Chapter 5-

"Let him go."


"Let. Him. Go."


"Are you questioning my orders, Sebastian?" Sebastian bowed.

"No. My lord."

"Then just shut up and do it!" Sebastian bowed again. Why am I letting this brat go? He killed Lady Elizabeth. He made his way down stairs to the basement and threw the door open.

"He's letting you go. Probably because your butler doesn't care anything about you, when you love him, but even then I'm unsure why he's doing it." Alois stuck out his marked tongue with a broad cocky smirk.

"Ha! Well well, it seems the Phantomhive boy has a soft spot. Ha ha!" Sebastian's eyes began glowing again. "Well looky here! Has his butler got a soft spot for his master? Hmmm... Now isn't it a bit.. Wrong for you to love him this much? I mean it was wrong for me and Claude. What makes you two any different?" Sebastian's eyes burned red as he stared at him.

"You're a terrible excuse for a noble. My master has been through the same thing you have, and yet, you are... How do I say this nicely? You're crazy. Quite insane actually." Alois glared at him. His crystal blue eyes watching Sebastian intensely. He saw Alois's cocky grin light up his face again. He reached up and touched Sebastian's face lightly.

"Your eyes are exquisite. Beautiful, lustful, passionate red. With a hint of warm brown sugar." He giggled and pulled Sebastian to him by his tie. "Hmm... You smell so sweet. Like lavender and vanilla. Oh, Sebastian what have you been cooking?" this boy was too close to my face. Alois wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck. Okay now he was way too close.

"Mister, Alois, please remove yourself from me."

"Aw, but Sebby..." he threw his head back in laughter. Alois sounded more like a crazed maniac to him. Alois pulled his face towards his and kissed him. He knew there was no point to fight it. Alois would only resist and get hurt. And Ciel had said not to hurt him.

"Sebas-Sebastian!" Alois pulled away with gain blush on his cheeks.

"Oops!" he giggles and sat back down on the ground.

"Alois! You're lucky I don't bloody kill you!" Ciels face burned red with embarrassment and anger. "Now leave, you pathetic bastard!" Alois hopped up and straightened out his hair, pulled down his short black shorts, an picked up his purple bow that had fallen off his shoe.

"Well, goodbye Lord Phantomhive. Bye Sebby-boo! I'll see you two later. Claude! Come get me!" Alois yelled as he walked out the door. Ciel began to cry. Sebastian put a Gentle hand on his shoulder. Ciel immediately swatted it away.

"Do not t-touch me! You betrayed me!"

"My lord, he kissed me. You said not to hurt Him and it would have hurt him to push him off. I am very sorry. Lord, can you forgive me?" Ciel stared at him.

"No." he dropped to his knees. "No. You-you never loved me! You just used me! All you want is my soul! If that's so, then take it! With out you... I've got nothing. With out you... I am nothing." he dropped his head in his hands and cried. Sebastian reached a hand down to remove his hair from his tear streaked face. "D-don't touch me." he said this but he did move Sebastian's hand away. He hugged Ciel tightly. Ciel clung to Sebastian's shirt. "I told you to never leave me." Sebastian caried him to his bed chambers as he cried in his arms.

Ciel had cried himself to sleep the night before. Everything was just so overwhelming. Sebastian felt more than terrible. After he was sure Ciel was asleep, he cried as well. He woke up to Ciel curled up next to him with his head on his chest. He's so cute when he sleeps... He's probably still angry with me. It wasn't my fault, though. Alois had kissed me

"Sebastian..." Ciel mumbled in his sleep. Sebastian gazed at Ciel with his loving, red eyes.

"Ciel...I love you. I didn't do anything... I swear to you. Have I ever lied to you?"

"No." I guess my ranting woke him up. Ciel looked at Sebastian. "I love you. Stay with me forever you irresistible demon..." Ciel smiled. Genuinely smiled for the first time in three years.

Sebastian slid off the bed, got down on one knee and said, ."Yes, my lord."