian bowed slightly and spoke calmly "Well, Sir. I'm a bit different from the others. For you see, I am one hell of a butler."